Story "Proposition"

Posted by talisman on November 09, 2003 at 01:29:50:


Mostly relegated to scouring the streets now, he had to find his kicks in a new fashion. He was sick of the bar scenes, his large frame made is hard for him to even entertain many offers from the younger, girls who inhabited them now, forcing him to resort to taking risks in getting caught.
Ben walked his 6’1 frame into the subway compartment. He scanned the cable car, and found a seat, which was visible for any other riders who came on. The seat creaked as he sat his 290 weight down.
He usually rode for almost an hour before he could feel comfortable to approach anyone. He started to get a good idea on who was approachable, usually looking at their appearance, made his next victims more accessible.
He watched a couple enter the car. Both looked in there twenties both seemed young and hungry for society gems. The male was a short 5’4 150 lb., his Jean jacket needy for sewing repairs. The woman was a shorter 5’1 103 LB somewhat vacant eyes, her outfit badly outdated to the recent times.
Ben was sly, as he was intelligent He was an expert in confrontations with the ability of making one feel comfortable. Ben switched seats moving in closer to the couple. As he sat next to them on the near bench seat, he clumsily scatters a portfolio across his lap. Frank was seated closest, and leaned over to help pick up the papers. Ben was apologetic, and showed appreciation for Frank’s help. Frank took an interest in a few of the pictures, showing glamorous images of women and men in professional posses. Ben and Frank started a conversation, which slowly found Dee Dee, Franks mate, entering into it. Ben introduced himself, and eludes his credentials as scout for an add agency. Ben remarks on the young couple, and especially Dee Dee, for her demure qualities. The discussion leads on as Frank and Dee Dee becomes more interested in becoming Ben’s next protégée. Ben shares anything and everything Frank and Dee Dee ask of his profession, as he feels the hook take hold of his prey, he gushes the charm, and starts to show his interest.
Ben invites the couple to join him for a meal and coffee at the next stop for which the couple jumps to accept.
Ben entertains the young poor couple, intriguing them with tales of his finds and losses. When the evening draws to a close, he starts to jerk the line, as he starts to postpone any meetings, for which the couple starts to show their desperation. Ben smiles at his technique as he continues to thwart their advances. When Frank finally admits to offering anything for his consideration, did Ben draw in the prey quick for the kill.
Ben ushered them to his building, which was near by the restaurant. Up the elevator they climbed, to his room. Once inside, Ben guided them to a comfortable living room, not looking at all like the one of a famous model scout, but at this point, Frank and Dee Dee weren’t getting picky, it was a hundred times nicer than anything they could ever afford was.
Ben lumbered off to fetch some refreshments, while the two sat down on his couch. Upon his return he handed each one a glass, and started to come forth with his pitch.
The company for which he does business with, makes out of ordinary model shoots, for out of the ordinary advertisements. Frank and Dee Dee listened intently as they sipped their drinks.
“Let’s say, that there are certain kinds of effects for which one is not able to accomplish without changing the rules of science first.” Ben said. As he looked upon the faces of his audience, he knew he would have to elaborate more. My clients are looking for miniature model shoots, so they can promote their more minute sized products, like micro processors, and chips, and you know how tiny they are?” Ben smiled as he took a swig. Frank and Dee Dee looked at each other, before Frank answered. “What are we talking about here Ben? Dee Dee is not that small. How can this even be possible?” Ben crossed his legs, as things were going as planned. “By all means my boy, it is possible, as a matter of fact, it has been done countless times already and you don’t even know it.”
Ben gathered some pictures he kept in a folder at the ready for tonight’s fair. As he passed them to the couple, he watched as both looked in awe at the creations from his past encounters. How the backdrop looked too real to have been manufactured. Frank asked for a refill, while Dee Dee kept looking at the photos.
After some times passed, Ben started to talk money for a project shoot. “$500.00.” Ben said, also for which he demanded total autonomy on the means and way things would be handled.
After a little deliberation, the two agreed, as Ben’s monetary offer was deemed to rich to pass up.
Ben stood up pleased and excused himself to retrieve the device he would use to administer the shrink.
Ben returned with an object looking like an electronic static gun for phonographic players. The couple looked perplexed as they stood up. Ben relieved their apprehension as he pointed the gun at a napkin and let the couple watches it dwindles down easily without many fanfares.
Frank finally agreed and stepped back, Ben pointed it at Dee Dee and watched with Frank as he melted down into the shag.
Ben looked at Frank and merely apologized, before aiming the gun at him too, as Frank too shrank down quickly to meet Dee Dee way below.
Ben placed the gun back into a vault in a wall in his dining room, before slowly undressing as he walked back to the living room.
