VIOLENT shrunken women BOARD

Story"Raging Hormones"
Wednesday, 19-Jan-2000 23:46:25 writes:


    Paul and Jerome were relatively normal teenagers, now at the exploratory age of 14 each has found sex to be a subject no longer taboo.
    The boys would often hang out in Paul’s living room and recite stories of sexual encounters. Along with their love for comics, the supernatural and science fiction, the boys practically had the same character. This they found immediately upon meeting a few years ago when Jerome moved into the neighborhood.
    Paul lived in a two story brick house. He and his step mother lived downstairs, while a Estelle, a border lived upstairs in the suit. Estelle and Paul’s mother got along great, and would spend afternoons on the weekends drinking tea in the back deck. While watching the boys play around the yard on specific projects.
    Paul’ mother was in her lower forties, and tallish woman at 5”09 and thin. Estelle was an older woman at 55 and with a thin body standing only at 5”4, she possessed the leathery tan most accustomed to years of working in her gardens. Paul’s dad had died some time ago, around the time he was 7, and had been living at the same house, since before his dad married his current step-mom.

    The boys were always seeking new and exciting comics, they slowly moved away from the relative super hero types, and moved more to the fantasy genre. A lot of their friends were weary of them and seemed to think they were geeks. The thought of these two boys rarely going out anywhere, except for shopping excursions, or excursions to convention fairs. Paul also took the brunt of criticism from his step mother, who would often lay into him about hanging around the house on beautiful days, he would simply ignore her and slam his bedroom door on her.
    Jerome lived just down the street with his family. A bigger family compared to Paul’s, Jerome’s clan consisted of three older sisters, a older brother, as well as his mom and dad, and a aunt living with them temporarily.
    Jerome like hanging out mostly with Paul, and would often dismiss other activities with his family to be with Paul. The two boys found things at Jerome’s house to noisy and intrusive, which is why they hung out at Paul’s.

    Some time in the summer of ’78 both boys were hanging around in the bed room of Paul, having some fun with the newest comics they obtained. Paul suddenly came across a article in a underground copy he picked up at a head shop the other night. “Look, Jerome there is this thing that reduces your enemies to manageable objects.” Paul said as he read on. “It say too, that it comes in a bottle and you use a dropper to administer the potion.” Jerome didn’t even look, and just waved his hand to indicate absurdity. “Hey I’m buying some, you never know what it might really do.” Paul commented.
    The next day Paul went into his stash, and made out the money order to purchase the magical product. He mailed it later that day, and as the days rolled by, totally forgot about it until a couple of months later a package arrives at Paul’s door.

    “What did you get?” Asked Jerome as he slurped back on a drink. “Hey it’s that thing I showed you in that magazine far back.” What thing?” Jerome asked. “Remember it reduces your enemies?” Paul answered. “Oh that garbage, I can’t believe you went for it. It’s a scam.” Jerome chided. “We’ll see, I’ll experiment with it. want to be my first victim.?” Paul asked. Jerome laughed and picked up the bottle in his hands and looked it over, before removing the cap and smelling the interior. “It smells like cotton candy.” Paul leaned over and read the direction. “It says that a couple of drops lasts two hours. If overused will lead to permanent.” “Well who do you want to do first?” Asked Jerome going along. “I think I first want to do Estelle, that old bitch finked me out for the last time.” Answered Paul angrily.

    The boy then went upstairs to Estelle’s apartment and entered with the pass key Paul found in his step mother’s room. Once in Paul went directly to the fridge and found the jug of cranberry juice she was always seen drinking, when she wasn’t sipping tea. Paul droped in a couple of drops and placed the jug back inside. The boys then went downstairs and waited for Estelle’s return.

    It wasn’t until it was 3:00 p.m. when Estelle came home. Upon entering the reception room she drifted upstairs and into her apartment. Paul hands were starting to perspire with anticipation.
    The boys both went to the reception room and listened for any noises upstairs.

    Estelle made herself a watercrest sandwich and poured herself a glass of cranberry. She then retired to the living room and watched a show while enjoying her snack.

