scooby doo!

Posted by claire danes on November 24, 2003 at 20:50:58:

By Claire Danes

This story is about Scooby and the rest of the gang. Enjoy

The mystery machine was heading down the road. Scooby and the gang were going to the carnival to have some fun. When they arrived at the carnival they all went there separate ways. Fred headed to some tent called the genie’s home. He entered and saw a man sitting in a chair. He claimed to be a genie and for five tickets he would grant Fred 3 wishes. Fred thought it would be fun so he pays the five tickets and wished for Daphne to appear in the tent with him. Daphne appears right in front of Fred and asks him how she got here. He just looks at her and smiles. He then asks for his next wish witch is to shrink Daphne down to the size of his pinky finger. The genie grants his 2nd wish and shrinks Daphne down to the size Fred asks. Fred picks up Daphne and sits down and pulls down his pants. He then commands her to suck his dick. She to is scared to move so he puts her on his shaft and tells her if she won’t do it then he will step on her. Out of pure fright she starts to suck and lick his dick. Fred moans and jacks off with her for a little bit. Then his dick explodes and shoots out cum all over Daphne. Fred starts to clean her off when shaggy walks into the tent to see Fred with no pants on and a tiny toy in his hand. What is going on shaggy asks. Fred looks at shaggy and makes his 3rd wish. He wish for shaggy to be half the height he is right now. The six-foot shaggy is reduced to a three foot man. Fred smiles and grabs shaggy’s small head and shoved it up his ass. Shaggy tries to pull his head out of Fred’s ass but it appeared to be stuck. Fred never liked shaggy so it was good to have him up his ass. Fred stood up and got on top of a chair and jumped down landing butt first. The force of that sent shaggy right up Fred’s ass. Fred realized that even if he wanted to shit shaggy out of his ass that he probably couldn’t due to the fact that he was just too big. It felt funny having a three-foot man in your ass but Fred did not mind at all. His 3 wishes were up so he grabbed Daphne and left the tent. He found Scooby by the van and noticed that he was asleep. He lifted up Scooby’s tail and grabbed Daphne and shoved her up Scooby’s ass. The dog did not even wake up. Fred laughed at the fact that she was up a dogs butt. Then he was back at the tent. He did not know how he got there but he did notice that he was really small. He looked up to see Velma standing over him. Hi Fred she said in a high voice. So you had your fun now its time for me to have fun with you. Velma undressed and saw Fred running from her. He caught up to him and dropped down onto him. Her timing was perfect. She landed right on Fred and caught him in her clit. She reached in her clit and tried to find him but he was in too deep. She just smiled and made her next wish. She wished that everyone at the caravel were shrunk to the size of a paper clip. The genie granted her wish and she went outside to find every just as small as her asked. One by one she stuffed about twenty people in her clit. Her clit was pretty full now she started stuffing the rest of them in her ass. Her butt held much more then her clit. He had about fifty people in her ass. Then she saw a small kid with a nametag on that said matt. She grabbed him and stuffed him up her ass too. She went back to the tent and asked the genie for her to shrink the whole planet. He did as she asked and the world was shrunk. Velma got on space a shuttle and grabbed planet earth and flew away. She then stuck earth up he ass and sang a song. I got the whole world up my ass she sang those lyrics over and over and she knew that every part of that song was true.