the Recruiter

Posted by talisman on June 18, 2002 at 01:19:10:

She had eyed Corra since her arrival at the plant. She was attracted by her sincereness and fresh outlook on things. Angie enjoyed her talks and wanted more with doing things with Corra.
Corra was a robust woman in her late forties. A brunette, her hair was lavish, and up in a large form, fifyish style. 5"11, dark tonned skin, her features were of someone used to be labouring their whole lives.
Corra complained of her back and feet constantly, keeping with her trooper style to get the job done. Angie saw this opportunity as a chance to get more aquainted with Corra. Angie commented on once being a studend of massage therapy, but gave it up for work.
Corra's eys widened. The two woman continued to talk, Angie beginning to see her plan working as Corra seemed delighted in her skill. Plans were drawn for Angie to go over on the weekend to Corra's house.

On the Saturday morning, Angie excitedily sprang out of bed. She kissed her boyfriend and set off to Corra's house.
Angie noticed quicly Corra's house was elegant, but overly so. A nice two story home, landscaped lot, two car garage, etc. She entered the home, at Corra's urging. Sat down was offered coffee and a pastry.
Corra disapeard to get more comfortable. She arrived a little later, dressed in a light seethrough camasole, and hosiery. Angie looked up surprised to see her in a a revealing outfit as she was wearing. Corra commented on how she liked the feel of nylon, and thought the massage would be greater arousement. Angie agreed and rose up to herself ready.
Corra lay herself down on a foldout, laying on her stomach. She spread her legs apart. Angie heated her hands together before applying them on Corra's large frame.
Constant jabs, light splatter with her fingertips, Angie layed it on nice and loose for starters.
She layered her fingers on Corra's thighs, calves, feet soles and heels.
Angie was into her first half hour, when Corra spoke. "You know there is a spot I wish some one could reach, it seems to be the most neglected area for woman." Angie looked on with confusion. Corra looked around and smiled. " My husband also complains of such things, he has many areas of his body which need care, but we can't seem to find anyone able to penetrate those areas with conviction, of say some made to fit." Angie again looked on with questionable pause. "Did you enjoy your coffee dear?" Corra asked. Angie nodded her head. "So what were you saying, I don't know what you are getting at." "that coffee is made with a special blend of organics, which will help you achieve our goals." Corra interupted. Angie looked at her cup, and than back at Corra. "What?"
Corra turned over, revealing her ample breasts, heaving forth, and arching down her sides. She sat up and put her arms on her knees. "You should feel the effects about now." Angie stepped back. "Maybe I should leaaaa." Angie felt a throbbing within her belly, before going into spastic arm and legs releases. She saw the room turning, the ceiling bouncing before she felt herself melt downwards.
In an instant is seemed she found herself deep deep down in the floor. Every where she looked, things seemed gigantic and out of proportion to what was once normal. She managed to look upwards to the sound of high thunderous voice when she seen Corra as if for the first time.
Standing towering, high over her, Corra appeard ominoius like the sky. Her stature resembled that of a 80 story building. Her breasts hung like planitoids in the sky. Her vast legs, rose up to monstrous heights, giving way to a expansive region of pubic forest.
Corra leaned over, and plucked the tiny screaming girl within her fingers. She found a utensil she fashioned out of a long thin brush, and tied the tiny girl to the soft end with soft velcro. Corra then tested the makeshift brush and shook it to see it the tiny girl would losen and fly off. She was impressed with her invention and quickly sat down to administer the first test on herself.
Corra dug in and stroked her lavish vaginal lips, she combed the hairs on her pubs and continued to stroke herself through out her whole region. Pulling it away after a while, she noticed quickly that the girl was drenched now in her juice, but the ties held on firmly. she shook the brush loose of moisture, looking on as the tiny girl was coated in her waste.
Corra continued on, using different techniques to get herself off. Digging into her cavernous clit, she would lose half the brush inside her, feeling the struggles on the end of the brush as the tiny girl kicked and fought with her free legs and arms, the feeling was exquisite.
An hour would pass, and Corra sat back satisfied, her legs still feeling the waves of her last climax.
Doug, her husband walked in. 6"1 and quite large at 290 lbs, he seemed to take up a room. He glared at Corra before noticing the utensil laying next to her spread legs. Angie's tiny stirring took his attention as he peered closer, walking nearer to get a better peak. Doug's loins felt heavy as he saw Corra had experimented once again, feeling this time he may partake in the process this time.
Corra seemed to smell his presence and looked toward him in an instant. "Ah ah ah! Don't you dare!" She warned as she closed her legs tight, taking the tiny makeshift brush and Angie into her fleshy thighs. "Not on your life!" Doug stomped the floor. "Come on hon! when? when can I finally get to use this?" "Get your own!" She barked back. Doug stood by the table and seemed to mope. Corra, never able to take his childish behavior finally figured it was more worth satisfying his urge rather than put up with this anylonger. "Okay! I will get you two, but then you lay off me for ever." Corra sneered. She stood up, snatching the brush, now embedded in her thick flesh. She then stormed past Doug, her stalking feet pounding the floor with each step.
