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Posted by Morgan on October 27, 2003 at 19:59:16:

It was getting late, and he was tired. No, tired didn't begin to
describe how he felt. He was exhausted, disappointed, angry, and lonely. It
had certainly been a long day. Glancing at the sterling silver clock on his
expensive mahogany desk, He realized that it was already 8 PM, and as if his
stomach could tell time, it grumbled in protest. Everyone else in the office
had left, probably hours ago, and he was alone.
Removing his gold rimmed glasses, he massaged the bridge of his nose,
then outward across his eyelids, pausing to massage his temples. He let out
a long sigh, trying to wash away some of the stress he was feeling. Reaching
into the hand made desk drawer, he found the headache medicine that he seemed
to be using on a much too regular basis. Tossing several of the white pills
in to his large, handsome, well-manicured hand, he cursed out loud.
"Damn it, that secretary temp the agency sent me forgot to fill my water
before she left." Angrily, he jumped up from his desk intending to walk down
to the water cooler for some cool water to wash down the pills. As he neared
the big heavy door of his lavishly furnished office, he heard a sound coming
from the reception area. Not wishing to alarm whoever was out there, he
quietly opened the door, just a crack at first, then all the way.
He sensed her fear as she realized that he was standing there. He could
almost hear her heart speed up and he heard her take a sharp jagged breath.
While he gazed at her lovely back with her long sandy blonde hair flowing
down past her white silk clad shoulders, he realized that she was the
secretary that he had employed earlier that same day.
"Do not turn around just yet," he told her as he saw her body begin to
turn towards him. He saw her tense as his gaze lowered from her back to the
waistband of her black business skirt, to the hemline of the skirt. "Just a
little to short for the office," he thought to himself. He could see the
back of her knees and long legs through her sheer black stockings. He saw
her calves tense up and his gaze continued downward to her shoes. They were
black, backless shoes with high chunky heels. While he watched, he heard one
of her heels click nervously against the other.
"I am s-sorry, Sir, I did not mean to alarm you, but I forgot my purse
when I left earlier." "Since my husband picked me up, I didn't even realize
it until I got home." "When I came back, the security guard recognized me,
and let me up without calling you." She began to stoop down to pick up her
purse from behind the desk, as if to prove to him that she had indeed left
it. He watched intently.
He felt the familiar desire begin to pulse inside of him. No longer was
he angry about the absence of his fresh water to take the medicine with. He
was suddenly oblivious to the headache that had brought him to this door and
to her. He grinned a handsome grin and let out a small laugh. "It is OK,
but I need to discuss something with you before you may leave. Turn around
and kindly step into my office."
His eyes remained on her legs and feet as she turned around. He saw her
calf muscles ripple softly against the black silkiness of her nylons. She
slowly began walking towards him and the open office door, her heels making
slow distinct clunk clunk sounds on the hardwood floor of the reception area.
As she got closer to him and the big heavy door to his office, he stepped
aside slightly, allowing her just enough room to walk by him into his
carpeted office. When she was inside, he closed and locked the door, a huge
evil grin spreading across his face.................


As she crossed the threshold into his office, the clunk clunk of her
shoes ceased when she stepped into the deep rich dark blue carpet. He saw
her heels sink into the plush pile of the carpet and smiled to himself. To
her, he simply stated, "Sit down right here, on my favorite couch. It is the
most comfortable in the room."
He watched her hesitate, and was relieved when she sat down. He did not
want to lose her now, he was so close to having a new toy. She sat on the
edge of the sofa with her knees together and her short black skirt pulled
down as fas as she could on the low, soft couch. Looking at her, she
appeared to be sinking into the soft couch. He could see her supple nipples
harden against her silk blouse as he gazed at them. Her feet, in her black
shoes were as close together as possible, her nylon clad ankles touching. He
watched her place her hands on her knees, and saw her long, pink fingernails
brush against the black hose.
She looked at him with a puzzled look. "What do you need me for, Sir?"
