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    Story: The Replicator
    Author: Dark Dreamer

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    Story: The Replicator [1]
    Scene: The Machine
    Author: Dark Dreamer

    It was dark and stormy. Visibility was low with the driving rain
    as Dan inched down the highway in his old car. It drove like a
    boat, but was perfect for this weather. Suddenly, amid the
    lightening and thunder, there was was a brilliant light about half
    a mile up the deserted road. Dan pulled to a stop next to burning
    ember and saw the wreckage of something - NOT FROM THIS WORLD. He
    noticed something that looked like a suitcase in the middle of the
    road and decided to make a quick dash out of his car after it,
    getting soaked in the process. It was heavy, but he managed to
    drag it inside the front seat.

    Continuing on a while he finally saw a motel. He was greeted by
    a tired woman, named Mary in the front office. As he was being
    registered he couldn't help noticing her gorgeous figure. Full
    breasts, slim waist, and a beautiful round face. She kept pushing
    her long dark hair out of her sleepy eyes while they did the
    paperwork. He had an erection by the time he parked in front
    of got into the ground level room. Dan was soaked to the skin by
    the time he dragged the luggage into the room. He stripped and had
    a shower before finally opening the case he discovered on the

    There was a device inside that looked like a camcorder with
    strange symbols on it. It was made of a light hard metal that he
    had never seen before and the lenses seemed to be solid metal.
    For an experiment he pointed it at the TV and started pressing
    buttons. There was a low hum and a light shone on the control
    panel. He turned a knob that was pointing to a series of
    notches of varying sizes. Then he pressed the light button. There
    was a brief hum and an exact replica of the TV appeared about
    two feet in from of him on the floor. It was about 3 inches tall
    and looked the same in every detail. He noticed the light was
    still on and experimented some more. It turned out that the
    knob controlled the size of the reproduction, and as long as the
    light was on he could make as many copies as he wanted.

    Soon he had several copies, all miniatures, ranging from a foot
    to a few inches square. It was amazing. Eventually Dan noticed
    a viewscreen and a zoom control. This was interesting. He aimed
    it out the window and took an image of his car. He was able to
    make a scale model about 2 inches long and spent a few minutes
    playing with it. Dan was about to take another picture outside
    when he noticed the woman crossing the parking lot in the
    rain. She was huddled in an oversized raincoat trying to keep