return to lilliput part 3

Posted by the giant one on June 13, 2002 at 17:36:09:

As Scott looked down on the tiny topless woman he was suprised that she did not flee at his approach, but getting a closer look he saw that she had on a tiny walkman radio.He watched with delight as the woman moved to the beat of the music, making her tiny breasts bounce up and down.Then all of a sudden the woman stopped maybe it was his huge shadow that cast over her, but when she got to her feet she saw to her amazement and terror a 250ft 12 year old smileing down at her. Dont stop the giant youth said to her I liked watching your little breasts bouncing up and down,and with that reached out and picked up the tiny woman.
He watched with an evil grin as the tiny struggled to stay on her feet, she yelled up at him to please let me go, Scott reached out and began to play with her breasts, the tiny woman tried to cover up but the boy just pinned her arms to her sides. Then an idea came to him and he told the tiny woman his plan,he explaned to the tiny woman that were he came from there was a show called land of the giants, and in the first episode that to tiny people are captured and examed under a magnifing glass.Thats what im going to do with you he told her, the tiny woman screamed up in protest,but the boy did not listen. Not having a glass slide to place her on Scott went looking for the next best thing and spotted a large peace of drift wood, now needing somthing to keep the woman in place he reached into his back pack and found what he was looking for when he pulled out a box of thumb tacks.This will hold you in place he said to her she tried with all her strenth to get free but it was no use she was being held down on a piece of wood by a boys finger and she was trapped.Scott loved the felling of the tiny woman wiggeling under his finger, it gave him a sense of power and sent a rush of heat to his cock, he then took the tack and pushed it through both hands and ankles of the woman,all of this caused her scream and writher in agony. The woman pleaded with him for mercy but the boy did not listen, next scott took out the magnifing glass and a pencil and begain to probe her body, with the point of his pencil he pooked her breasts and nipple next he inserted it into her pussy, only the tip would go in as he slid it in and out faster and fster, the woman screamed in terror and pleasure that the pencil point was giving her.Scott was getting a huge hard on watching the tiny woman moan and buck her hips as he inserted the pencil in and out of her. The woman was pleading to be set free, he said to her why would you want to go you looked like you liked it when I pencil fucked you, besides you need to return the favor but that comes latter now its time for a new experiment, and with that Scott cut off the eraser and cut it into 2 small parts and hollwed out the center on both of of them, Scott reached into his bag and pulled out a bottle of crazy glue, and with a grin he told her that she was going to get breast enlargements. He then added a drop of glue on each breast and a drop in each of the hollowed eraser cups and placed them over each breast, they were a perfect fit covering each breast completly. Scott smiled at his handy work and removed all the thumb tacks and placed the woman in his hand and asked her if she liked his gift. The woman in shock and in terrible pain looked over at her new eraser breasts and allmost passed out,she tried with all her might to remove them but it was no use they would not come off, pretty cool huh your the first tiny woman to have erasers for tits.The woman screamed up at the giant boy you fucking bitch what have you done to me.Scott flicked his finger and the woman was flung to the back of his hand you need to learn to respect your new master, he then took to fingers and began to pull on her eraser tit and the woman screamed with pain but the eraser did not come off, watching the woman scream gave him a enormus hard on and placed the woman on his very stiff head.Her tiny body on the head of his cock sent a thrill through his body like never before, we had better put the erasers to good use and pushed back down face first and slide her up and down sending wave upon wave of pleasure searing through him, picking up the tiny woman he placed her in his cupped hand and began to stroke him self slowly at first builng up speed the tiny woman felt llke she was in a cloths dryer but at warp speed all of a sudden the vibrations stoped and a sea of cum came pouring into the boys hand, the woman up to her waste in cum. Light came into her world and she saw the face of her captior yuch he said and bent down to rub his hand full of cum and the tiny woman on the ground. Lying on the ground covered in seaman and dirt the woman could not belive that she was still alive, mabe she could get away, she got to her feet and began to run when the force of an earth quake nocked her to the ground, she rolled over and looked up and saw that the boys big toe was desending down apon her she tried to get up but it was no use the toe was on her covering her whole body only her head was exposed.She looked up at the giant and he said you should have learned respect and slowly began applying preasure,the tiny woman began to feel pain like never before as her bones snapped, and she had a hard time breathing. All of a sudden she felt a terrible preasure in her head she wished the end would come soon,her world went black as her head poped like a grape,the boy enjoyed crushing the tiny woman under his toe and headed over to the beach in search of his next victim part 3 a day at the beach comming soon