School Girls (Part 2)

Posted by Micro Crunch on July 28, 2003 at 08:50:51:

Jennifer Flynn sat on her mom's comfy couch and pondered what to do with the two girls squirming in her pockets. She knew one thing, and that was her feet ached from the long walk home from school. Unfastening the buckles of her shoes, she slid them off her nyloned feet. She raised the shoes to her nose and sniffed them. The strong musky frangrance forced her nose to wrinkle. Reaching into her pockets she carefully fished out the tiny girls and placed them inside her shoes. The girls screamed in protest.

Jen quickly ran to her room and searched her laundry hamper for two of her dirty sweaty socks that she wore during her hiking trip a few days ago.She smiled as she remembered that hot day wearing her heavy leather boots and how much her feet sweated. She rushed back with the socks, just as the two girls were attempting to climb out of the school shoes.Seeing Jen rush at them made them scream. Laughing, Jen crammed her musky cotton socks into the shoes, blocking the tiny girls' fresh air, light, and more importantly, their means of escape.

Jen sat down on the couch, put her nylon clad feet on the coffee table, and picked up a book and started reading. Meanwhile inside her shoes, the two girls struggled to breath in this hot humid environment. What little air there was to breathe was contaminated with the smell of Jen's fermented foot sweat. Nicole struggled to push the stinky sock out, but this effort proved to be in vain as the sock weighed much more than her tiny body could list. Resigned now to suffer in this hell, both girls stopped struggling and laid down. The rich aroma of Jen's feet lullying them to sleep. Hours passed.

Finally Jen's mother came home and walked in the room. Jen was still reading.

“What did I tell you about about putting your feet on the table, and why are your shoes sitting there? Lord only knows what sort of filth may be in them.” Jen's mother told her.

“Sorry mom, it won't happen again” Jen said, taking the shoes to her room.

“Come help me make dinner” her mother said.

Jennifer took the socks out of the shoes, and dumped the human contents onto her desk. The tiny girls stirred from their slumber to a giant smiling face beaming down upon them. Jen had to help her mother cook dinner, but didn't to take them out of her sight so she took an eye dropper and placed a drop of the shrinking potion on both the tiny girls, further reducting them to a fraction of an inch. A perfect size to be stuck between her sweaty toes, she thought.

She peeled off her nylons and wriggled her toes, enjoying the cool air against her warm moist skin.The twogirls on the desk had some idea of what was in store for them and started sobbing. Jennifer grabbed the blonde haired Nicole and carefully inserted her underneath her toes. She was about to do the same to Jaime, but then a cruel thought appeared in her head, and she placed the tiny girl in her shirt pocket for later. At first Jen thought of putting on a clean pair of socks, but when she remembered the tiny girl trapped under her toes, the girl that tormented and bullied her in school, she decided to put back on her sweaty nylons. The fabric of the nylon adhered to her sweaty toes, sealing her prey in this musky prison.

Years spent practicing Irish step dance had taught Jennifer how to be light on her toes. So she had no worries about crushing the tiny girl wedged between her toes. She enjoyed the immense feeling of power she had over her victim as she helped her mom prepare dinner.Now was the time to put her sick idea into action. Reaching into her pocket, she carefully fished out a trembling Jamie and dropped the tiny girl in the post of warm mashed potatoes.

Jamie's stomach nearly leapt out of her throat as she fell down, landing in the pillowy white warmth of the potatoes. She struggled to lifther self up, but found it impossible to stand on the mushy substance. Finally managing a crawl she slowly made her way to the side of the pot in a vain effort to escape. Smiling, Jennifer grabbed a spoon and chased her around the pot, in a game of cat and mouse. Lifting a copious amount of mashed potatoes onto the spoon, Jen plopped it down onto the tiny girl, burying her underneath. Jamie struggled to work her way back to the surface, but Jennifer's spoon was already at work stirring the poor girl deeper. Jamie panicked as her lugs and mouth filled with the creamy substance. With no source of air, the hapless girl soon lost conciousness and eventually died.

Jen set the pot on the table, as her mother and father sat down to eat. She wondered which of them would eat the body of the tiny girl. Jen's father, spooned up a generous portion of the mashed potatoes and began eating. Jen waiting in anticipation, and watched her father's face for a quick change of expression. She got it when he crunched down on something unusual.Not wanting to upset his daughter's cooking, he smiled and swallowed.

“Jen, I think you missed a potato skin” He said, resuming his dinner. Jennifer just laughed silently through her teeth.