story "Rubberband Wife"

Posted by talisman on June 29, 2002 at 05:05:00:

Finding his wife so puny and adorning nothing but a makeshift rag, torn and ragged from the playing around in that house, Ted whisked her away. He didn’t leave until her waved a pointed finger at Bonnie and Veronica and Glen on what they had done. Ted kicked the fleeing others at his feet, as he stomped his way out of the house.
At home he tried to come to grips with his new wife’s size. Standing now at a 4 inches, she barely was a handful. He also noticed her inclination to being sub-servant and kinky as she slunk around at his toes.
Ted sat on his chair, his torn underwear, barely able to keep his erection at bay. Watching as his tiny wife, wormed her way around each of his large toes, her little body easily fitting in and between each massive digit, only to poke around to the other side, and up to the next one.
Ted lifted his mighty feet, letting his tiny wife dangle on his third toe. He suddenly found it both amusing and erotic as her tiny body hung, her little legs kicking in the air, as he rose his foot a foot off the ground.
Ted was getting ideas.
“Okay! Bitch, now since you like to be used, how about being my little bitch!” Ted blurted out as he leaned over and plucked her from his toe.
In his vast hand, he held her tight, her tiny head poking out, and squirming within his fleshy grip. He could barely hear her mousy voice squealing at his grip. “You like it rough, you are going to get it rough! Lets see what your giant husband wants from you now.”
Ted immediately brought her up to his erect cock. He pressed her against his huge head; his pee-hole throbbing as he felt her touch, her struggles and squirming only brought out his angst.
He held her tight, rolling her, and smearing her in his funk.
Ted noticed a mirror away in the distance, which by chance showed his every move. He flicked on a light switch behind him, and was better able to see himself and his little toy wife.
Ted was excited, as he seemed to get into rough play, beating his tiny wife mercilessly on his giant cock. He masturbated with more attitudes, almost wanting to crush her in his climax.
Ted retracted a bit though, and when he felt his cum rising, he let his wife go, and opted to download his thick steaming cum on her discarded body between his thighs.

