"The Recruiter part 2"

Posted by talisman on June 19, 2002 at 05:34:55:

Huddled together, they screamed together as the giant man placed them between his legs. Sitting on a chair, he rubbed his balls with his fingers, forcing his cock to jet out a ways. Feeling himself hard enough, he raised his cock and then released it downwards. Both girls braced as they tried to crawl from out of the way, the massive log like cock came down hard. With a wet plop, it smothered beneath both tiny girls, Doug watched as his head splurted precum as it hit the cushion below. He dug his fingers underneath and began to rub and smear the tiny girls under his massive shaft. Restraining himself from utterly crushing the girls altogether, he pulled his fingers out, and merely watched the two girls, shrieking and struggling, both disheveled now in his gunk. "You little bitches might as well get used to it, your mine forever! or as long as you can survive!"
Doug said as he kept his eyes on both frantic girls.
He drops his hand, and releases both girls before his tremendous crotch. Doug points his fingers at both girls as they both huddle and hug while whimpering. "I want some action now, straight up my ass with the both of you." Doug thunders down. the girls wretch out and only after Doug stands and forces the cushion to fall, leaving both girls scrambled on the floor, do they come to grips and begin to go through the motions.
The giant man holds his foot over them, and casts his massive shadow on them, uttering the thunderous growls down on them.
Doug sits down, and both girls begin to settle on his right foot, each one taking spots and caressing, using their naked bodies. Each one looking up for momentarily reasurance that the giant man is accepting of their actions.
Doug relishes this moment, as he looks down on his size 15 foot, with the tiny girls jockying for position on his toes.
He wiggles his toes agrivating their attempts. When he wants something else, he finally leans down and plucks the hapless girls up in his gigantic fingers.
Balling them up and ironing their bodies out again and again, Doug bring them up to his crotch and lays each girl on his erect cock. "Ride it all like an amusement park." Doug hammers down on them. Both girls hang on to his thick flesh, settling on top, and slowly bronco riding his cock as the giant begins to masturbate with his head.
Ahead of them, both Tracy and Brenda watch in awe as the giant uses his fingers to stroke his mushroomed head, so massive it out sizes them each in total diameter. The smell is strong, their bodies already emit the stench of the giants feet, and now to further the onslaught, the giant's privates are beginning to take hold on their nostils. Tracy wipes hier head, wiping off caked jam, She would soon be first, as the giant's finger rides back, taking hold of her and slowly bringing her up to his head. Brenda watches and whines as Tracy disapears beneath the giant's thick digit, only her screams can be heard against the backdrop of the giant's groans.
She continues to hold on, looking beneath her and around for a means for escape. As the finger starts to ride back for her, she waits bracing herself when suddenly she lets go, and tumbles off sideways.
Doug feels for the other girl, and when he comes up dry, he looks down noticing the girl on the cushion below rolling and trying to get to her feet. Feeling his climax approaching, he raises his cock upwards, his head pulsating and oozing precum, with the tiny Tracy smeared and mangled around his foreskin. He guides it down. Brenda looks up and screams as she fears the worst. She makes it a few more feet before the giant rams his cock down on her.
Doug digs his cock deep finding a gouge for his cock to nestle itself in while he cums.
Moments later the giant sits back humming, his cock, now limp and retracting back. The remains of Tracy are seen obscurred by caked cum, and the folds of his foreskin. Inches away, a large valley of cum is formed. Amidst the milky gism, Brenda's tiny body rests submerged. Their is little movement, as her legs and arms seem to stir evey once in a while.
Continuing to hum, the giant leans over and scoops up a blob of cum, he discards the tiny body from the mound, poking and prodding. Feeling it to be a lost cause, Doug rises up from his chair, dropping the tiny body, he tramples it's lifelessness, crushing it beneath his wide fat sole. Doug walks away, leaving a faint reminder on his sole of what was once Brenda. He wipes away the last remains of what was once Tracy as he finishes off pissing.