Her voice was almost a whisper. She saw his big desk with the laptop
computer, his silver clock, newspaper and glasses. Then she saw the empty
water challis. Next to the expensive crystal, she saw an exquisite gold and
silver cage, about the size of a bird cage, or maybe a little larger. Odd,
she thought to herself, it's too beautiful to be a bird cage, and I don't see
a bird in it. The door to the cage was standing open.
He saw her looking at his desk, and knew her eyes were resting on the
beautiful cage. He walked over to his desk and looked first at the cage,
then at her. "It is lovely, isn't it?" "I was wondering how you would like
living in there as my special little toy?" He saw her eyes widen, and as she
started to stammer and stutter, he quickly pressed the special button hidden
near the cage. He watched, just like he always did when he pressed that
button, in total amazement as she began to grow smaller. A scream escaped
her now tiny lips, and she passed out on the soft couch, with her mouth still
open slightly.
He gazed at his new toy as she lay asleep on his couch. Her right shoe
had fallen off when she passed out, and he could see her soft foot through
the hose she was wearing. Although it was difficult to tell through the
reinforced toe of her stocking, he noticed that her toenails were painted a
blush pink to match her fingernails. He clucked in delight. With one
finger, he gently raised her skirt up to further examine his new toy. He was
pleased to see her hose had a sheer panty with a wide black waistband. His
little toy had very obviously decided not to wear panties today. He absently
touched the sheer crotch of her hose. When she felt his touch, she stirred
Worried that his beautiful plaything would be waking up soon, he gently
picked her and her fallen shoe up, and placed her in his left hand. Gently
stroking her soft hair, he carried her over to the exquisite cage on his
desk. He felt her small feet dangle onto his wrist, tap-tapping gently above
his watchband, noting the contrast between the shoed foot, and the bare sole
of her other foot. He reached into his desk drawer and withdrew a small bed.
The bed was every bit as exquisite as the cage. He placed the bed in the
cage, then gently placed his new doll on the bed, carefully covering her with
the soft comforter. He placed the shoes by her on the floor and quietly
closed the cage. He carefully locked the gold door with the tiny gold lock
and placed the key in his shirt pocket. Then, he sat down in his black
leather desk chair and waited. He could not take his eyes off of this toy,
and the exhaustion, anger, hunger and loneliness he had felt just a short
while earlier faded away.
Not much later, he saw her stir slightly, the comforter rustled
quietly and she let out a gently moan. He felt the anticipation building
inside of him. Soon, his little toy would be awake, and he would begin to
train her to be his perfect little plaything. Another moan, another rustle,
but this time, he saw her hazel eyes open, and cautiously look around. He
smiled as he felt the familiar hardening between his legs.......

"W-where am I, and what have you done to me?" she angrily yelled.
Jumping out of the bed, she quickly realized that she was on his desk in that
exquisite gold and silver cage. He saw her eyes widen with fear. "WHAT DID
YOU DO TO ME?" she screamed. A quiet sneer came over his face. She sensed
this as the beginning of a horrible rage, so she ceased her yelling, and sat
on the edge of the bed with her feet dangling. He watched in silence as she
crossed her silky ankles. His eyes traveled upward, taking in her beautiful
calves, then knees. When his gaze reached the hemline of her short skirt, he
noticed the shirt had come untucked. Raising his gaze further, he noticed
that her blouse was undone an extra button and her luscious breasts were
almost visible.
"OK, my toy, we need to teach you some rules so you can be a good toy."
"Remember that you are as small as a Barbie doll and I'm the only one who
knows how to change that." "Since that is the case, I don't believe that you
are in a position to yell at me, are you?" He began his lecture with a smug
grin on his face. He continued watching her as the blood drained from the
lovely face, then he saw the blush settle into her cheeks. Still she
remained quiet, her lips pursed into a small O. She pulled her legs up under
her on the bed as if to hide them from his ravenous eyes.