Ted was becoming more and more stimulated by his imagination now, vowing to experiment with another person now.
Tamara came to mind. A woman’s name only, Tamara was a cross dresser, and an old friend of Ted’s from a while back. Venturing into the red light district, he saw her in a bar, and was impressed by her size and figure. In Ann Niclole style, Tamara looked the part. From her tall rubenesque figure, Tamara looked like she did her homework.
Ted was ensconced. He got her pleasantly drunk, and drove her home. Once they hit it off, Ted found out quite quickly that Tamara was a man, but it didn’t seem to bother him, and he has kept in touch with her every since. Even to his wife’s ignorance.
Ignorance no more, Ted thought, as he dropped the phone, after talking to Tamara. She agreed to come over.
That night Ted informed his wife Becky of his visitor. She seemed quite turned on to it, as she kept her slavish manner on his foot, as Ted held court in his chair, flicking channels.
Later that evening, Tamara arrived. Ted escorted her to his living room, and offered her a drink. Tamara seemed to want to talk about his sudden option to use his place. “Won’t your wife find out?” She inquired. Ted only smiled as he handed her another drink. “You may find my wife a little compromising these days.”
Tamara looking confused laughed politely.
Becky came from under the couch. Ted gave her instructions to come out after counting to 1000 from the time the guest arrives.
She walked past the massive nylon clad feet of the giantess, feeling quite anxious as to this exciting new guest could be. Becky marveled at the extreme height of this woman, as she stared straight up the long towering legs, even still in a sitting position.
She kept her rising stare, up the folded dress hem, up the incredibly long torso, to finally her massive head lofty so high like a low residing planet.
Beckey suddenly became unsettled as she scanned down once again, this time she noticed the flayed hair follicles from beneath the nylon panty hose. She new that at her size there were things she noticed that weren’t visible before, but she couldn’t remember seeing this much hair on either Bonnie’s or Veronica’s legs.
She blew out her breath, before beginning to walk out toward Ted’s feet.
Ted stopped in the middle of their conversation as he noticed Becky strolling along the carpet. “Well! Perhaps I should introduce you to the little woman.” Ted sounded out, as he lifted himself before leaning over. Tamara put her drink down and turned toward the doorway behind her. Seeing no one, she scanned the room every which way, until she rested her eyes on Ted once again, only to see him rising up from the floor after picking something up.
She looked closely at his hand, and thought of the object as a toy, a doll, or something of that nature. Ted held his hand before Tamara, before opening his palm wide. “I present you with Becky!” Ted said ceremoniously Tamara smiled and put her finger to shake an imaginary hand. “Funny! What’s going on Ted, you want to play with dolls now?” Tamara looking confused. Ted knew this wasn’t going to wash quickly, so he ordered Becky to move around and dance. Becky stood up on her hunches and went into a soft-shoe impression. Tamara smiled and clapped her hands. “How adorable, what else does you toy do?” Ted knowing he was in for a while to instill this ordered Becky to do more things UN-toy like. Becky stammered and kicked and jumped and leaped, while screaming from the tops of her lungs. A sudden tingling rose up Tamara’s spine as she watched this before her. “Hey they can’t do that kind of stuff yet, what kind of toy is that, where did you get it?” Tamara rose up and stepped into Ted. She started to reach into Ted’s hand with her own. Ted let Tamara pluck Becky from his palm and stood back as she examined Becky closer.
Becky looked down at Tamara’s huge hand, noticing it much larger than her own husband’s hand. She looked up trying to uncover the mystery, and began to take notice that the giantess had male features hidden beneath mascara and eye makeup. Shocked, Becky fell back onto her buttocks, as the giant Tamara prodded and poked her flat. Tamara rolled Becky flat, and around in her vast palm. Each time Becky fought back and tried to rise up to escape. Tamara shot a look to Ted. “She is real isn’t she?” Ted finally looked relieved. “Yes! Like I said Becky!”
Ted sat Tamara down and as he poured her another drink, went into the happenings, leaving out a lot of detail, but getting to the meat of the situation. Finally he told Tamara of his plan for the evening. Tamara was still holding the tiny Becky, as he lifted the doll like woman by one leg. “What am I supposed to do with this? There isn’t enough to wipe my ass with.” Ted laughed. “ Hey what you do with her later is you business.” Ted swooned over the large Tamara, shoving his hand up her skirt. He felt her strong legs, underneath the silky hose, and rustled upwards until her grabbed a hold of Tamara’s erect cock. Tamara sat eyes closed, humming to herself, still holding Becky in her clenched fist now. Ted felt upward with his other hand, and pried his tiny wife from Tamara’s clutches. Once he got Becky in his hand, he thrust her deep between Tamara’s thighs.
Becky couldn’t ever be ready for her next shock, as she came face to face with Tamara’s massive mushroomed head. Becky’s face smeared into Tamara’s pee-hole, her mouth filled with pre-cum. She choked, before another wash hit her straight on. From behind Becky’s back was firmly held against the giantess’s cock.
The two traded touches, and kisses, before kneeling and undressing. Ted undressed fully, Tamara only to her bra and hose. A long self-inflicted gash letting her huge cock jet out.
The two then placed Becky between their great cocks. “Come on little slut, I want you to sniff our cocks. Stick you face in our pee-holes.” Ted groaned. Tamara beginning to slowly get into it shoved her cock against the overpowered Becky.
As Becky struggled to lick and lap at the oozing waste of the two giant cocks, she found herself pounded and crushed, as both giants seemed intent on making her into a sandwich of sorts.
Ted was in ecstasy, watching his tiny wife disappear at times between his and Tamara’s huge cocks. Her little tender body tarnished and seeming wearing out, as he and Tamara hammered her mercilessly between them.
Tamara then reached down and swung Becky around, forcing her head into Tamara’s cock; meanwhile Ted was hammering his huge cock into Becky’s rear. Tamara looks up at Ted. “Lets fuck her good now!” Ted heard music in his ears.
The giant couple began to pound into each other, their groans monstrously shaking the very room.
Becky found herself slipping in and out of consciousness, each time she awoke to find herself being literally mashed together.
Tamara cam first, followed quickly by Ted. Both giants sat sweating up a storm, groaning as they watched the tiny woman becoming engorged in their accumulated cream. The cum flowed so thick that Becky was quickly submerged.
Two cigarettes burned in an ashtray, as both giants sat and stared into the ceiling.
Tamara was lazily smearing the tiny woman in the mess beneath her leg, finally scooping the tiny body up she displayed it before Ted. “Oh dear, look what we did to your little wife, do you think she’ll be pissed at all?” Tamara chuckled. Tamara watched as the tiny body still stirred, she suddenly got an idea of her own.
Tamara rolled over, and shoved her ass into the air. She pulled her hose, straining it to part at her anus. “Get her to crawl into my ass!” Tamara ordered. Ted reached over and plucked the tiny Becky from Tamara’s fingers. With ease, he placed Becky legs first into the ever widening anus. Using his fingers, he urged and prodded until Becky seemed to slide in, as if on her own.
Tamara seemed pleasently surprised, as she groaned with pleasure. “Oh it feels so real, I think she is squirming inwards.” Ted sat and watched as this experience, wondering how he never thought of it sooner. He watched as Becky’s tiny body slowly sunk in upwards, as if Tamara’s anus had sucking ability. Soon only her hands were seen flaying.
Tamara rose up in an instant. She asked for the bathroom, and thundered in that direction, her ass cheeks flopping, as her huge feet shook the room in her haste.
Ted didn’t know whether to follow or not. He soon rose up and crept to the door and listened in.
Tamara sang to herself, between plops and gushes. Soon Ted heard her rise up. Ted heard the toilet flush. He raced in quickly.
He found Tamara fixing her face in the mirror, as he rushed to the toilet to see the rushing water drain. Ted stood there while, before turning to Tamara. “Why did you do that?” Tamara looked bored before answering. “You said you didn’t care what I did afterwards.”
Tamara got dressed, in front of Ted, Ted seemed translucent as he sat and stared with nothing to say.
As Tamara walked toward her shoes, a faint image could be seen if one was noticing, as Tamara swung her huge feet into her shoes, Becky’s swaying body swung back and forth between the nylon clad toes, just before being stuffed into the chunky pumps.
Tamara stood in her shoes and turned to say good bye.
“Thanks for the party snacks!” She then giggled into the night air.