Story "Return"

Posted by talisman ( on October 13, 2004 at 03:33:51:

the township sat in quiet contient, as the folks went about their business. Most of the people inhabiting it, come from past lives in slavery of the kind most ominous. The memory still in their minds. But like the stockholm syndrome, most of the people let go, still hold a kinship to that part of their lives. A period is approaching soon, which will change the order of things permenantly.

Connie was excied upon hearing the news, as the superior one was coming back for a visit. She and the other females talked vigorously to themselves about his amorous looks, and godlike stature. Connie's husband Jeff wasn't pleased to hear the news, fearing a rival was at the helm. The other men felt likewise, but did little as the womanfolk prepared and gathered a large supply of food for the momentous occasion.
The nights leading to the visit was spent by the womanfolk talking and gossiping about the one, his powerful body, his manner. All this of course dating back some time, not one of them was sure what he really looked like.
Jeff spent his days of the coming visit, in turmoil, trying to convince his wife to leave with him, and let the time pass before returning when it was all over. Connie felt her husband's jealousy, merely taunted him with the idea he was just insecure now that a real man was coming to town. This only made Jeff angrier and also hurt.

The night was calm, you could hear the ocean that was quite a distance, crashing on the rocks. As the town settled in for the evening, a ominous presence made itself present. The booming could be heard now for miles. As it closed in to the town, the roads began to shake, more vigorously as it approached closer and closer.
In the night light, alluminated by the high moon, the presence came to view, as it took the shape of a enormous human shape. As it stepped into the town's perimeter, it became clear of it's size, some 80 feet tall. Huge foot falls formed in his wake. As trees and structures alike crushed like toothpicks under his weight.
Connie's heart raced as she felt the familiar sound of her past masters. She raced outside, unvieling to her husband's pleas to stay and hide.
Jeff looked out the window, as he beheld the amazing size of the giant now present before his house. He tried to glance upwards, but the giant was too huge to make out anything past his thighs. Jeff then called out to his wife. "Connie, please it is dangerous, please run." Connie ignored or just couldn't hear her husband. She stared up, craning her neck to behold the giant's entire girth. "Here I am, remember me, I was your father's footslave."
Up high, in the darkness, the giant's voice grunted, as he peered down, taking notice of the tiny female. He couldn't hear her tiny squeaks, as he watched her wave her hands and jump for his attention. The giant became quickly aware, his cock began to rise out of the folds of his fat. The thickness of it became ominous, as it jet out, wet and already most in pre-cum. "Ah, at last, I do find somethings to temper my loins on this night before my marriage." The giant spoke to himself. "Alas, this tiny thing, could provide an instance of pleasure." He slide his massive foot over, shuffling his other next to it. Connie skirted over, dangling herself onto his toes, as she tried to straddle herself around one of the massive toes. Jeff looked in awestruck amazement, as the giant's toe totally dwarfed his wife in such an insane manner. His brow became moist with sweat, as he knew things weren't going well. "Please, Connie, make haste, and run, he is a monster." Jeff pleaded to no avail. The giant spread his toes, capturing the tiny woman inside his gap. He lifted his great foot, takign the tiny squirming woman in tow, her body wiggling and squirming, as she shouted in glee all the way up.
As the giant reached his waiting hand, he plucked the tiny woman out. Her body was dishevled already in his jam, as he molded her around his finger. The giant held her up to the moon light, looking her over. Connie looked around at the dizzying heights, she was felt she was in the clouds, it was so high. The giant looked upon her in smiles. She looked back, feelign there was a connection.
"Grunt!" The giant snorted, as he brought his hand down to his erect meat. He pressed the dumbfounded woman to his tip, pressing her around inside his revealed cock, as his foreskin stripped back. His shinning tip, shimmered in the light, as pre-cum oozed out freely. The tiny woman was overwhelmed quickly, as the giant's powerful fingers, worked her around his head, spreading her thinner with each pass. He pulled his foreskin back, enclosing her inside it, while he worked his cock, masturbating freely in the night air.
Jeff was beside himself, now losing sight of his wife, he couldn't hear her voice or screams anylonger, just the giant's grunts and moans. The township was fully in view of this, as most the woman stood swooning, unknowing or caring of the proceedings. Jeff ran outside falling to his knees, looking up, he wailed upwards.
There was a sound of a girgle, and a sploof. This then followed with the woman tumbling from the great heights. Her body hit the dusty ground, and bounced twice before settling for good. She lay there limp, her body was far worse for wear, and coated in a thick coating of cum. Jeff crawled over in an instant, finding the horror of his once beautiful wife, now a disheveled, and mangled corpse. Jeff sat up on his hunches, moaning his loss. High above, the giant oblivoius to it all, sniffed his fingers, from the lingering fragerance of the sacrificed toy. He then raised a massive foot crushing Jeff, and further obliterating the remains of Connie, as he lumbered on. As his foot rose up, leaving a huge crater, Jeff and his wife's remains lay unrecognizable, amidst the massive footfall.
Up high now, The giant's form and features come more to view. A large man, rather nerdish looking as he was bespeckled. His heavy set body, standing naked unabashed or relenting. In his world he was probably middle height, but his flab was still big. His feet spanned what amounted to be a size 14 in his world, but two street buses would find rival in them on this world. His cock looked rather impressive as he walked amoungst the quickly becoming remains of the town, but was less then average in his world.
He lumbered, reaching his foot up, as he plucked up more and more tiny sacrifices, plunging them into his member as before, using them, before leaving them to plunge to their deaths, as he retrieved another and another. His feet making quick work of the structures, leaving them in dust in his huge footfalls. The men likewise, the ones who stood around o moarn, lay also in waste, either in the giant's footsteps, or lost in his squandered cum.
The sight was surreal, the town looking like a mere shadow of itself, everything lay flat, this once handsome inhabitants, now resembled that of a wasteland for the spoiled. The giant nourished his hunger on a vast display outside the town buildings, feeling peaked after a small outing. He turned his attention back to the ruins. As the last tiny woman caked off his cock, he held it as it pumped a steady stream of thick urine, dousing the remains in his wet waste.
The giant turned around and walked into the distance back to his boat.
His return brought to his dwellings brought him back to his to be wed wife. He kissed her flat on her lips, as the two held on tight.
Moving below, as the two held tight, the giant thighs danced to a silent song, as did the giantess, tarnished on his legs,as they bounced against hers, remains the faint souvenior, as a tiny unrecognizable woman, lay strewn, her body squashed, resembling a smear of a tattoo.