return to lilliput part 2 an adolecent boys travels through a land of tiny woman

Posted by the giant one on May 25, 2002 at 15:55:05:

When Scott woke from his nap he first thought the previous hours were a dream, but then he felt movement in his shorts and new this was no dream.With a wicked grin on his face he reached in and pulled out the tiny
woman and lay her down in the palm of his hand, she was batterd and bruised but she still had some fight left in her. Scott looked down at his tiny prize and said have a nice nap bitch, what the fuck do you think you are doing she shouted up at him you cant make it with a girl your size, or maybe you just dont know were the equipment goes. This was bad judgement on her part, while Scott was only 12 years old he new were his cock was supposed to go,and besides no tiny cunt was going to talk to him without the proper respect of a god wich in this land he was. He said you will pay for that and flicked her left breast like you would flick a dead bug off your arm.The tiny was thrown to the back of scotts hand, she felt like she had been hit by a truck and her breast felt like it ws on fire. Seeing the tiny woman in pain made Scott feel warm all over it was a pleasure he had never experienced before, he also felt heat rushing into his groin area. For effect he flicked the right breast with his finger, the tiny woman dubbled over with such intense pain she could hardly breath she thought she was going to pass out. The giant boy just smiled with delight at the tiny womans plight, as she strugled to her feet she screamed for mecry, scott just grined and said to late for that bich, now I am going to show you were my equipment goes. he lowered his shorts and undies to his ankles, and sat down on the ground with his thumb and index finger he put the tiny woman on the head of his huge cock, make me cum bich and mabe I will let you live, fuck you she shouted up at him.Scott sighed and said ok have it your own way he put the tiny woman face first down on his head and with his finger rubed her up and down his now huge head. The giant boy mons with pleasure that tiny woman is giving him. Next he holds her and put her face first on the tip ov his man hood and rubs her all over,an idea comes to him the woman is so tiny he wonders if her head will go all the way into his pea hole, Scott picks the woman up to eye level and sees that she is covered in pre cum and tells her of his plan she wiggles with terror when she heres his idea and begs him to let her go. The woman trembling between his fingers sends a earth shaking pleasure through him and more heat to his cock. Scott knows that he must finish soon or it will be to late, so he loweres the tiny woman to his tip and un folds the skin to his pee hole, and inserts the tiny womans head inside, she goes in as far as her shoulders. Scott then grabs his and in wacks off,just before he cums he cups his hand to catch his prize moaning with pleasure like he never felt before he explodes like a volcano.The woman is shot like a cork from a bottle, lying in the boys hand covered in cum the tiny woman can only wonder what this giant 12 year old will do to her next. Scott then picks up the tiny woman and licks the cum off his tiny victim exploreing every part of her.He then notices that he is verry hungry, with no food around he eyes the tiny woman with a huge grin, and tells her that he plains to consume her and slowly lowers her on to his tung. The woman screams in terror as the tung receeds back into his mouth, it felt funny having the woman moving on his tung her tiny hands beating against his front teath.With his finger he slid her under his side teath and slowly began to bite dowm. The woman felt tremendus pressure like her guts were being compacted, the boy took one final bite and her world went black. The woman was not bad tasteing the boy thought and went looking for more tiny woman to play with. So Scott set out on his quest he did not have to look far because when he came to a clearing he saw a tiny woman sun bathing

end of chapter 2 chapter 3 on sunday