Corra washed up, and freshened up before turning her attention back to Angie, who was now lose from the brush and laying on a soap dish.
Corra pulled the tiny body off and carried her to the bed in the next room. Corra stood and watched as Angie
began to retain her size again, in what appeared to be a minute Angie was finally back to her original 5"6 height. Corra sat next to her and started to put the new order of things to her. Explaining that this effect has a reacurring effect and that she will shrink every six hours, it was to be her advantage that she was close to Corra when it happened, rather than be outside somewhere beneath the pounding gigantic feet of other giants roaming the streets, or become a meal for a larger animal or insect. Angie shuddered at the thought and pleaded with Corra. Corra turned a deaf ear to her pleadings and put it once more to her of what she expected.
"I want you to obtain friends to come to my lair, with this offering I will keep you alive and safe, it is either that or I will toss you to my husband on your next shrinking, and I don't think you want that gigantic slob to have you, now do you?" Corra asked stroking Angie's arm. "Good! now dear, lets get some hot tea and food in you, you must be famished.
The meal was uncomfortable to be the least for Angie, as he looked at Corra and can only see herself emersed within her privates, now seeming quite harmless sitting chewing her food making nice talk. Angie also noticed Doug staring at her as he ate, wiping his mouth between sips from his beer, his eyes seemed to tell all, how he would love to have had her for his own when he had the chance. She could imagine his massive hands getting her and retreating to his private domain somewhere in the house, and for her to never be seen anymore, forever lost in his loins. Somthing inside her twitched, and she felt a sudden euphoria of sensation. She moaned lightly, garnering the attention of both Corra and Doug. "Dear! are you feeling well?" Angie smiled shyly and nodded her head politely. She thrust her hand between her legs to get a hold of her climax, as he felt it get away from her. Angie never had anything like this happen to her before and seemed to recant it every time she looked at either Doug or Corra.
After Corra cleaned the dishes, she had another talk with Angie and gave her her instructions. She was to go out and find two friends and rush to her place by 4 pm, which was the time the shrinking process was to start again. Angie promised and rushed out of the house. On the drive, she argued within her mind of turning to the police, but what would they make of her story, and just stick her in jail herself for being a nuisance, then she would have to survive being in jail with those other women, but now at 4 inches tall, or worse yet in a hospital for the insane, and later when she shrunk, having to scurry through those halls, with those crazies going after her like a rat. All these things and more ran through her mind, she decided to play it smart and do as she was told, before she knew it she would be back home with Corra and safe from the outside.
Angie sought out a good friend, Tracy. They had been friends since her school days. together she and Tracy went and recruited Trish another friend they both knew. The three girls went to a loung for a drink, and there Angie talked them into going to a Corra's house, under the guise of meeting someone new and rich.
Later that afternoon, the three girls ended up at Corra's front door. Corra invited the three in, and began to make them feel at home. Drinks were served, and as Angie drank her cautiously, the other two put their's away looking for more. Corra was only too pleased to keep pouring.
After moments Angie saw the first of the friends starting to stutter and lose her balance on her chair, Tracy began to get dizzy and look around for help, while Trish looked to help, Angie sat noticing herself begining to loose size. Trish tuned to Angie with shock before turning back to Tracy and seeing her also shirnking before her eyes. It wouldn't be until Tracy was completely down to 4 inches before Trish herself started on the decline.
Angie sat naked looking at both Trish and Tracy screaming upwards at the giant world before them. Angie stood up. "Sorry about this, I had no choice." Angie stodd erect and awaited as Corra leaned down and plucked her into her fist. Corra clenched Angie as she rose up before turning and shouting for Doug.
Doug came in like a clumsy ape, as he anticipated what was happening from the other side of the house. As he stood there next to Corra, they both peered down at the dumpfounded girls running in circles and screaming up at them. It all looked so toonish, Doug let out a corny laugh, grunting in between. Corra patted him on his cheek. "Now then! don't say I don't do anything for you. They are all yours." Doug's greed was only outdone his size, as he bent down and chased the tiny girls around with his large hands. It seemed easier than it looked, as he made many attempts to grab anyone, but the girls seemed to slip out of his grip each time, even when they fell over themselves with freight. Doug finally used his size and scooped both of the girls at once, raising his fist as he stood up.
As Angie was returned to light, as Corra's fist opened, she glimpsed at her friends, as the giant man stomped away, carrying them in his hand like little barbies, as they hung kicking and stirring. surrealness of it, as he disappeard into a room.