Story " Puff"

Posted by Talisman on April 09, 2003 at 06:46:20:

Seperating his stash, Doug quckly discarded the stems and seeds, before refilling the baggie. He knew Angie would be home any minute, set up the mood in the room.
The Phone rang, Doug answered it, abruptly getting off, as Paul, on the other end, was again bugging him about when he could come over.
Angie arrived moments later, She entered, looking exhausted, as she set her petite hips on the couch, slipping out of her pumps. Doug scanned over her features, her tender hips, through her long svelt skirt, small but firm breasts, peeking through her silk blouse, all accented by her platinum blonde hair streaming over her shoulders.
"Come on babe, I lit one." Doug motioned with the joint in his left hand. Angie slid on the couch, and plucked the tight joint in her fingers. She pressed it against her full lips, sucking in a full toke, before settling back to enjoy it. "Shit day! you know what it's like." Angie blew out and coughed.
With the room lightly fogged, Angie settled next to Doug on the couch, She didn't notice Doug was smoking a seperate joint, and never shared one with her. But the supply seemed endless, so she was content.
Doug, through a haze of his own smoke, started to notice Angie losing her shape, as she melted into her clothes. Before long, he rumaged through the empty clothes to reveal a 3 inch naked Angie.
The smoke was a great idea, as she was convinced she was experiencing a high.
"Wow! baby you look huge!" Angie squeaked from below. Doug smiled, as he waved his now massive hands over her. "No babe, your merely puny now!" Doug chuckled. Angie fell over on her sides giggling. Doug reached with his fingers, and absorbed Angie in them, as he pried his pants off. He moved her over toward his erect cock. "See what you can do with this!" Doug said. As Angie is released, she stands wobbily before the mammoth cock. "Whoooooa! I must be really stoned, cause it looks fifty feet long." Doug patted her in closer, till she was smeared against his head. "Lick you slut!"
The experience was totally new to him, as he felt the tingling, as her tiny body metted and mingled in his precum. He eyed her closely as her whole body tried to keep together, against his oversized cock. He reveled in her appearance becoming totally disheveled, as his cream leaked out thickly. He could hear her tiny moans and sometimes protests, but even they seemed less than whole hearted, as the pot was keeping her sedated.
Paul didn't care no longer, as he busted into the house. As he walked into the living from the back, Doug sat there, stoking up another joint. His body naked now, his cock like a beached whale, lay flat, with a thick pool of recent cum before it. Paul looked around, on the floor, his eyes banked around looking, when Doug began to stand up slowly. Paul then spotted Angie.
As Doug stood, a long glob of cum stretched, in it's midst, Angie was spread in it, lifting, till the thick string of glob broke, sending her back down into the thick pool.
"Jeez Louis! You did her already." Paul protested. Doug grabbed his glass, smiling. "Want a drink or not?" "Shit yeah! I wanted some of that too!" Paul pointed to the abandoned woman.
Doug arrived back, towing two drinks."Look man! I didn't crush her or anything, she's all yours, happy now?" Paul greedily took his drink. "Call me happy, now if you don't mind, I'm gonna show you how it's done." Paul picked at the tiny woman with a tissue, wiping her uncaringly. "When I'm done with her, She's gonna be as good as peanuts in my shit." Paul chuckled as he pulled his pants off, farting as he sat down.
As Angie came out of her funk, her mind was still fogged in distant muisc, before her now was this other man, he too looked monstrously large. Her eyes blurred, she could care less, or even know her body is bruised, and stinking, as now he was pressing her against his massive cock now. She opened her mouth as wide again as before, astounded as to why she can not take it into her mouth again. She giggled to herself, oblivious to everything high above her.
Paul applied the tiny Angie to his pee-hole, working her around and around. With his left hand, he worked his 9 inch cock into a lather, the foam now encasing Angie within. Paul was beligerant as he was loud. He always showcased his exploits, and now, that he had Doug's tiny wife at his mercy, there would be no holding him back today. "This tiny bitch is mine, man, I'm gonna crush her good, wait till you see what she'll be like. The normal bitches can't take my rod, so imagine your puny wife." Doug only washed his drinks back, smoking his joints as he enjoyed the show.
"Hey man! want her to make like a gerbal, and explore my ass?" Paul was beside himself now. He continued to abuse the tiny woman, his fingers easily manipulating her, as if she was a rubber barbie.
With his whole hand, he gathered up his giant organ, and held Angie beneath his meat, while he banged away, his face reddening, he worked up a sweat.
"Here it comes, gonna drown your little bitch!" Paul swore out, as he ejaculated.
The steamy stream shot out, but Paul kept the next charges within his large hand, engulging the tiny woman in it.
Angie swirled and wafted back and forth, sideways, her body brushed by giant fleshy fingers, as she was flayed and beaton onto the giant cock head. It's hot frothy cum, soaked her through and through, she gagged on the thick gism, her face unable to keep adrift of the thick cream. She was able to finally get bursts of air, as her body was now lost in the grip of Paul's lust. her body now mingled, and flowed with the oozing cum, her body riding the flow down.
Paul was now finally quiet, as he pumped his last cum wave. Doug looked on, as he kept a mental note of the barely noted figure of Angie, submerged in the waste cum. Paul rose his massive thighs, the whole excercise, disturbed the cum, smearing it around, as his body rose.
Paul reached for his underwear, and raised them up, stopping as he noticed Angie figure near the edge of the couch cushion, her body looking like it was beached on a alien beach. He reached between his legs, and plucked her out. Raising her body with his fingertips, he held her upside down before Doug's eyes.
"Looks like she survived the amazon!" Doug smirked. Paul shot him a look, before he placed the smudged women into his underwear, and brought them up abrupty, concealing her tiny shape under his sack. "I aint done yet!" Paul warned. as he rummaged through some magazines. "Gonna hit the head." Paul remarked as he leafed through a Maxim mag. Walking away, his ass pumped two strong farts marking his wake toward the hallway.

End of Part 1