School Girls (Part 1)

Posted by Micro Crunch on July 26, 2003 at 12:22:31:

Here goes. My first story.

St. Mary's all girl Catholic school was not unlike most schools. Every day the school bell rang, classes began, and eyes were blackened.For although girls are generally less prone to violence, there are the occasional bullies. More common though, is the verbal abuse inflicted upon those who deem themselves more popular, more attractive, more superior. This creates a situation where the tormented look for ways to fight back...


Was the sound made as Nicole Schmidt threw the volleyball hitting Jennifer Flynn, knocking the glasses from off her freckled face. Jennifer collapsed to the gym floor and brushed her long brown hair from her face as she searched the floor for her glasses.Sarah Keppel, a close friend of Jen's, spotted the lost spectacles and returned them to Jennifer after helping the sobbing girl to her feet. Nicole laughed under her breath, trying not to let the coach believe this was anything more than an accident. The rest of the class knew better.

Not much later the whistle blew, and the class headed to the locker room to change into their school uniforms.Shannon O'Neil, the school bully, quietly changed in the corner. She was overweight, but no one picked on her for it. They knew better. Shannon was a hefty 6ft tall and at 200 pounds, this made her the biggest girl in this all girl school. Only Katie the gym coach came close to matching her in size. The popular girls, always seeking to run someone down, had to find another target.

This they found in Bella Sanchez, a raven haired mexican girl. Bella made an easy victim because she spoke English quite poorly, and was unable to effectively counter the many insults directed at her. It was no different on this day, when Bella's skidmarked panties lay on the floor for all to see. Rachel Duvall, a tall and popular blonde was the first to notice.

“Ewww, someone needs to change Bella's diaper” Rachel said, in disgust.

“Fucking wipe your ass next time, bitch!” Melissa replied.

An embarassed Bella quickly changed, and left the locker room. For the rest of the day she would be humiliated by rude comments. She wanted more than anything else to humiliate them as they have done to her. Especially Rachel Duvall.

It was now lunchtime, and the students sat next to their friends. In the cafeteria sat many tables. At one table sat the popular girls: Jamie, Melissa, Julie, Nicole, and leading the pack, Rachel. At another table sat the girls at the bottom of the social hierarchy: Bella, Sarah, Amanda, Jennifer, and alone at the other end of the table, Shannon. At this table a conversation was underway about the abuse suffered on this day, and all were in agreement that they would very much like revenge. Jen whispered about how she found a spellbook in the attic of her new home, and remembered something about a recipe for a shrinking potion. This would be perfect, they all agreed, and Jen said she would bring a potion to school tommorrow to use on their enemies. Shannon continued eating her lunch, pretending that she heard nothing.

Early the next day, before classes began, Jennifer approached her enemies clutching a atomizer containing a strong smelling green liquid.

“Hey bitch” said Nicole clenching her teeth together.

“Hi” Jennifer replied as she sprayed the group.

“Oh, you're gonna get it now bitch!” exclaimed Nicole, as they advanced towards her.

Jennifer began to worry that the potion wouldn't work, and began to back away. They began to get closer, and Jennifer turned to run, but then she heard several high pitched screams. She turned to look, but they were no where in sight. Then she looked down. Her lips formed a cruel smile as she saw them, no more than 2 inches tall wearing tiny doll sized school uniforms.

“Now who's going to get it?” laughed Jen as she towered over them.

She walked towards them, her black school shoes thuded heavily on the ground as she approached. Some of the girls turned and ran, a few unlucky ones however trembled in fear and their shaky knees gave out, and they collapsed to the ground. Jennifer got down on all fours, scooped them up and shoved them into her skirt pocket. Pushing her glasses back up her freckled nose, she proceeded to crawl after the others.Though the girls ran as fast as their tiny legs could carry them, they had difficulty over the uneven terrain, and tripped over the collossal (to them) grass. Jennifer soon had all of them, except Julie; a member of the school track team, and excellent sprinter. However, she too eventually found herself crammed into one of Jen's pockets.

Jennifer couldn't believe what she had just done. Her heart raced and she felt very excited about what she would do next. She wondered if it was only a dream, but she felt convinced it was real as she felt the girls squirming and struggling to escape the warm confines of her shirt and skirt pockets.

Jen hurried as fast as her feet could carry her to the street corner where the other girls were waiting, and hoping that she would return with her prey. One of the girls (Melissa) was in the process of lifting herself out of Jen's pocket. Jennifer noticed this, and a quick fliock to the head brought Melissa down the bottom of Jen's skirt pocket, where she sobbed and held her hand against the pain inflicted upon her.

