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Jarret never knew this could've happened, his whole time visiting Mavis and Pal, the older couple next door, all the games he watched with Pal, going on picnics and such. Never did he expect them to ever shrink him and Pamela, never mind the technology existed.
Mavis was motherly but all the same she portrayed a deep secret sexual karisma inside her. She and Pal were in her fifties. Mavis had glowing blonde hair, with a touch of grey around the edges, She was robust, florida tanned, standing 5"9. Pal looked like a vetran from the services, his thick, build balanced on a 6"0 frame. Also florda tanned, with receeding hairline.
Jarret now only knew them from their now 80-90 foot tall frames, as he and Pamela now stood merely 3 inches tall.
In alot of ways, Jarret knew he let the cat out of the bag of his love for macro and micro, and it didn't even dawn on him as to Mavis and Pal's complete understanding of the subject, it seemed they were baiting him all along. Now as he looked to another day at his new size and surroundings, he was at least happier that Pamela was beyond her frantic stage, and now moving on to anger and disbelief. She has become torrid toward the giant couple, which seemed to impress and turn them on to watch. Pal especially enjoyed flauting his power over her and watching her frail attempts to fight him off. In the beginning he became almost tedious in his ritual. Coming home, removing his clothes, snatching her from thier makeshift home in the shoebox, chase her around like a toy mouse, before finally catching her and abusing her on his massive member. he would flay and pummel her mercilessly, before finally submerging her in his thick cream. Jarret wouldn't see her for hours afterwards as she went into different stages of neglect from sticking like a fly to fly paper to his shaft, to slowly oozing down his leg and finally resting on his bare foot before he shakes her off while walking. Jarret would then have to watch in nervous tension as she lay there, almost motionless, while both Pal and Mavis walked carelessly about over her. Jarret knew now too well it was all a game they played. They have had to be doing this now for eons it seems. They have perfected thier craft, and play it with such conviction and callousness at times.
He too did not escape Mavis's wrathe. His shedule would consist of being taken out and left at Mavis's feet on the floor while she sat and either watched tv or knitted. Her nylon clad feet would tap to music and menacingly catch him at times under. She would order him to apply some soothing rubs to her toes, and then indulge herself on him to succomb beneath her heavy feet to sooth her arches and soles.
This was a sort of foreplay of sorts to her, after whic she would watch in amusement as she shifted her feet, and pounced on him as he unsuccessfully tried to evade her advances, each time being hammered mercilessly beneath her toes and feet. She took a great pleasure in watching him fall limp, and rise to alude her once more. She looked for different ways to indulge, even wearing him in her slippers, while she swung her feet, feeling him slide and roll back and forth along her silky clad soles.
After monthes Jarret took on a sort of hostage syphaizing to it all, growing some what attached to the daily routines and tasks. He grew to become almost zombie like loyal to the giant couple. He even indulged Pal as well. Pamela became fixated on the situation on a different plane, as she beame lustful to the sexual pratices involved. She overcame her anger and turned to succomb to it in attempt to somewhat even incourage death by performing dangerous tasks. She comformed to teasing especially Pal, Mavis grew to dislike her, and often looked to finish her, which forced Pal to take her into him permentantly. Pal had now worn her like a piece of jewelery as such. He would sometimes wear her around his neck, on his charm, or merely stuff her in his undies or even between his toes in his sandals. She was carried in his socks, pockets, and in emergency situations, in his buttock cheeks, to avoid any altercations from Mavis. Jarret of course became merely divorced by no choice of his own, as he now got off on Mavis.
The giant couple still performed sex together, even now that it seems something has come between them. Their stormy nights would keep Jarret up as the monstrous moanings seemed to shake the very world he lived in. He longed to join them and was brought in. He always looked for any situation that might bring him and Pamela back together, but she was never in sight. And he would have to endure the dangerous tasks of vying between to gigantic bodies in motion. It was in these times he started becoming more less complacent being used by Pal. He started seeing himself in a different way, he had in sense beome in himself a sexual toy, a being to be used in such a way was now becoming his destiny, and he was okay with it.