    Paul listened intently as the sounds of the T.V could be heard from upstairs. It was maybe 15 minutes before the boys heard some thumping and moaning on the floor above.
    Paul lit up and smiled. “See it worked, she’s probably shrunken now.” “Or she could be throwing up from that goop you put in her drink.” Said Jerome sarcastically.
    The boys went upstairs and entered Estelle’s apartment. Paul crept toward the living room. As he entered the doorway, he peered inside. Unable to spot Estelle right away, Paul figured she went to some other room.
    Both boys crept around the apartment and looked for any sign of her.
    Unable to spot her anywhere, the boys went back into the living room. Paul sat down on a chair, while Jerome walked around poking around her books. “Man, I don’t get it where could she have gone?” Paul asked no one in particular. “Maybe you shrunk her into micro size.” Laughed Jerome as he was reading through some pages.
    Paul looked around the floor and stopped when he spotted something suddenly standing out in the pattern on the rug. It seemed to be sort of brownish pinkish in color and was about 6 inches in length. Paul dropped to his knees and looked closer. Upon his closer observation, he was convinced this was her finally. She was completely nude, as her hair hung around her shoulders. Her tanned tiny body shown noticeably. Paul reached his fingers toward her and tapped her body over. She rolled over limp.
    Jerome was now looking in awe as he couldn’t believe it. “See I told you, we got our first victim. What kind of fun do you want to have with her?” Paul said holding the limp body in his hand now. “What do you mean?” asked Jerome still shaking his head. “I mean sex man, I mean lets use her like a sex toy.”

    Moments later downstairs, Paul and Jerome were in Paul’s bedroom. Paul was still intent on having his fun, while Jerome was a little unsure of the plan. After some urging and talking of their secret fantasies, Jerome suddenly wanted to participate.

    Estelle was stirring around and groaning as she opened her eyes to the new surroundings. Estelle was in instant fear as she found herself nude, and in unfamiliar grounds. Her horror was heightened as she finally looked up toward the now nude gigantic boys looming above her.
    Estelle shrieked as she saw Paul’s huge hand come down to snatch her up. She tried to scamper away but was too slow for the overwhelming size of the Hand.
    Paul snatched her and held her upside down for both to amuse themselves over. “Look at how tiny she is, I bet she could fit up my ass no problem.” Smirked Paul. “How do you think she’ll feel on our cocks, I mean how can she give us any head at her size?” asked Jerome. “Only one way to find out.” Said Paul as he sat down and laid the screaming tiny woman on his erect cock. “Shut up and start sucking bitch.” Paul snapped.
    Estelle was beyond belief and couldn’t stop screaming even if she wanted. She held on to the thick shaft as she continued to shriek to anyone who could hear.
    Paul became frustrated and slapped his cock up. This sent the tiny woman flying up and toward the bed behind Paul. Estelle landed unconscious. “There now maybe I can concentrate without all that screaming.” Paul said as he laid his cock on top of the limp body. He started humping her into the blanket with his mushroomed head. As he forced her further inside he would pull her out and start again. Jerome was getting tired of standing around. “Hey why don’t we share her?” Paul then motioned toward the bed. Jerome then slid in across from Paul and sat on his knees. Jerome then pulled out his cock and pointed it toward the tiny woman already on Paul’s head. “Let’s mash her between our cocks.” Paul said. With that both boys pushed their cocks together and masturbated with the tiny woman on in between their heads. As they pushed and pulled back against each other, both boys were getting off on the graphic scene and the feeling this presented.
    Estelle came too again as she was continually being assaulted by the two titanic mushroom heads on either side of her, the tiny woman couldn’t comprehend was being done to her and was now too shocked to move or scream anymore. She simply became a conscious participant.
    Both boys were in perfect rhythm and were both feeling the gush of the climax approaching.
    Estelle was completely submerged in the amount of cream both boys unloaded on her one after another. In moments she was a slimy pond. Paul wanted to get off even more started to thump his still erect cock into the puddle. As he whacked away, he could feel the tiny body connect with his shaft.
    As Paul was done torturing, he got up and went to the bathroom. Jerome sat on the bed and looked on at the tiny body now slowly crawling out of the mess. Jerome wanted a little of his own pleasure and simply knocked her to the floor. As she laid there looking up in a dizzy state, she could only open her mouth as Jerome lifted his foot and brought it down on her.
    First her world became his sole, then darkness then nothingness, as Jerome’s foot crushed her lights out.