"I asked you a question, TOY, don't you think you should answer?" He
slammed his large fist onto the desk, causing the water glass to topple over,
fall to the floor and shatter. "Rule number one is that I am always in
charge." "You will do what I tell you to." "If you do, your stay with me
will be pleasurable for both of us." "If you do not, it will only be
pleasurable for me." "Now, answer my question, TOY, are you in a position to
yell at me?"
"N-no, I guess I am not," his new plaything sniffed. "What do you want
me for?" "How can I possibly pleasure you?" "You have made me so small."
"It's not fair." The questions began pouring out.
"Rule number two," he interjected as she tried to continue her tirade of
questions. She focused on him and quit asking questions to hear the next
rule. "Rule number two, requires that you do not question me." "You will be
informed of all you need to know when I choose to tell you."
He saw her curl up into an even smaller ball on the bed, trying to hide
herself from him. He shook his head and rattled the cage slightly, causing
her to jump up and run to the far corner. The wedding ring on her left hand
snagged her silky black hose just above her left knee. He watched the snag
spread quickly down to the reinforced toe of her foot. "Rule number three,
my toy, is that you are not to hide yourself from me, ever." "Your body is
mine to play with, dress or undress as I see fit, and use however I want."
"By trying to hide from me, you have torn your hose." "That cannot go
unpunished." "Give me that ring that tore your nose, NOW."
Crying now, she tried to argue with the large man. "But, I can't,
that's my wedding ring." "I never take it off," she moaned.
When she saw the look of anger on his face, she cringed, and tried to
squeeze farther into the small corner of the cage. "Give me the ring," he
demanded. She had already just broken the three rules he had given her. He
knew it was almost punishment time, but not quite yet. His toy needed to
know a few more things.
"Rule number four, you will always call me Sir or Master. So far, you
have shown me no respect and broken all of my rules." "You will be punished
for that." For a few seconds, the two stared at each other. The toy, frozen
in silence like a mouse before a hungry snake, and him, the silent predator
carefully planning his attack.
He broke the silence by saying, "I told you to give me the ring that has
torn my toy's clothes." "You wouldn't want me to return you to your husband
in this condition anyway, would you?" "How would you explain it to him." He
watched as she slowly removed the very tiny ring and extended her hand.
"Walk over to me and hand it to me like a good plaything," he whispered.
His excitement mounted while he watched her slowly walk towards him. She
was almost on her tiptoes, as if trying to be very quiet. He could just
glimpse her pink tipped toes pushing against the reinforcement of her
stockings, her little heels barely touching the floor. She reached the side
of the cage he was standing on and tentatively held out the ring.
He took it from her, ever so gently, and smiled at her calmly. "Very
good, my toy." She looked up at him with a fear that bordered astonishment.
It was the look that he enjoyed the most. He loved seeing his toys try to
understand what was happening to them. He loved having the control over his
playthings that would eventually lead to their love of him and need to be
his. Bur, for right now, this new toy was still unsure, and training her was
part of the fun.
He stared at her body in the rumpled clothes she had slept in. His gaze
lowered to the run in her pantyhose, then he looked at her face. He grinned,
and said, "You are a mess, your clothes are disheveled and wrinkled." "Do
you want to remove them, or should I?"
Her tear-rimmed eyes grew large and a single "no," escaped her lips
before she remembered the rules. She was unable to answer any further as
huge sobs wracked her tiny body. He watched the tears as they fell onto her
silk blouse darkening it in thin long lines. He let her cry for a bit, then
opened the door of the beautiful cage........................

Suddenly, her tears stopped and she attempted to back away from him.
With a quick swoop, he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her out of the
cage up near his face. She could clearly see the anger in his eyes. "I
asked you a question toy, I am in charge, so you must answer me."
Still she remained silent, so he ripped the buttons open on her silk
blouse, listening to the small ping-ping sound they made as they ripped away
from the delicate silk, and fell to his desk. She was wearing a blush pink
lacey bra which matched her perfect manicured nails. "Very nice," he said
and roughly brushed his thumb against her nipples. He saw the soft pink
material rise over her beautifully formed aereolas. With that, he ripped off
the elaborate lace bra. His new toy screamed in protest.
