STORY: Sara's Hate Towards the World 2

Posted by Mark on June 17, 2003 at 19:45:40:

SARA's Hate Towards the World 2

After Sara gave her cousin Chris his little gift she went out looking for victims. As she walked down the street she saw a girl who she goes to school with, it was lisa fraley. Lisa was with her little sister jessica who was 13. She must be taking her for a walk.

"Hi there Lisa" sara said "Oh hi sara what brings you around here" lisa said thinking of how much she really hates sara but always tries to be nice. "Oh well im looking for victims" sara said. "Victims?" lisa replied "Yep and I think you and your little sister would be great victims." sara said as she pulled the stone out and pointed it at the two girls and said "PUNISHMENT".

Lisa and her sister began to shrink down in a matter of seconds. "HA HA HA well i guess im going to have some fun tonight" sara said. Lisa and her little sister looked around and then saw sara's giant hand swoop dont and pick them up. They found themselves in her purse. "whats going on Lisa" jessica cried. "I dont know hunny just be calm".

As Sara got home she put her purse on the table going to see how chris was enjoying his gift. She walk into to chris room. "Wheres Jen at chris" chris pointed to his stand and sara walked over to get a better look. As she look down on his stand she saw jen covered in sperm from head to toe. "Well i see you had fun chris" sara said "Oh yea thanks alot sara for getting her for me, i dont even want to know how you did this." chris said. "Well im going to my room to enjoy my victims see you later, oh and if you want to kill her go ahead and do it because ill just get you another one."

Sara walked to the kitchen picking up her bag then walking to her bedroom. She reached in her purse and pulled out the the two girls and placed them on the floor. Jessica looked up to see the giant sara "AHHHH" she then ran to lisa cring. "What have you done to us SARA" lisa said. "SHUT UP BITCH OR ILL CRUSH YOU BOTH RIGHT HERE" sara said angrily.

Sara then began takeing off all her clothes till she was naked. The only thing she had left on was her sandals. She went and sat on her bed. "GET OVER HERE NOW AND TAKE OFF MY SANDALS FOR ME!" sara said. The girls didnt do much but just stand there and look at her. Sara extended her foot slaming it beside them "NOW!". The girls rushed over to her and tried unloosing her sandals but they couldnt even get one strap off they were so puny. "You cant do nothing right!" she kicked both of them off her got her sandals off by herself.

She stood up and placed her giant barefoot over top of lisa rolling her under her foot "HA HA how do you like that". Then her little sister jessica came over and started pounding on her foot "You stop that leave my sister alone you bitch" Sara looked down at jessica and made a evil smile. She then took her foot over of lisa and reach down and picked up jessica.

"Well your little sister has a big mouth lisa, she should be taught a lesson" sara said "NO please dont hurt her sara please!" lisa cried. Ignoring lisa, Sara set back on her bed with jessica in her hand. "Im feeling a little horny" sara said and then she began to stick jessica up her cunt.

"OH YEA OH YEA, THAT FEELS GREAT" sara exclaimed "Stop sara please stop!" lisa yelled as she heard her little sister cring inside of her. "Well your no fun anymore jessica" sara threw her to the floor, she saw her in tears cring. Lisa went running over after her "Are you Ok" lisa said "Lisa we got to get help."

Sara then reached down and picked up Lisa. "Hey Lisa looked down at your little sister" sara said watching lisa stare down to the floor at her sister jessica. Out of no where Sara raise her gigantic barefoot over little jessica and and squishes her under it like a bug. "NO!!!!!!! HOW COULD YOU!!" lisa cried out. "HA HA that was fun, oh but dont get upset i got alot instore for what im going to do to you."