    Paul came back in and looked for his cloths. “Hey where did she go?” Paul asked. Jerome lifted his foot revealing the mashed remains of the tiny toy. “Oh she doing this thing with my foot now.”
    Paul looked at the messy remains on the floor and Jerome’s foot. “Oh man what a freak. Lets do this to another one.” Paul said in anticipation. “Got anyone in mind?” Jerome asked as he wiped his foot clean with a paper towel. “I was thinking of Peg and Jessica.” Paul said as he thought up the two girls quickly.
    Both boys planned for the visit by the two girls from down the street. Each girl lived next door to each other. Both boys were attracted to them, but were continuously turned down in regards of dating. They however did keep up their friendship. Two phone calls were made to each girl, and upon getting their agreement to come over to hang out, the plan was in effect. Both Paul and Jerome waited in anticipation for the drug to take effect as they sat across from the girls on the patio. They had since spiked their drinks some time ago.
    As the small talk and posturing continued, Paul was the first to notice the change. Both girls became flush and groggy, before they knew it they were both down on the floor convulsing. Jerome stood up and watched for the first time as the process took effect. Both girls began the transformation slowly at first, gaining momentum as they continued to shrink to their final size of 8 inches each.

    The boys brought their new acquisitions to Paul’s bedroom. They had no intention of waiting for any one of them to come to, as they both started on each of the girls. Jerome took hold of Jessia and started to masturbate with her on his erect cock. Paul in the meantime took hold of Peg and massaged his chest and abdomen. Some time later as Jerome was in the midst of his erection. Jessica had slowly come to just in time to see the monstrosity before her. she had found herself meshed into the giants pubic hairs, and straddled across the extended shaft and head. Her face was abruptly pressed against the pee-hole, and awaiting his climatic release. Finally accomplishing this feat, the giant boy had submerged the tiny girl within his flowing cream. Jessica screamed, taking in mouthfuls of cum. She coughed and gagged at the slimy entrance to her mouth, spitting out just as much as she swallowed. Jerome in the meantime thoroughly enjoyed himself and was in no hurry to stop just yet. He was now intent on continuing her humiliation while he dragged and pressed her into his pool of cum. He would dunk her in and out, while laughing and calling her down to a slut, bitch, stain. Whatever name turned him on at present, although little slut seemed to do the trick. Paul had also taken to name calling and kept calling his tiny girl little slut and bitch. He would initialize each calling by shoving her body fully into his cock. Peg was close to hysterics as she couldn’t come to grips to what was happening to her. the vicious giant was relentless in his treatment, and seemed on the verge of crushing her life out. Paul had finally achieved his orgasm, only short of truly crushing the tiny girl flat with his huge cock pressed firmly atop of her. As Paul lifted his now limp organ, the body of Peg was still fresh with moisture, and glued to his shaft like some defeated insect or amphibian. Paul lifted his cock up and dangled it displaying his prize toy still prevailing on it. “Hey man, she is stuck on me.” Paul joked playing with his cock. Jerome offered up some of his own twisted humor by inserting the weakened Jessica up into his spread cheeks, only to clinch them together revealing only her dangling feet and legs. “I think she’s got a thing for my ass, don’t you?” Jerome mused on.
    Both boys seemed intent on playing with their new found drug. Content on their assurance to get away, they became daring to conjure up more mature woman to aid in their sexual exploits.

    Some months had transpired and in Paul’s bedroom they had acquired some 10 women and girls, mostly mature woman, in their collection. They had since gone through another 10 since first using Estelle. And they were still not fully satisfied as to their nerve to continue on.