Angered by her screams, he twisted each of her tiny nipples between his
fingers with considerable force. He sneered as she tried to get away, and as
she attempted to cover up her erect nipples, now with red welts from his
"Oh, my sweet little toy, you have a temper, but I am not done with
you." She was now wearing only the black silky pantyhose he had seen
earlier. The crotch appeared darker and wetter than when he had first
examined his toy. It always thrilled him to view his toy's excitement.
She felt his gaze and tried to back away, forgetting she was in his
hand. She teetered on his fingers, her tiny toes digging into the pads of
his fingertips. He laughed loudly at her and caught her before she fell.
Why do you try to escape?" "There is nowhere for a toy to run to." "Your
excitement is very visible to me." "In a bit, I shall show you my excitement
and allow you to pleasure me, if you are lucky."
"I am going to sit you on my desk." "You can run, but there is nowhere
to go." "A fall or jump from this high up can be disastrous for a toy." "Do
you understand?" He lowered her to the desk, and saw her nod yes.
"What did you say, TOY, I couldn't hear you." She stepped off of his
hand and onto the newspaper of the desk. Her eyes met his boldly.
"Yes, I understand, Sir," she barely whispered. She stood on the desk
with her arms trying to cover her bare breasts with the now stinging red
nipples. Her feet were turned inward like a child, her big toes touching
against the black of the silky stocking toe. This pose concealed the wetness
that he had noticed forming between her legs. What a silly toy she was,
trying to hide herself from him.
"Have we already forgotten the rules, TOY?" he chided. "Place your arms
at your side, and spread your feet apart so I may view you." He put his
finger between her feet, separating them slightly, and felt the softness of
her feet and toes. Not just yet, he thought to himself.

"Yes, Sir," she uttered. Slowly, she dropped her arms to her sides
revealing the reddened hard nipples and surrounding areolas. With her legs
spread, he was once again able to view the growing dampness between her legs.
He took his little finger and gently stroked her hair, then her face. She
did not move, but instead endured him quietly. When his little finger came
to rest on her right breast, then nipple, she flinched slightly. Poor toy,
he had pinched her hard, he could see the slight bruising coming through the
areaola of both breasts. He touched her left breast gently, enjoying the
swelling that he had caused. She flinched once again.
"Now, my toy, I promised you a punishment for breaking the rules." "I
know that they are new rules, and possibly difficult to get used to, so I
will consider that as I punish you." "Pull your hose down to your knees, and
turn around." He could barely contain his excitement as he prepared to
punish his toy for the first time.
She turned slowly, then took the wide waistband of her hose in each hand
and gently lowered the panty section down to her knees. The silky softness
of nylon against skin made a faint whoosh sounds. Her rounded buttocks
flexed at being exposed to him. He heard her gasp ever so quietly, and could
just barely see the lips of her womanhood glistening between her legs. He
stared for a minute, taking her in, preparing his punishment, allowing her
anticipation to rise.
"Bend over, TOY, wrap your hands around your ankles." She did as she
was told, exposing even more of her wet vulva to him. The hose were slightly
constricting around her knees, pushing into the skin, leaving red marks on
her thighs.
He placed his index finger against his thumb, and supporting his toy
with his left hand, flicked her round buttocks with his right hand. The red
welt appeared immediately, and his toy screamed out, tears welling in her
eyes. "Four more times you will endure this, toy." "I believe that will be
adequate punishment for a first offense."
He flicked her four more times, until her entire ass was red and welted
and she was weeping loudly. When he was finished, he caressed her buttocks
and turned her towards him. "Spread your legs," he said gently. Humiliated
and sore, she did as she was told.
"My little toy is all wet, could it be that she enjoys being my
plaything?" He touched her gently between her legs, rubbing lightly, feeling
the moisture on his finger. He rubbed the moisture onto her swollen breasts.
"Now, toy, how should I play with you next?" He reached for the leather
belt on his expensive slacks, and she heard it slide open.......

