STORY : Sara's Hate Towards the World

Posted by Mark on June 17, 2003 at 04:06:21:


Sara Ray was a very well known girl. She was 16 years old and was the cutest girl any had seen. But everyone knew her as a little bitch that if she didnt get her way she would do somthing crazy. She lived with her Uncle and her Aunt and her cousin who was also 16. One day her Aunt and Uncle said they would never buy her car so she reacted into smashing her Uncles windshield in and running away.

"Them stupid mother fuckers, ill show them they'll see" sara said. As she continued to walk down the road she kept saying "I hate the whole world, and ill get everyone back someday, somehow." Then the second she said that a gypse looking women came into her view. "Did i hear somthing about getting people back" the gype said, nervously sara said "Y..Yea what is it to you." the gypse women smiled and said "I have your answer right here."

The gypse women then put her hand in her back and pulled out three tiny women. Sara's mouth dropped to the floor "Oh my god, are those tiny women" the gypse women shook her head yes, she the said "Here kill one i know you want to go ahead crush her in your hand." she then handed a tiny women to sara. As sara looked at the women for a bit she then squeezed her hand crushing the tiny women inside of it hearing her screem. " Ha Ha..I love it. This is how i can get back at everyone, this is how i can show people that im in charge. Please you must tell me how to do it." sara said as she was ready to listen to the gypse.

"Well you already pasted the test to see if you were ready for this responsiblity" the gype said "Here is what you must do, take this stone and whenever you want to shrink somthing you just point it at them and say PUNISHMENT and they will shrink down in a matter of seconds."

Sara took the stone and thanked the gypse lady and began to walk home thinking of the things she will to everbody.

She finally got home and saw her aunt setting by the kitchen table seeing that her uncle must have already left out of state for a job interview. "Your not welcome here, get the hell out of my house!" her anunt said. "Oh i dont think so, not this time" sara said as she pointed the stone at her aunt and yelled "PUNISHMENT". Infront of her eyes her aunt began to shrink infront of her eyes. Sara said to herself "this is it,this is my power" She then walker over to her tiny aunt on the floor and raised her sandal over her, by that time her cousin walked in and said "what the hell is going on here, Is that my mom!!" he said confused. "Yes Chris it is your mom, Now i dont want to have to do this to you, but if you join me in my legacy ill never shrink you" sara said.

Chris stood there thinking, he knew he didnt want to die so he agreed and said ok."Good" sara said "But that doesnt count for your mom" her gigantic foot came slamming down over top of her aunt. "NO!!" chris said "It was the right thing to do chris believe me" sara replied. Chris then ran into his room cring. "Oh you big baby" sara said.

"Oh ill be right back i know how to make that frown turn upside down." she left for about a hour and as she came in the house she went straight to his room.
"Here's a little gift" she then pulled out of her purse a tiny girl "It Jen Sheradion, the girl who dumped you for that other guy". Chris just forgot all about his mother and just began to get excited. "Can i have her sara?" "Yes you can chris" the girl known as jen began screeming in sara's hand so she threw her to the floor next to chris's giant feet. "Have fun chris ill check on you later, right now i must go get even with the world"