Casey returns.

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Here is a little sneak peak, so far it is pretty much just action...

Reluctant Sole Mate – Part 2

Melissa knew she was in trouble. Still trapped in her little hole under Casey’s foot, where his heel and arch met, things were getting… squishy. Not only had she suffered a brutal tenderizing underneath Casey’s sole, but as he continued to skate and press her down, he started to sweat. She was now drenched in it, with no where to go, and the little gash she lay in filled up like a pool. When Casey put both feet on his skateboard, Melissa was forced under, unable to breath, submerged completely in his sweat. Then he would take his foot off to pump at the ground a few more times for speed, at which point she could pop her head up, matted hair rubbing against his heel, in attempt to breath a little bit before she was forced back down into the sweat. Her nose and ears were clogged with it, her eyes stung, and worst of all she was forced to swallow it every now and then when she gagged. The only bright side was the fact that her senses had been reduced to taste, she couldn’t smell his feet, which no doubt smelled terrible after skating for so long, nor could she really see anything. There was the overwhelming pressure, though, that his massive foot brought.
Little Melissa was torn from her thoughts as his flesh once again dunked her in his foot sweat. But this time was different – Casey’s foot lifted off her quickly, just to force her down again. She realized he was walking, the skating must be over! She would have cheered in joy if her mouth wasn’t filled with his sweat. She was squished again and again into the moist insole and sweat squeezed out of it under his foot’s pressure and covered her all the more.
She was not granted the quick release she hoped for, however, as Casey seemed to be talking to someone, keeping her in his shoe all the while. He must have wanted her to suffer a little more for as he was talking, he pushed his foot heavily down on little Melissa and she was once again forced into the pool of foot sweat that surrounded her. She began to panic, wedged so completely and tightly between Casey’s warm sole and the wet insole of his shoe. She gagged on his salty sweat and coughed wildly, unable to breath, trying to plead with him to lift his foot even though she knew he would never hear her. To breathe, she had to press her hands hard against his sole and move her mouth in the small area she was able to create, swallow what sweat was in her mouth and take gasping deep breaths. It was hard and still she strained to get air.
Finally the pressure let up, Casey roughly kicked off his shoe and Melissa rolled across the insole down to the indent where his toes had been. She slipped around, her little naked body covered in his sweat, and she reeled across the wet and sticky insole. Casey tipped the shoe and she fell onto her back and slid into the heel section, finding herself looking up into his smiling face.
Casey grinned and reached for her, pinching her between his thumb and forefinger. “Kind of felt like you were kissing my foot at the end there.”
Melissa struggled and pounded on his finger and thumb, her legs flailing freely. “Go to hell, you sick bastard!”
Casey just grinned even wider. “Tsk, tsk, little slave. That’s not the way to treat your master, is it?”
Melissa noticed that they weren’t in Casey’s room. Actually, it would appear that they weren’t in Casey’s house, at that. The room was messy – clothes and CDs and books all over the floor – and Casey was sitting on a bed, legs over the edge.
“I bet my feet smelled pretty bad that whole time.”
Melissa’s eyes shot daggers. “How could I smell them drowning in your fucking sweat?”
She realized it was dumb to say the second it came out of her mouth, and as if to reinforce this fact, she was being lowered towards the floor. “Didn’t get a good whiff?” Casey placed her down at his feet and laughed at her, “Let me fix that!”
“No, Casey, no!” She had no time to run as one of his monstrous feet immediately pinned her to the ground.
Melissa was smashed down on the carpet on her side, her left shoulder popping painfully as it twisted against the ground. Casey’s sole was hot and wet from his day of skating and she sank deeply into it. She held her breath, trying not to suck in any of the foul air radiating from his foot, but he must have sensed this for his pillowy sole manipulated her on to her back and his long, slender foot lifted off her only for a moment as he pressed the ball of his foot down covering her entire body. At only an inch tall, she was completely smothered by the ball of his long foot, and she wriggled and writhed in an attempt to get air – her face was being completely mashed into his incredibly warm sole and she could not even stifle a breath. Forcing herself against the bottom of his foot she managed to free her head, dragging her hair painfully across the carpet, and secure her face in the open air under the arch of his second toe. The rest of her body lay hopelessly pinned by the ball of his foot.
Casey had felt her squirm and reposition himself and she felt him shake with a laugh on top of her. His toes lifted up and as she burst out panting he smiled down at her little head. “There you go,” he began, his toes lifted off her, “now here comes your nice fresh air!”
The ball of Casey’s foot had smelled strongly but she was too suffocated earlier to notice. Now, as his toes lowered and her world darkened, she finally got her first few real whiffs. And almost threw up.
To Casey at his normal size, the sweat and smell had a chance to dry and dissipate about the room, leaving only faint traces of feet. Melissa, however, was at ground zero, and there were more than enough fumes wafting down on her to fill her tiny lungs. The arch of Casey’s toes acted like a gas chamber to the miniaturized girl, and her face actually became damp as she was assault by the smell of his foot.
“Casey, please!”
She screamed, her naked little body convulsing under the warm ball of his foot, as his toes wiggled above her. The strong smell of his feet continued to assail her despite her protests. Casey mashed his toe down onto her face and scrunched them up around her.
“That’s a good toy, now lick my toes.”
Melissa struggled under the foot, on the verge of tears. “Casey, please, stop, this isn’t right! I can’t take this!”
Casey’s toes lifted up off her and her heart skipped a beat – was he actually going to listen to her? All hope of that, however, fled from her mind as she saw his scowling face as he looked down at her. The face of her one time best friend stared down at her small form now like a belligerent god eyeing a tiny worshiper he was about to crush underfoot like a bug. Melissa gulped in fear.
“Do you think you can just order me around?” His voice was flat and cold, before she could respond; he pushed the ball of his foot down on her little naked body and roughly forced the air out of her in a quick scream. He lifted it off to the point that his foot was still resting on her, trapping her. He watched her gasp air back in as tears streaked down her face. “Worship me, little bitch, I am your world now, your god.” The ball of his foot forced her down again and let up, she gasped with a wail. “There is no Melissa, now, understand? Just the dirt under my feet.” He pressed down again, she cried hysterically. “Now, I am going to give you one more chance to lick my foot, or else I am going to grind you to paste.”
Casey’s toes lowered back down on to her and he waited. She froze in fear, her mouth open, still breathing the thick air under the arch of Casey’s toes. Was this real? Was she really just a doll-sized girl at the mercy of her one time best friend who now thought of her as a pet? The ball of her foot pressed down on her and she was reminded of his wishes. As he lifted the foot off her, she was forced to fill her lungs with the smell of his feet.
She pressed her face to the underside of his toe and started lapping at his warm flesh. After a few licks he lifted his foot, rocking it back on its heel, and brought it back down, relaxing it on top of her and smothering her completely under his long, wrinkled arch.

To be continued..