Her eyes grew larger as he unbuttoned the button of his pants, and
slowly slid down the zipper. The bulge against his white briefs was
enormous. She was very afraid of his next move. She watched in amazement as
he removed the largest, hardest cock she had ever seen. With horror, she
instinctively began inching away. He laughed at her, and quickly placed his
strong hand behind her back. She was so intent on moving away from his large
member that his hand caught her totally off guard. He tightened his grip
around her waist and lifted her up with his left hand while he released his
enormous manhood with his right hand.
When he spoke, it was slowly and deliberately, like an adult would talk
to a small child. He sensed her fear, and felt a growing closeness to his
new toy. He did not want her to hate him. He wanted to keep her with him
for a long time. There was something special about this little toy, he could
sense it.
"All right, my toy, what you will do for me will not hurt you, in fact,
you may find that you rather enjoy it." He saw the doubt in her eyes, so he
felt he must remind her of the punishments given to toys that misbehave. "I
must remind you of the rules we discussed earlier my precious toy, and of the
punishment that you have already received." "Disobeying me now, after you
know the rules, will result in a much more severe punishment." "Do you
understand what I am telling you?"
He could see her trying to decide, the look of indecision on her face.
Finally, her voice barely a whisper, she uttered, "Yes, Sir, I understand and
I will do as you say." She bowed her head in resignation. He sat her down
on the edge of the desk, looking at her feet. They were beautiful nestled in
the soft black hose. He stroked them with one hand as he stroked himself
with the other hand.
The hand he was stroking her feet with moved upward, caressing his toy.
He gently picked her up and lowered her onto his hard member, feet first.
"Stand up, my toy, walk along my hard cock with your soft feet."
She did as she was told!! He could feel each of her tiny toes dig into
his stiff cock as she struggled to keep her balance. Her heels alternated
with her toes as she tried to stand still. He noticed that her panty hose
were still pulled down to her knees. "You may pull your hose up and cover
your hot little pussy. I will deal with it later, my toy."
He chuckled as she tried to maintain her balance and pull up her hose at
the same time. Her unsteady feet rolled around on his firm maleness, causing
pre-cum to appear at the tip. Somehow, she managed to pull the hose up
around her waist. Just when she got them adjusted, she fell down, her firm
round backside landing on his cock with a thud.
"Roll around, my toy, use your feet and body to pleasure me." "I want
to see if you know what pleases your Master." She gave him a bewildered
look, unsure what to do next. "Go on my toy, try something, your Master is
His toy sat straight up, suddenly, straddling his cock between her sheer
black clad thighs. She scooted her round bottom up towards the glans of his
penis, digging into the sides of his member with the arch of her feet to pull
her along. The small drop of fluid at the head of his manhood grew larger.
When she was sitting on his penis head, she began rubbing the wetness
around with the soles of her feet. Her soft little feet moved in sensual
circles around the hole the fluid oozed from. She rhythmically moved her
toes as she kneaded the head of his meat. He felt his desire rise. He
reached down to stop her. He wanted to play some more before his toy got her
She moved back to the beginning of his shaft, scooting backwards on her
little bottom just like she did when she moved towards the head. The
stockinged toes digging into his member sent tiny sparks to his brain. When
she was sitting with her back against his chest, he could feel the moisture
that had fully saturated the crotch of her pantyhose.
"Keep it up toy," he whispered with much less authority than a few
minutes before. "You are pleasing your Master." He thought he heard a small
giggle escaper her lips, but he wasn't sure, and he could not see her
beautiful face. He pushed her face down onto his cock, her little swollen
tits digging into the hard shaft. To his surprise, she began to lick him,
her tiny tongue swirling around and around, legs crossed, arms holding onto
the sides of his abundant cock. Slowly, she licked her way up towards his
glans again.
He shuddered as she once again began working on the tender tip, this
time with her tongue, hanging over his cock with her ass up in the air. He
viewed her tiny little slit, glistening with moisture, and sighed deeply. To
her, he whispered, "Toy, use your feet to pleasure your Master." She
stopped, hesitating slightly. He could tell that she had become intent on
pleasing him, and his command had confused her.
