Story " Puff 2"

Posted by Talisman on April 24, 2003 at 06:21:49:

Paul leafed through the magaziine, his shorts lay around his ankles. Through the incestant groans and disturbances emitting from his abdomen, he continued to enjoy the Maxim issue.
Angie came out of her funk at that instant. She found her way out of the smelly outfit, till she finally breathed fresh air. Wiping the film from around her eyes and face, she cast her eyes upwards as she now noticed the presence of the giant man for the first time in reality.
Her eyes boggled, as she scanned the entire size of the giant, taking minutes till she actually found his head high up.
Paul noticed movement from the lower corner of his eye. He peered down and saw the tiny Angie hunched on her knees looking straight up at him. An ad article on the page before him showed a jobvender machine, with tiny men and women wrapped in plastic containers, hung and ready to be selected and released down to the shoot, where a tiny women was shown coming out. Her tiny frame and pose emulated Angie's to the "T" Paul felt his cock enlarge. He bent over, and surrounded the tiny women with his massive spread hand. "Come up slut!" Paul remarked as he collected Angie in his swooping hand. She felt more alive now as her body was banging and kicking about inside his fist. Paul figured she had sobered up.
Once he raised his hand to waist level, he opened his fist, revealing Angie stuck to his wet palm. Paul lifted his heavy cock and slapped it down ontop of the awestruck Angie. His meat splashed precum and urine as it came to rest on his palm. "Start sucking!" Paul roared. Angie wrestled with the giant cock, as it lay heavy her. As Paul nudged his meat about, she was released enough to appear in front if it. She stayed hunched on her knees, her ass neatly behind her, as she looked up at her giant tormenter. "Suck it!" Paul spit out. Angie was shaken out of her trance and quickly hugged the enlarged head with both hands. She bent in and applied her puny tongue, taking long swathes up and sideways over his peehole. She kept her eyes up at Paul's massive face, as he looked on in amusement. Angie was sure if she was dreaming or just plain stoned still, but it all felt so real. She knew that either way, it was either please him or possibly die. She became more passionate in her embrace, and tongue work. She started to climb onto the head, now flushed read in heat. She spanned her entire body over it and crawled over, working her tiny body to envelope as much as he could. High overhead, the giant's groans became louder, below thunderous crashes were heard as the giant's feet smashed the floor. Her heart was racing, her body soaked now in her sweat, as well as the precum. She found herself shoving her tongue into the peehole, and swallowing the salty ooze as it frothed forth.
Paul was beside himself with greed, he knew he was about to cum but wanted more on this ejaculation. He roared in climax, as he slapped his hand around his member. The force shook Angie free, who tumbled off and down to the matted floor below.
Angie screamed and moaned as her body bounced twice before coming to rest on her side. She was suddenly rushed on by a glob of hot cum.
Paul stood up, letting his cock flow cum freely. The thick globs gathered and droped off in large droplets down to the floor. Paul watched his handy work as Angie's body was strewn with thick droplets of cum, as well as surrounding areas of her body.
Paul shook off his cock before declaring. "There you go you tiny slut!" From which he then raised his fleshy foot and covered her entirely. Paul stood there, wiping his ass, considering the act, so easy he could end her now. He was eager to show Doug how he treated his tiny wife. He then opted to scoop her up, and apply her to his still erect shaft.
Paul stood looking in the mirror, as he combed his hair back, before making his way back to Doug.
Still in the living room, Doug was just finishing off another joint when he notice Paul approaching naked. Doug also noticed righ away, his Angie, tangled in cum and pub on Paul's giant member. "Had fun did we?" Doug commented. Paul walked with gravado, as his cock swayed back and forth, slowly loosening the grip on Angie. Doug watched as his tiny wife caked off, tumbling far to the carpeted floor below, where she landed with a short bump. Paul's huge size 16 foot followed suit, crushing down on her. Doug coughed on the sudden development, blowing smoke out, as Paul played it dumb, by stepping down fully, before raising his foot complaining of stepping on bug or something.
Paul stood with his foot raised up sideways, taking pleasure in showing off Angie's endented body, now a fixed ornagment to his wide sole.
"Ah well, lookes like she is used up." Paul then slammed his foot down taking a seat near Doug. "Light me up a joint man!"