Ben stood before the table, as he towered high above it. He had his pants and undies already tossed to a chair nearby, he then pulled his shirt off, exposing his entire girth to the now 4 inch tall couple down below, in a frantic state, clamoring around like ants dowsed in gasoline.
Ben walked a few careful steps, till he had the couple at his massive toes. He bent his bulk over his belly and looked down.
Frank got a hold of Dee Dee and was trying to calm her as they both stared straight up at the giant behemoth. Both were frantically screaming, even feeling their voices were too puny to be caught high up at the giant’s standpoint.
“This is your god speaking! You are now my pawns, my subjects, and my servants. You will serve me till you are either worn out, or dead. You will not leave my possession, you will live amidst my body.” Ben spoke in his now monotone voice.
Ben leaned down further and plucked at Dee Dee, ripping her free of Frank’s grip around her waste and shoulder. Frank held on a bit, but was shaken off by Ben’s mere efforts. Frank fell onto his back, as he could only lay and watches Dee Dee, being raised up within the confines of Ben’s giant fingers. Her tiny body swaying and kicking as she rose to the fantastic heights to Ben’s face.
Ben thundered into his outstretched palm at Dee Dee, who was even now too far to be heard by Frank. Ben’s thunderous voice could be heard saying. “ You are going to be subject to the most horrific rape ever, and when I am done, if you even exist will be a miracle. Ha ha ha.” Ben roared in laughter.
Frank rose up and dashed to the giant’s feet, where he started to kick and jump at with all he could muster of himself. Ben hardly felt the assault below, but peered down out of curiosity. Ben then flicked his big toe, sending Frank flying some 30 yards away.
Frank could only lie there in pain, as his ribs burned, only able to stare up in shock, as Dee Dee began her odessy.
Ben began by applying her to his pinkie finger, for where he penetrated her and flayed her back and forth as he wiggled his digits in his hand. Ben licked her body on his finger like some grotesque sucker. Dee Dee could only scream, as her body was pinned firmly. Ben started to take her deeper with each lick, resorting to sucking her into his mouth whole, on the last time, sucking her off his pinkie entirely. Ben washed her inside his mouth, swishing her in his saliva, as her body careened through his tongue, and teeth. Ben made no bones about showing his enjoyment for her taste, as he moaned through smacking of lips. Ben then spat her out, and watched her glazed image in his palm, as he poked and prodded her till she moved freely on her own. Ben sat down on a chair behind him, as he then applied her to his enormous cock. Dee Dee was left onto his tip, where Ben kept her on his mushroomed head, while he started to massage his own shaft. Dee Dee wept freely, as she balanced and moved as Ben’s giant cock manipulated her ontop.
Ben rose his hand up, cupping her entirely, she shrieked loudly just before his hand clenched completely around his cock head.
Ben lambasted her inside his grip, as he rubbed his head raw. Ben was moaning loudly as he growled out. “Your little bitch is mine now, she’s gonna be squashed in my cum in mere moments.” Ben ‘s cock rose higher as he felt his orgasm approach. When he finally came, he let out a scream, allowing his hand to come free of his hard on. His cock erupted freely, oozing hot steamy cum down his shaft like some erotic volcano. Lost in the mix was Dee Dee, who was now balled up and strewn in Ben’s pubs. Her body came in contact with the hot cum as it eased down, and succumbed her entirely in its ooze.
Ben lavished in his peak, as he slowly came to life. He picked at his pubs, finding the limp Dee Dee. Ben manipulated her body amidst his massive fingertips, working her into his foreskin.
Ben then rose up, and peered down for Frank. When he spotted Frank still hurting near the table leg, he bent over and plucked the tiny man into his fingers. Ben guided his clenched hand up, till he was seated again. Ben opened his hand, to reveal Frank in a panic in his vast palm. Ben smiled, showing teeth, as he slowly dropped his hand to crotch level. Frank was in a panic, as he was sure the giant had him in sights for this too. Frank screamed on his way down, till he was finally face to face with his beloved.
Frank’s heart sank as he saw Dee Dee, hardly recognizable, her body twisted and strewn amidst the flabby exterior of Ben’s foreskin. Her body was slimy and caked in debris, as well as the giant’s excrement. Frank cried out, as Ben folded his foreskin, forever trapping Dee Dee’s remains inside the recess of his cock.
From a distance Ben played with his last toy. He prodded and poked at his palm, as if he was playing with a mouse. Finally Ben grew bored, as he looked at his cock’s inability to get a rise out of the little man. Ben stood up, and grabbed at his undies. As he places them on, he placed Frank deep into his sack, squashing tightly as he adjusts his undies over his hip. “Save that bitch for later.” Ben remarked as he farted and pulled his shirt on, as he went to search his fridge for food.