“So did your potion work?” asked Sarah

“Judge for yourself” said Jennifer through her beaming smile, as she pulled a bruised and battered Melissa from her pocket.

“This is so fucking cool! I can't wait to have my revenge.” Sarah replied, smiling down on the miniscule Melissa sitting in Jen's palm.

“So how are we going to divide them up between us?” Asked the usually quiet Amanda Darrell

It was finally agreed that each girl would get one victim to take home and do with as she pleased. Jennifer however got to pick two victim's, because it was her shrinking potion. Jennifer took Nicole, the girl who hit her in the face with a vollyball, as well as Jaime, a girl that used to be her friend, but betrayed her a few years back. A lucky Bella got to take home Rachel, the most beautiful and sought after girl of the school. She had some nasty plans in store for her, for which she borrowed Jen's shrinking potion. Sarah took Melissa (although she was not pleased she was already damaged), because Sarah's boyfriend had slept with her behind Sarah's back. And finally, Amanda took home Julie whom she was pissed at for taking her place on the track team.

Amanda wasted no time in getting into her room, locking the door, and stripping to her panties and bra. Amanda was not a terribly ugly girl, just a bit overweight. Her lusts involved food, and sex. Lots of sex. With anyone, or anything. She was going to satisfy both lusts on her rival, Julie, which she held firmly in her meaty hand. She opened her hand to examine her prey.

Julie was a tall girl with an athletic build. She was the exact opposite of Amanda. No wonder she took Amanda's place on the team. Amanda examined the girl trembling in the palm of her hand. Her long brown hair was matted and moist from the sweat of her hand. That pretty hair was about to get even more matted and moist. Amanda laughed at the thought.

Julie was wearing her standard issue school uniform, which wouldn't do at all. Grabbing a pair of scissors from the desk, Amanda carefully cut the skirt from Julie's body. It fluttered slowly to the ground, as would a leaf carried by a gentle breeze. Raising the tiny girl to her face, she sniffed the girl's bare crotch and found herself getting moist with anticipation.She slowly opened her thick moist lips and gently licked at Julie's crotch. The tiny girl shuddered and convulsed at the touch of the lesbian tongue. Amanda wanted to lick her breasts, so she snipped off her shirt. Unfortunately in doing so she accidently snipped off one of the poor girl's nipples.

Julie screamed in pain as her chest bled. Amanda licked the salty blood, and suckled at the wounded teat which brought yet more pain. Having finally drank as much blood as the wound would yield, she readied herself for fulfilling her next desire. Peeling away her hot sticky panties, she let them slide down her thick thighs and land softly to the floor. The smell of her sex permeated the air, and tiny Julie turned her face in revulsion.

“What's the matter, you don't like the smell of a woman?” laughed Amanda as she waved the scent of her vagina at Julie, who coughed in disgust.

Unfortunately, Julie was about to become even more familiar with Amanda's scent, as Amanda caressed the tiny girl across her cheek, down her chest, swirling her slowly around her aroused nipples, down her tummy, and to the entrance of her hot love hole. Julie sobbed softly and offered no resistance, as she acknowledged resistance is futile, as the thick fingers rubbed her across the giant clit and began to slowly insert her into the moist folds. Amanda began to work the tiny girl into the folds of her labia and began to slide her in and out. Finally, Amanda could take no more and shoved the little thing deep inside her and began to masturbate.

A few minutes later, Amanda had orgasmed and sat dripping with sweat. She carefully extracted the tiny girl from deep within her vagina and examined her. Julie was positively a mess at this point. Her long hair drenched in vaginal juices, and her lungs were aching for air after nearly asphyxiating in those hot confines. She breathed heavily and laboriously.Amanda poked her with her finger, and Julie kicked out with her long athletic feminine legs. Amanda got a twisted idea in her head.
“Mmmmm frog legs covered in my favorite special sauce” she said, grinning maniacally. A worried expression appeared on the tiny girl's face.

Amanda raised the tiny girl to her lips and inserted one of her gracefully long legs into her mouth. She carefully licked the special “sauce” from the leg with her tongue. “MMMing” through her closed mouth, Amanda bit down hard on the girl's leg, severing it at the hip. Julie screamed out in agony as Amanda was treated to a warm gush of salty blood in her mouth. She crunched down on the leg as if it were a sardine. She proceeded to do the same to the other leg and both arms. Julie was now an unconcious stump gushing blood, and quicky turning grey. Amanda shrugged and tossed the stump in her mouth and swallowing it whole. The next day Julie, a graceful athlete with proud parents, would become one with Amanda's gigantic turd.

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