    Unknown to them, Pam, Paul’s mother in law, had for sometime come upon the strange drink, uncovered one night when Jerome had left as late as usual.
    She had grown suspicious every since Estelle had gone missing. This and the often reports from her next door neighbor of numerous visits by strange women to her house when she was out, got her guard up and she started to investigate. As she studied the liquid, she couldn’t come to any conclusion as to what it meant to them. Not willing to test it out she decided to try it on a co-worker. Her name was Nancy. Pam didn’t care much for her every since she screwed her way to the out of town accounts, Pam so desperately thought she deserved. She thought that what ever the drink did to her would be fine with her. Nancy had arrived the next day as invited. The two women talked on about work and other things. Pam putting on a good show that she could actually stand Nancy for a friend. Nancy guzzled her drink down, and was on to her third drink. Pam was later started to see Nancy convulsing on the floor before her. at her feet, she saw Nancy reduce rapidly in size until she was a mere few inches long. Pam got up from her chair, and stood over the tiny limp body of Nancy. Pam let out a scream. “So that’s what that little shit is up to.”
    Pam leaned down and picked up the tiny woman. As she held her in her hand, she couldn’t help notice how powerful she started to feel with this helpless being in her grasp. Pam would decide to act on this later as she wanted to investigate Paul’s room now. Pam bashed her way in and started to open drawers and doors haphazardly. As she was out of breath in her search, she finally came across the collection of tiny women in a tin case inside Paul’s foot locker. Pam was astounded by the tiny screams and voices of the tiny captives as they looked upon her with fear. As Pam spread her fingers across each tiny body and pried away at each one to see if they were real, she then closed the lid on them. Pam lifted the container out of the box and slammed the lid down.
    “He is really in it now, I will do away with him finally. But first I think I will indulge abit.” Pam thought to herself as she carried the container, and the still limp body of Nancy away to her bedroom.

    The scene resembled that of some gothic mystical tale. The room was hot and slightly lit in a glow from the candles. Pam was in full nudity except for her pantyhose. She opted to keep them for the feel of the silk with the tiny captives. From every angle on her great body, you could see one or two tiny figures painstakingly massaging and rubbing what ever area of flesh they were on. Pam kept one tiny woman form the collection and the now fully conscious Nancy at the base of her vagina. she contemplated thrusting them into her cavernous clit, and was waiting for divine intervention to stop her. It would denied this day, as Pam shoved each woman in one at a time until she only saw the tiny feet of Nancy still poking out of her lips. The tiny movements from inside her gave rise to a orgasm followed by many more. Pam had started to roll and stir violently in her bed, not so much as a care for the tiny groups of women and girls desperately trying to keep out of the way. Pam had managed to crush with some effectiveness some three women under her left buttock cheek. She would later marvel at how they resembled a tattoo, as she was unable to scrape them off with her fingers.
    Pam had finished with the rest of the tiny women, and placed them, exhausted and panic still panic stricken into the tin case. She would now put her plan on the two evil boys to work.

    Paul and Jerome had entered the house later that day as usual. Not knowing at all of Pam’s actions earlier, they didn’t see anything strange in the cold drinks that were offered to them by her. Paul and Jerome would drink them down in one shot, before departing to the bedroom.
    Pam waited in the wings, while they would make their discovery of the their lost booty. She expected them to be in a panic when they couldn’t find any sign of them anywhere. As she sat on the living room couch. She watched and acted dumb as the two boys ran through the house searching high and low for the tin canister. When she couldn’t stand the temptation any longer, she went for the canister herself, and brought it out just in time for the two boys to experience their own medicine.
    “Hey where did you find that, were looking for it.” Paul claimed. “Oh I think you should tell me what’s inside, or do you think I know already?” Pam smiled.
    Jerome felt it first as he held on to himself and convulsed before tumbling to the floor. Paul watched in horror as he became the next victim.
    Pam stood over top of the two recent shrunken boys. She had no intention of using them for her desire, except watching them suffer at her hands, or feet in this case.
    Both boys awoke in a strange place neither recognized, Jerome looked over to Paul who like him was pinned down by the overhead entrapment. “Where are we?” Jerome pained to get the words out. “I don’t know, did we shrink, or did I imagine it.” Paul asked knowing the answer.

    Well Mrs. Glendale, you just tell me if you have any problems with those gadgets, but I am sure you will feel them quite useful.” Pam said.
    “Oh thank you dear, your company was so kind to donate these to our complex, I don’t know what we had done without them before.” The elderly woman somewhere in her fifties acknowledged as she dipped her feet into the special shoes. “Oh they feel quite wonderful, my arches never got such fine treatment.”

    Paul and Jerome were frantic as the huge nylon covered foot was firmly pressing and rubbing against their pinned bodies. Neither boy could figure out who exactly was oppressing them, as they made their death screams into the dark moist shoe.

    Pam left the clinic with her briefcase. As she came to her car, she opened it slightly revealing the captive tiny women in her case. “Okay need a couple to kneed my feet, and couple more for my thighs. I feel a orgasm coming.
    Pam reached inside to the frantic women and pulled out two for each of her hanging pumps, and a final two she shoves deep into her clitoris. She smiles and drives on to her next appointment.