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Eh, read this copy, no changes except the terrible grammatical errors are gone, I hope. Hope you all enjoy it.


Melissa and Casey sat in his garage, talking. Melissa was nineteen, a year older than Casey, and had long brown hair, a graceful, sweeping face with a prominent nose, and wore casual clothes – black t-shirt, faded jeans, and a pair of Vans. Casey, who she had known since kindergarten, was a lot like her in many ways. He was quiet, except for when he was around her, and he wasn’t exactly Mr. Popular. Neither was she. He had disheveled reddish-orange hair, glasses, a black t-shirt and jeans, and a pair of chunky Van skater shoes like her.
Lately their friendship had been a little rocky though. Casey felt like Melissa wasn’t spending any time with him and was simply concentrating on other people or herself, he felt put aside. She normally just replied with “whatever” or “you know that isn’t true,” but none of it really helped him. She didn’t really like the way he talked to her anymore, he started getting aggressive and arrogant towards her and she had no idea why.
So they sat in silence in Casey’s garage as he moved his skateboard back and forth with his foot. Casey glanced over at her from time to time but never really said anything. Melissa was fine with silence; she just let herself get lost in her own thoughts. She did have other stuff she could go do though, she was actually thinking about leaving…
Casey adjusted his glasses. “Um, want to go watch some TV?”
Melissa sighed gently. It was hard to stem her boredom, but she tried. Casey just got up and went inside, Melissa following a little ways behind. It was annoying; he just took her for granted now, like she had to be there. She wished there was an easy way to just slip off without making Casey too angry.
Casey slipped off his shoes in his room and plopped down on the couch. Melissa looked around the room for a good place to sit, but there was none – it was a small room and Casey slept on the couch, other than that, the only place to sit to see the TV was the floor. She went over and playfully punched his legs.
“Move your legs, Casey, so I can sit.”
Casey just looked over irritably at her. “Just sit on the floor.”
Her eyes widened in shock, but she was too tired to care with him anymore. She just shook her head. “Fine.”
They sat around for an hour or so watching MTV. They didn’t talk. Casey’s feet started to get to her; she had never really noticed it before, but they really stink! He had gotten her a drink in the middle of one of the shows, not willingly, and when he found her on the couch when he got back he just growled. She and Casey certainly weren’t as good of friends as they used to be.
“I’m going to take a piss.” He announced, getting up.
“Don’t let me stop you.”
Casey walked off. On the ground was Casey’s old pair of Van’s. They were pretty much falling apart at the seams – she made a mental note that they would have to go out and buy him a new pair.
Suddenly she started to feel funny. Melissa stood and dropped her drink, spilling it on the carpet, clutching her stomach. Everything seemed to blur and go out of focus. Melissa passed out.

She came around to the sight of Casey wiping her spilt drink off the floor. He had his back to her and was kneeling down, wiping hard at the rug with a wet rag. Something wasn’t right, though… Melissa stood up.
She nearly fell over again. The entire world seemed a lot bigger – almost twice as big, in fact. She was barely taller than Casey now, and he was hunched over and kneeling. Without realizing it, her breath escaped her all at once. “What the…” She was naked, too, her clothes a heap on the floor.
Casey turned around at her words and grinned at her. “Oh, you woke up. Goddamn, finally, it was so boring. I was beginning to think it wouldn’t work and I’d have to spend the entire fucking day with you babbling on.”
Melissa’s cheeks grew red. “What? What the fuck are you talking about, Casey? Give me my clothes back, you pervert!”
Casey turned around where he knelt and sat, spreading his legs out to either side of her and throwing her an easy grin. He ignored what she said. “I got this stuff from some crazy Chinese store down the road.” He pointed at a small table next to the couch; she noticed there was a small jar of ointment there. “I didn’t believe it, but hell, it was worth a try. You just rub it on the soles of your feet, it makes them smell stronger and if someone breathes it in, they shrink to about half the size they were.”
Melissa was dumbfounded, quickly forgetting she was naked. What could she say? That meant she was about 2’8”, then. Casey stood like nothing had happened – he looked huge! She gazed up at her once childhood friend, now turned god. His lanky form moved over to the table and reached for the ointment, then he sat back down, his jean-clad legs on either side of her. Melissa looked at his massive socked feet and then back up at him. They still smelled oddly strong – would she shrink again?
As if he read her mind he continued. “You’re done shrinking; you’ve been cut down to about half. Well,” he smiled wickedly, “done until I put more on, at least!”
“What the hell, Casey? This is insane!”
He admired her small form and spoke casually. “I don’t care! You never pay attention to me anymore; you are always running off with friends and acting like I don’t matter. Not anymore, now you are mine.”
