return to lilliput chapter 4

Posted by the giant one on July 04, 2002 at 22:55:22:

AS Scott walked down to the beach of this island of tiny 3 inch woman, he could not belive his good fortune back home he was a 12 year old kid standing 5ft 4 inches here he was a 200ft giant that was let loose in a candy store. You see Scott was shy about meeting girls back home but here he was living every kids fantasy, walking down on the beach he saw a tiny life gaurd tower just like on the tv show bay watch.

The tiny life gaurd ran like every on else on the beach, at first she did not know what the fuss was,people were running for there life. Then she felt the ground shake her first thought that an earth quake had just happened, but then the ground shaking took on a rythemic pattern, almost like foot steps but that was impossible it would take an enormus person to make the ground shake like that. When she turned and faced were the sound was comming from she wet her suit from fright. Walking down the beach right towards her was giant boy, she could figure out how tall he was but he must be hundreds of feet high he was so huge that he blocked out the sun on a large porition of the beach, she first was to make contact with the giant to stop the panic that was going on around her, after all this giant was a boy a giant but a boy how bad could this be, besides it might be cool to be friends with a giant, being 16 there wasent a big age diffrence between them. When she looked up again she realized she had made a bad choice for when she looked up at the boy she saw that the giant had a huge hard on
her only chance was her tower.

Scott had seen the tiny life gaurd run and hide in the tower cool he thought to himself I get to play with a baywatch chick. With 3 steps he had reached the tower getting down on all fours he looked in the tiny windows and found her hidding in the corner, with no effort at all he reched in with to fingers and picked up his new sex toy.

The life gaurd could not belive what was happening to her an hour ago she was watching the woman of lilliput enjoy there swim and now she was in a giant boys hand, a giant with a huge hard on. hello she called up to the giant my name is Stacy whats yours?

Scott was in no mood to be friendly to this tiny bitch, besides he had a new game he was going to play with her, he slowly started to probe her tiny body removeing her cloths as he did so he stoped at her breast wich were rather small. How come your tits are so small he asked her as he rubed then with his thumb Stacy repiled that she did not know all the woman in her family had small breasts. Scott smilled down with an evil grin and said well today is your lucky day my dad is a doctor and he makes tits bigger for a living and your in luck because I have watched his films on how to do it, and IM going to need your help.

And with that he reaached into his back pack and pulled out one of his fathers injections devices
Now stacy he told her my dad uses a gel to put inside the tit to make it bigger, but I dont have any so I guess will just have to use my seamen instead.

Stacy was out of her mind in fright the giant boy had just pulled a needle and was going to inject her breasts with the boys seamen she ran back and forth in the boys hand looking for anyway to escape, but when she reached one end of the boys hand and looked down she new she would not surive the fall.

Now comes the part were you help me he told her, and with that he dropped his pants and underwere and sat down, he then lowerd the tiny woman on to his cock, now do a good job he told and make me cum. he warned her that if she tried to escape he would step on her. Stacy new she did not have a choice if she wanted to live she would have to do as she was told, besides if she did a good job on him mabe he would not use that huge needle on her.She placeed each of her legs on either sides of the enormus head just like you would when you rode a horse. Very slowly she rocked back and forth licking and strokeing the huge beast. The boy sent a shudder wich almost threw her from her mont and moaned with pleasure. The head was moist and wet from pre cum the head was also getting slipery and she found it hard to stay on, not wanting to fall off and being trapped or worse crused under the boys gigantic balls she decided to make him cum quickly, she rubbed her rigt arm in the pre cum and edeged her way to the tip of the now throbbing head and stuck her arm into the pea hole right up to her shoulder. The effect had done its job for the boy moaned and rocked at a fantastic pace, Stacy was suddenly lifted off the head and set down in Scotts pubic hair. Scott picked up the tub with needle attached to it and blew has wade into it in an instant the tube was over flowing with his cum. Scott put the plunger to keep any from spilling out, and looked down at the tiny Stacy tangled in his pubic valley. grinning down at her he picked her up placed her in the palm of his hand, thanks he said you were great.He then picked up the needle and said time to go to work. Stacy screamed in terror, Scott pinned the woman down with his left thumb so she could not move he then lowered the needle untill it pierced her left tit and Stacy screamed in agony pushing down on the plunger sending his cum into her tit causing to enlarge to 5 times its original size. Pleased with his efforts he did the same to the right breast, but he put a little to much into the right breast making it a little larger than the left. to be continued in part 5