School Girls (Part 3)

Posted by Micro Crunch on January 19, 2004 at 11:00:12:

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"Alright, I'll see you in a few minutes" Sarah said to her boyfriend Jeff on the phone before hanging up.

Sarah Keppel had been with her boyfriend Jeff for many years. Things had been great until Melissa came along and seduced Jeff into a night of passionate sex. Sarah forgave Jeff, in time, but continued to hate that bitch Melissa intensely. Sarah felt great, as she was about to have her vengeance. Opening up her fist, she dropped the tiny Melissa on the foot of her bed and began removed her school shoes and sweaty socks.

"You have work to do, bitch" Melissa said as she sat down on the bed, her feet only a few inches from the tiny girl.

Grabbing a bottle of nail polish, Melissa handed the brush to the small girl who nearly fell over from the weight. Sarah pointed to her toes and wriggled them in front of the little girl. Melissa knew what she was meant to do, and although this was a humiliating chore, it wasn't exactly torture, so she would tolerate it... for the time being. Things could be alot worse, she thought. Sarah meanwhile turned on her cd player andstarted flipping through one of her magazines. She thought of how humiliated the little girl must be, and smiled. It took two hands, and nearly all of her strength, for Melissa to wield the giant nail polish brush. She set to work painting the large toenails, and trying not to pass out from the overpowering fumes.

"Is that the best you can do, you pathetic little bitch? I guess I will have to do it myself, but you aren't going to get off so easily" Said Sarah, who peered over her magazine to inspect the girl's work.

Melissa fell on her knees and began sobbing just as the giant hand reached down and grabbed her. Sarah carefully worked the tiny girl underneath her toes and began to paint her toes. The imprisoned girl could look between the toes and watch as the giant brush did it's work. Her tears became mingled with foot sweat, which stung her eyes. She noticed wads of lint and dirt embedded between the toes, and she knew exactly what it was like to be a piece of toe jam.

It didn't take long for the giant girl to finish painting her toes, and she blew on them to help them dry. Melissa, of course, felt this, and felt sick by the mingled smell of nailpolish and foot sweat. She hoped beyond hope that she would pass out, or even die, and suffer no more.Then the door bell rang. Sarah jumped up and walked to the door, with her prisoner in toe. She opened the door and invited Jeff to her room.

"Alright, what was it you wanted to show me that was so important?" Jeff said, taking off his coat.

"You remember that Melissa girl?" Sarah replied.

"That was months ago! I thought you had forgiven me?" Said Jeff.

"I have, and in fact I would like to give you a special treat" Sarah replied, reaching down between her toes.

She opened her hand and Jeff looked down in amazement as his jaw dropped.

"This can't be real! She is so fucking tiny... and, how did...?" He said, as he began to poke and prod the tiny girl.

"Nevermind about that. She is now ours to do with as we please." She said, putting the tiny girl in his hand.

Jeff started trembling. He just couldn't believe this was happening. Sarah began to undress before him and instructed him to do the same. Reluctantly, he followed.

"Don't be such a baby. She can't hurt you." Said Sarah.

Jeff stammered.

"Men." Said Sarah, rolling her eyes.

"Well, I can see this will take the work of a woman. Two, in fact". Sarah said, taking the tiny girl from her boyfriend's hand.

She set Melissa down on the chair and ordered her to undress. The small girl fell to her knees shaking, and began to remove her skirt, her panties, and the rest of her clothes. Sarah then got down on her knees in front of the chair, and began to lower her face towards the small girl.

"Now, let's have some fun." Sarah whispered to the tiny girl.

Jeff felt his penis begin to swell at the sight of his girlfriend dominating the tiny girl. Sarah licked her lips seductively as both her boyfriend and her enemy watched. Then she lowered her tongue to Melissa and began to lick her slowly. She rolled her tongue over the little girl's breasts and then down her body. Melissa shuddered as the warm moistness covered her naked body. Even though she tried to fight it, she felt a strong arousal from the touch of the giant tongue. Her arousal quickly changed to orgasm as Sarah's tongue began to work in between the tiny girl's legs.

"Now it's my turn." Sarah said with an evil smile.

Melissa tried to run, but there was nowhere to run to. The hand of her most hated enemy captured her with ease. Jeff Began to masturbate as he watched Sarah run the tiny girl's body across her own. Melissa shuddered every time her body touched the swollen nipples of the giant (even by normal standards) breasts. It was a most humiliating experience for Melissa, but unfortunately one which was about to get much worse because Sarah began to work the hand that held her captive down between her legs. Sarah moaned softly as her enemy came in contact with her moist labia folds. Melissa screamed and tried to fight the monsterous genitals that were trying to swallow her alive.

"Now you see her, now you don't." Sarah winked, as she shoved her captive deep inside.

Melissa clawed and pounded with all her might against the pink walls that closed around her. Sarah shuddered as she felt her enemy struggle within the confines of her vagina. She closed her eyes and began to finger her clit and it wasn't long before she orgasmed. Melissa screamed as the walls of her world closed in about her.

"Vengeance is sweet." Sarah said, smiling.