Melissa’s face turned beat red and she shook a fist at him. “Don’t make me kick your ass, fucking punk! Grow me back right now or I’ll…”
Her words trailed off as he lifted one sock-covered foot over her small body. He kicked forward, knocking her over roughly, using the sole of his foot and his grasping toes to drag her back over to the couch. He finished by resting his foot on her, which was about eleven inches long, his row of toes was resting on her breasts and his heel pushing down right below her stomach, but not quite at her crotch. She breathed unevenly in fear and because he forced his heel down, making her silent.
“Or what, you little cunt?” His foot pressed down on her. “Or what?”
She screamed in pain as he added weight to his heel, lifting up his toes. She used her arms in a feeble attempt to move his heel off of her as he slid it across her body, bringing the rest of his foot heavily back down onto her to smother her cries. His damp sock smelled heavily of his feet and the traces of the ointment only amplified that.
While he had her silence, he removed his sock and started to apply some of the cream from the Chinese store to the sole of his now bare foot. “With some more of this stuff, you’ll be like a foot and a half big. Ha, just think how small you could get – another dose of it and you’d be 8 inches tall. Little more and you’d be only four.” The ball of his foot slid back and forth over her face, messing up her hair and scrunching her nose. “Would you like that, you little bitch?” She couldn’t say anything, gagged by the material of his sock.
After he was done, he capped the cream and put it aside. Then he lifted his heel off his childhood friend, pushing the ball of his foot hard into her face – her mouth open and stuffed full of sock – and he began to pull the sock down passed his ankle and work it off over the heel. Then he pressed the heel back down onto her so his foot was resting heavily on top of Melissa once again. Casey’s fingers pealed the sweaty sock off by the tip of the toe, so that the material slid by quickly over her body, burning her, so that all that was left to greet her scream was the cool flesh of his damp sole. He let her sob into the ball of his bare foot for a while before lifting it off and uncapping the ointment.
He looked down at her without mercy, more with curiosity, as he rubbed his foot. He set his already treated foot next to her. She cried, the front of her body a burned red from how fast he pulled his sock off, she was a little bruised from his rough treatment. The sight of her hurt little naked body excited him. He mocked her as he rubbed.
“Look at you, how pathetic you are. We’ve been friends for so long and I could crush the life out of you so easily without even caring. What kind of friendship is that?” Done, he put his other foot on the other side of her, wiggling his toes. “The lady at the shop said the first shrink takes the longest, so don’t worry, a few whiffs and you’ll be shrinking again.”
“Casey… Please…”
Her pleas were only met with a malicious smile as he brought both his feet over her and planted his bare feet on top of her prone body. The amplified smell of his feet gagged her. They didn’t smell of cream or anything else, the ointment must have been odorless. All it did was intensify the natural way his feet smelled. The soles of his feet were still cold and just a little moist from sweating earlier that day when they were outside. She cried against his big toe as she felt herself shrink again. There was nothing she could do – his feet grew on top of her, covering over half of her. She was now only 1’4”.
Casey removed one of his feet and kept the other one on top of her, toes grasping her burnt shoulder. Tears were still streaming down her face. He couldn’t have been any happier. “See, that wasn’t so bad? One more and maybe we’ll play a little.”
Hey eyes went wide with shock. “One more! No, Casey, please, enough, just tell me what I can do!”
But the giant was already massaging the lotion into the sole of his free foot, smiling down at her. “What can you do? You can shrink, that’s what you can do. The lady at the shop showed me a pendant that hangs around her neck; there was a small man in it. She said he had a foot fetish and to punish him she would rub the ointment on her feet while he licked them. Each time he licked them he would shrink by half until finally he was so small she put him in a pendant. She says she keeps him alive for now, but she will probably just step on him, since she has already found a new lover.” Casey looked at his sole and pressed the cream under his long toes, as if in thought. “She was pretty good looking.”
He rest the finished foot down squarely on top of her and kept her pinned. She pushed at his toes with her hands with futile tugs and wept bitterly. He started on the other foot. “I wonder how small you can shrink. Maybe I’ll force you down to the size of an ant. Would you like that, Melissa? Crawling around your master’s foot all day?”
He finished and rest his other foot on her small body.
“You aren’t my master!”
Casey grinned evilly. “We will see.” He actively used her bruised body to massage the soles of his strong-smelling feet, working her hard against his arch and heel and the ball of his foot and using his toes to twist her about. He was careful; too, he didn’t want to break her, not yet. He had a lot he wanted to do with little Melissa. For now, all he gave her was a few ugly bruises.
“I think I like that idea, you, a small ant in my shoe while I walk around all day. Ha, you’d have to be careful though; one wrong move and maybe you’d slide under my foot or between my toes and get crushed. I’d like that.”
