School Girls (Part 4)

Posted by Micro Crunch on February 03, 2004 at 09:29:18:

Basking in the aftermath of her orgasm, Sarah found it difficult to bring herself to remove her captive imprisoned deep inside her genitals. Carefully, so as not to damage her victim, she reached inside herself and extracted the tiny Melissa, who was glazed with her vaginal nectar. The tiny girl shivered and sobbed softly to herself as she sat in the hand of her captor. Sarah paid her no heed, and directed her attention toward her boyfriend, who had long shot his load on the carpeted floor.

"Damn it Jeff, you could have done it in the wastebasket!" She exclaimed.

"Sorry..." Jeff replied.

"No matter, we have our own little cumslut who loves to eat your cum. Isn't that right, Missy?" Sarah said to the girl in her hand. Melissa merely continued sobbing.

Sarah set the girl upon the floor and ordered her to eat her boyfriend's cum. However, just as soon as her feet touched the floor Melissa made a mad dash to get underneath the bed. She thought that if she could get far enough out of reach she just might be able to hide long enough until she figured out a way to escape.... Unfortunately, her tiny feet were too slow and the rugged terrain of the carpet caused her to trip. It was just enough time for Sarah's giant foot to stomp down in front of her. Melissa, both humiliated and defeated, understood the meaning and crawled back towards the cum.

"Hey, wait a minute. I've got an idea. Watch her while I go get something." She told Jeff, before leaving the room.

She returned soon after carrying a video camera and a tripod. She set up the camera and directed it toward Melissa, then sat down on the bed beside her boyfriend.

"I wish I had thought of this earlier. I can't wait to see how our friends react when they see the things we are going to put her through." Sarah laughed.

Melissa meanwhile was on all fours looking in disgust at the many gallons (from her perspective) of cum that lay before her. Knowing that if she didn't do what she was told she would be punished, she lowered her head to the cum and began to lick it up, shuddering at the taste.

"Eat it faster! Swallow it!" Sarah commanded.

Melissa stuck her face into the warm white goo and began to gorge, as if she were in a pie eating contest, all the while sobbing quietly to herself, and wishing she had never slept with the boyfriend of Sarah Keppel. The minutes seemed like hours as she continued to stuff her face, until she was so full she couldn't eat any more.

"If I eat anymore I will puke!" she cried.

To the ears of Sarah and Jeff, Melissa's words sounded like the squeaking of a mouse, but her meaning was understood. It was, after all, unrealistic to expect the tiny girl to eat more than was physically possible. Jeff, meanwhile, had become erect at the sight of the tiny girl gobbling up his cum and this gave Sarah another idea.

Getting on her knees, she grabbed the girl and set her tiny body astride the massive penis of her boyfriend. She then began to kiss and lick the swollen organ. Melissa began to back away whenever the giant tongue darted towards her. Sarah began to moan as she watched the tiny girl fight to stay away from her probing mouth. It wasn't long before Melissa had backed up to the base of Jeff's penis, and there was no where else to run to. Sarah's lips finally wrapped around the tiny girl.

Melissa screamed and began to struggle against the soft lips which held her gently but firmly. Sarah's tongue gently began to touch and caress the screaming girl. Melissa punched and kicked at the tongue, but it was no use. It rolled over her and brought her into the mouth of her enemy.

Sarah closed her mouth for a moment to savor the feeling of having her enemy struggling inside her mouth, she began to salivate and thought of swallowing her whole, but resisted the urge. Melissa meanwhile became hysterical as the massive pink lips closed and she thought for sure she would be swallowed. A pool of saliva had built up underneath her and her fear now turned to drowning.

Sarah felt her enemy's terror inside her, and slowly opened her mouth. Melissa's eyes beheld the sight of a massive penis that came closer and closer towards her. Sarah wrapped her lips around Jeff's massive cock and began to bring it deeper and deeper into her mouth. She gave a muffled laugh as she felt the tiny girl struggle to keep away from the male sex organ.

Melissa felt her body being tossed and pummeled as she was caught in the middle of a blowjob between two giants. Sarah felt her lover approaching orgasm and used her tongue to maneuver the tiny girl into position. Melissa felt something like a blast from a fire hydrant hit her head on. She soon realized that the massive penis had let loose a missle of hot cum which knocked her back on her ass. The sticky substance covered her body and she struggled to remove it from her face.

Soon the giant mouth opened, and Sarah spat her victim into the palm of her hand. What her eyes seen now hardly resembled anything human. The tiny girl was encased in a blob of thick cum, and resembled some type of swamp creature. Sarah grabbed a tissue and wiped the cum off the little girl.

"Well, did we have fun?" She laughed.

Well, should I continue?