On some monthes later, Jarret did finally get to see Pamela again, even it was to be the last and final time. He never knew how much they each changed until he saw her physical presence. A once beautful and vavacious woman, she was now in tatters, wearing little dolls clothes that weren't made to last the ravages of a giants affections. Her hair was permanently matted, her body bruised and tarnished and disheveled. Jarret looked to himself to find the same if not more subtle resemblence.
They were thrust together, as the giant couple was celebrating with wine and music. Jarret and Pamela were joined and initiated into sexual intercourse by the host giants. Jarret found himself acting in animalistic fervor as he tore into her and ravaged her, She too climbed him and tried to put on a great show for the giant audiance. They found some familiar ground and memories in thier lovemaking, which was short lived as the giants stood up and plucked them up seperate.
Into the bedroom Mavis and Pal went. The giant couple undressed fully, and explored thier bodies with the help of the tiny Jarret and Pamela. Using them like impliments like q-tips, they each probed thier crevices and erotic zones. Tantalizing themselves into a frenzy. Finally in a fit of rage, they pounced on themselves and physically shook the room.
Jarret found himself beneath it all, watching upwards he witness the vary actions of gods, as even lying down towered over him. Pal's massive erection slung down and pummeled him on it's upward motion to pentrate Mavis's cavernous clit. Jarret then spotted Pamela crawling on the other side. He screamed over to her and took her in his arms as she reached him. They then too climbed on each other and became in unison with thier giant counterparts.
Pamela climbed onto of Jarret and bounced lavishly on his pelvis, as he flung her up and down in pentration.
She screamed out, while staring straight up at the monstrous cock lunging in and out of the protruding wet pussy of Mavis. Droplets of juice and precum rained on the tiny couple, as they danced the sexual dance. Pamela wiping herself in the thick liquid all over herself, as she continued to ride Jarret. The sheets beneath Jarret became soaked and now waterlogged as sweat and extracted ointments rained constantly down.
Pamela started to whine and growl as she reached climax after climax. Jarret couldn't believe his eys from all of this. He rejoiced in unison.
Pal slipped out, and dropped his cock to reload. His cock made a diving fall, mashing Pamela over ontop of Jarret. Jarret fell unconscous only for a moment, but as he opened his eyes, he watched in shock as Pamela writhing, was placated to the redwood size cock rising higher away from him. The meaty head was throbbing and pissing out precum, as it rose to meet the messy blotched pussy, dotting the sky like a freaked sun. The interior was firey red, and pulsating slush, oozing down through many curves and crevices before finding it's way toward the sheets below.
Pamela stirred and squirmed as she was lifted up to level with Mavis's hungry clit. Then without much fanfare, Pal's thrust his cock deep into Mavis, taking Pamela in clean.
Jarret found himself jacking off as he watched the cock emerge soaked in Mavis's juice, and no trace of Pamela. It continue to hammer and pump into Mavis repeatedily until a horific moan shook Jarret's tiny world. Jarret would also cum, and then pass out from pure shock and exhaustion.
The morning shawn bright into Jarret's eyes. He awoke and quickly looked around, knowing he could be in a dangerous path. Surrounding him was a platitude of mountainous bodies. Both Mavis and Pal's body curved and rode along like some erotic horizontal montage.
Pal was the first to rise, and sleepily sat up wiping his face and eyes. He then picked around himself, as if looking for contacts or somthing small. He searched with his fingers and then scanned his body. As he peered at his cock, he found Pamela. Intertwined in his pubs, and a wad of caked cum, she lay broken. Her body moving only in the giant's wake. Pal picked her off like a knat, and looked at her closely. He poked and prodded her paperlike body, shaking it at times, but still no movement. Pal then moved his buttocks and adjusted himself to the side of the bed, with his feet on the floor. Pal rose up to let out a morning fart before settling back to the head of the bed. He playfully fondled the limp body in his fingers.
Jarret could only watch as he knew Pamela was no more, but a broken vessel, her body now manipulated around and twisted about like a toy in a idiot childs hands.
Pal crumpled her in his fingers and flicked her off to the side onto the floor. and rose up to go to the bathroom.
Jarret didn't find himself mourning the loss, and felt empty inside. Mavis then moved and rose up which startled him. She sat on the edge and moved her neck and stretched her legs out, before turning around and retrieving Jarret into her hand.
Mavis held Jarret in her fore and thunb upside down, as she picked up discarded clothing from the floor. and tossing the bedcovers together on the bed. She then turned to walk and stopped in her tracks as she saw something on the floor. Jarret now saw it too. Pamela's body lay twisted on it's side flat out on the floor, looking up at them in a dumb look.
Mavis frowned and bit her lip before she took a step forward and utterly crushed the tiny body underfoot.
Jarret was in a premier location to get a firsthand look at the crushing. Mavis stepped up and down with her foot, until Pamela disappeard from the floor.
Mavis then walked up to the bathroom door and waited for Pal to emerge.
Pal came out to the sound of flushing. He was almost eye to eye with Mavis. "Well loverboy, I accidently crushed your little girlfriend." Mavis said as she sat down on a chair and put her foot on her knee, sending the utterly flattend body in flight toward Pal's feet.
Jarret watched as the body flicked off like a tiny tick plunging into the thick carpet. "Jokes on you hon! I did her in sometime last night" He looked down and nudged the body with his big toe. "What did you think she was, a bug?" "Yeah! the bugs dead" Mavis returned. Pal looked at her incredilously. "You owe me another one anyway." Mavis laughed. "Laugh all you want, or I'll use your boyfriend like bran in my breakfast." Mavis stood back and brought up the tiny man toward her bushy abdomen. "Come and get him big guy!" She teased as she thrust the tiny man deep into her flabby clit. Mavis said as she turned and walked away into the bathroom.
In the monthes that followed, Pal became more unstable, he had become a grown child, having tantrums and the such. Jarret watched as he went from different women upon women, as Mavis kept a supply line coming. Mavis saw his condition was worsening and resorted to accomidating his whims to settle him down. The influx of tiny women seemed to do the trick, even though he went through as much as ten a day. Mavis started to bring him anyone, as long as he or she was tiny, Pal didn't seem to notice or care.
Mavis toiled over Pal's downward colaspe as he ended up wearing depends. She made the arguess task of finding them littered with his discarded toys amidst his waste.
Mavis too fell, and finally resorted to shrinking Pal some years later. In his state of mind, he barely knew what happened to him, even when he was quickly crushed by his very wife as she pleasured herself in some divine justice, she left him plastered to her soles for weeks.

The house became empty one day. by now there was a civilization of people like Jarret within the confines of the house. Mavis had since died on her death bed, leaving the tiny captives to fend for themselves.
Huddling in the dark recesses of the baseboards, they watched as the house was emptied as the sale and trust was settled.
Jarret stood amongst a collection of followers as they awaited the new owners.

A family moved in some weeks later. A family consisted of a single mother and two teenage daughters.