As if to accentuate his point, he messed up her hair with his toes and forced her head between them, playfully (but roughly) squeezing. She began to dwindle even quicker than the last time. Soon she was holding herself and crying, his feet resting on either side of her. He laughed and put his foot on top of her for comparison – she now fit completely under it, his heel and the tips of his toes barely spilling out over her. He rubbed her into the carpet with his foot. He could barely contain his excitement. He wanted to shrink her down enough to feel her struggle between his toes, hear her beg for his mercy, but get none as he popped her like a grape. He decided to wait though: might as well have fun with each size.
Casey lifted his foot off of her and picked her up in his hand. He was none-too-gentle about handling her, grabbing one of his thick socks in his other hand and getting ready to shove Melissa in.
Her weak voice suddenly broke the silence. “Casey… Why?”
“Why?” He squeezed her little body in his grip. “Why? Ever since I asked you out so long ago you’ve been a bitch to me, you’ve been distant and cold and that’s not cool. I love you Melissa. Well,” he grinned, “I loved you. Now I love feeling you under my foot, where you belong.”
As he moved her towards the opening of his sock, it seemed to wake her up. Her bruised little limbs flailed and she tried to tear away the opening, trying desperately to do anything to keep from going in it. Nothing worked, however, Casey pushed his hand deep into the sock and when he pulled his hand out, Melissa had been left behind. He held it up with a smile and watched her darkened form thrash at the toe of the now heavy sock.
“You so deserve this, you little bitch. You just played with me like I as your toy. Well, now you’re my toy. Now you are my little foot slave.”
Casey stretched the opening of the sock so he could look in and see her before he pushed his foot in. He put his sock-clad foot to the ground and rubbed her against his sole so that he could manipulate her into a more comfortable position until her face was under his second toe and her little feet thrashed at his heel. Casey pressed down with a sigh and kept her still, trapped against his bare sole by his sock.
After a while of keeping her under his strong smelling feet he repositioned himself on the couch and stretched his legs out. “Lick between my toes, bitch.” Melissa was squirming around, still trying to escape, and didn’t seem to hear him. He sandwiched her hard into the armrest of the couch with the bottom of his foot and repeated his command. He felt her force her head between his long toes and lick vigorously, in fear. Casey just smiled and laid back.
When she was licking between his fourth and pinky toe, her small tongue tickling his sensitive skin between his toes, Casey decided it was time for a little more ointment. Once again he dipped his fingers in and scooped up a modest amount, starting to smear it on his still bare sole. He pulled his sock off his foot and put her on the ground, resting his feet on either side of her. She looked to her left and right at the two bare feet – the one she had been licking and the other, which had the white gooey cream on it.
Before she could question he began to rub his feet – and her – together, working his toes into the arch of the opposite foot and squeezing her under his toes at every opportunity and pushing her hard into his foot. Melissa slid across Casey’s slick soles with little cries. His toes would find her and press against her, only for her to pop out from under them and slide across his foot until she was trapped between his wet heels and rubbed forcefully. He kept it up until he finally felt her dwindle from her 8” frame to an even more modest 4”.
He moved his feet away from each other and noticed that she was stuck to the sole of his right foot. He laughed down at her and wiped his sole against the carpet. “You are nothing to me. God, you are so pathetic, stuck to my foot like a piece of dirt. You…”
His words trailed off. She wasn’t done shrinking! Casey gasped as she shrunk down even more until she was only about an inch tall. She looked around at her surroundings with fear and looked up at him pleadingly.
She received no mercy as he squeezed her between his thumb and forefinger and lifted her up. “God, this really is sad. Guess I put too much on. Don’t worry though, I got an idea.”
Casey leaned over and picked up one of his ratty Vans, holding her over them. The smell coming from his sneakers were strong, though not as strong as his cream-rubbed feet. She cried up at him, begging incoherently and crying. He just held her there for a minute before dropping her in.
She hit the heel, worn smooth by his foot, and bounced a few times, before falling into a place where there seemed to be a gouge ripped out of the insole. She fell down into it, filling it nicely, patching up the hole in the material. He chuckled at her. “Hey thanks – that little hole there always made it uncomfortable. Well, I’m going to go skate.”
Just to show her how little she meant to him he put the shoe on the ground without another word and slipped his bare foot into his shoe, forcing her into the hole in the insole, right where his arch and his heel met. Melissa cried against the huge foot to no avail – all she was to her once long-time friend was a little clump of nothing to repair his insole and make his feet more comfortable. The only thing that kept her alive was the hole in the insole, which his heel kept her firmly wedged in. Casey walked out of his room, Melissa trapped under his bare foot, to go skate.