He gently picked her up and sat her on his glans with her legs over the
tip. She began kneading and massaging his delicate glans, working the
pre-cum all around. He could see the black stockings grow darker as he
produced more sticky fluid onto her feet. He noticed her rocking her wet
slit on him as she rubbed with her feet. He smiled, knowing that she was
using him to pleasure her tiny clit. So, she was enjoying this, he thought
to himself.
Her feet and body picked up tempo as his cock swelled even larger and
her pussy grew hotter. Her delicate feet rhythmically rubbing her toes into
his sensitive glans was causing him to swell larger and larger. His little
toy began to moan slightly as she rode faster and faster on the rigid cock.
He felt it welling up inside of him. It began as a churning in his firm
stomach, then it progressed to his firm balls. He felt them pull tight
against his crotch and knew the time was at hand. Just before his warm cum
reached the tip of his penis, he grabbed his toy and laid her on the
newspaper just in time to see his hot cum flow over her in spurts, soaking
her entire body. He chuckled at the look of surprise on her face while the
hot jism continued to pour out of him onto the beautiful toy. There was no
way that she could have anticipated what his surprise was. She attempted to
back out of the shower of sticky fluid, but her wet stocking slipped in it,
and she could not move.
Finally, his hard member ceased it's quivering and the cum stopped
flowing. He gazed at the amazement on his toy's face as she lay there
sprawled on her back with her legs spread wide. He slowly reached out and
once again pulled down her soaked panty hose to her knees. With his small
finger, he began rubbing her clit. She pushed into his touch eagerly.
"I am going to make you cum now, my toy." "You have pleasured me, and
you shall have your reward." He plunged his little finger deep into her tiny
pussy, filling it up and causing her muscles to tighten. She moaned loudly.
"My toy, do not cum until you have asked permission, you mustn't
forget," he warned her. He withdrew his finger from her, rubbed her clit
gently and reinserted it, fucking her deeply, rhythmically. Her moans
"Sir, may I please cum," she whispered between moans. "I cannot stand
this sweet torture any longer." Her legs ere spread wide, displaying her
womanhood, the soles of her feet touching each other and her tight ass.
"Cum, my little toy, enjoy your first day as my plaything." I have
covered you with my hot jism, and made you mine." "Take your reward." He
watched as her entire body was wracked in spasms. Finally, she lay still,
her beautiful hazel eyes closed, chest heaving.
"You are dirty, plaything, so you must be cleaned." He opened a big
mahogany cabinet that held a marble sink. Picking up his toy, he showered
her off with warm water, carefully removing her soiled hose. He dried her
off and placed her gently into the bed in the cage. She did not even protest
as he covered her naked, exposed body up with the beautiful warm comforter
and locked the cage.
"Sleep, my little toy, I will take care of you." He gently lifted the
elegant gold and silver cage and carried it to his locked mahogany cabinet.
Inside the cabinet was an addition to his cage that had small rooms and was
completely furnished. It made the cage look like a screened in porch. He
locked the cage portion of the house into the living portion, making a very
comfortable house for his toy. "Sleep my little toy, he repeated, I love
you, and this will be your new home." "Every day, you will pleasure me, and
I will keep you clean, feed you, and clothe you." "Most of all, I will
always love you." "I love you my special toy."

The morning sun flickered into his office window now, bathing the
elegant room with golden light. The birds chirped out in the courtyard. He
raised his head from his desk and stretched, grinning when he remembered why
he had not gone home the night before. He tiny outline was etched in the cum
still present on the newspaper. Smiling, he wadded it up and threw it away,
another paper would be outside his door soon. He stood up, stretched again,
and began walking to the door to look for his new paper. His eyes caught his
toy's purse lying on the floor next to his special couch where she had
haphazardly dropped it. He walked over, calmly picked it up, placed it in
the sofa, and pressed the button where the beautiful cage had sat last night,
and made her purse small so she could have the treasures she kept inside. He
knew she would be pleased.