Hello back with a new story.

Posted by Talisman on May 31, 2001 at 05:59:08:

Hi saw alot of new things since last time in here, and glad to see everything still around. Same names pleases me so. I am honoured to the previous past messages to my whereabouts and hope my story telling can still impress you so. Without further ado, I lay another erotic journey on you all. This one called

Pole Dancers

The special event was going to be a pleaser to say the least. Both Murray and Glen hurried to the house to gain some knowlegde on the nights entertainment. Rumours were flying rampant, but not a peep as to what lay in store.

The house lay in a musty smell, part time bodily odors, partime cheap perfume, partime partying. Klem laid claim to the reserection of the finest dancers to ever grace any dancefloors. His fantasy island was doing well, and he was able to garner new and improved ideas to expanding his enterprise here in the states.
He parlayed his colaboration with the original natives on the island, and was able to search out thier enemies and take them in slavery for his bidding.
The island housed them all, and used them regulary for the fantasy vacationers. He would only take so many pleasure seekers at a time, twice a year, to conserve his abundance of slave dwellers, and even with the abuse put on the unfortunate ones, he was able to constittute his profits with his losses. He figured her averaged 100 to 230 kills on each pleasure seeker. But his price per ticket made it for a viable operation, as he charged handsomely at $10,000 per couple. not including transportation. And the stay only lasted a weekend at best.
Now with his new enterprise, he looked to the future, and imported, illigally of course, a wide array of slaves for the pleasure of the locals. Mostly men for now, he brought over on his last tour, some 1000 tiny women natives. These girls were from the most southern region of the islands. Each girl was shapely, and slinky, standing at 4 inches tall each, give or take a few hundreds of a inch or two. Chocolate brown skin, and jet black hair. Each girl would prove to tame his clients cockles.
He anticipated a busy night. Only those invited would be let in, otherwise who would know otherwise.
With sultry music pumping in, he laid out the presense of his abode to his clients. These men were bangers and hard drinkers, looking for a new thrill. No one would even imagine what was in store.
As the men sat around a coffee table, enlonged with circling couches. No one paid much attention to the surface of the table which displayed detail like a tiny stage, equiped with bars, hoops, tiny lights, and a couple of firemen's poles, tiny of course. The men just hastily laid thier drinks on the platform without much notice.
Klem joined in just then, and brought out a box. He laid it on the table edge and opened the side. With the music pumping to cue, 10 tiny lovelies popped out in not much clothing. To the astonished eyes of the clients, the girls danced across the stage, in a joining of their own beats and those of the ghetto blaster. Each girl took position on opposite ends of the stage, in front of a different patron. They girated and started to disrobe. Each man looked at each other, and then back at the stage before turning thier attention back to Clem. Clem didn't budge he new the concept would be new to them, he merely pointed back to the stage and offered more drinks.
The men watched along for a little while, before one of the girls accidently tripped off the table and fell to the floor below. Glen reached down and plucked her up in his hand. He suddendly found himself fondling her tiny fragile body. Her flesh felt so soft, and manipulative. He held her in his hand, and prodded her, while she posed seductively in his grip. She pawed at his palm, and began to lick and kiss at it too. Glen watched intently, when Clem approached him.
"Go ahead, she wont bite, but you will!" Clem joked.
Glen smiled and reached for his fly. as the others watched, Glen unzipped and let his enormous cock flush out like a poker. The tiny girl then amazed everone and leaped off Glen's hand and onto his stretched cock.
She rode it like a massive prehistoric lizard, straddling her legs around his trunk like shaft. She wailed up and down, as she held on. Glen stroked his base, and worked his way toward her, before retreating back to his bush. He then stood up and dropped his pants, and his drawers, almost losing the tiny girl in his gitch, he had to fish for her as they hit the floor. The applause erupted and the others stripped in unison. The girls suddenly found themselves bracing for the storm.
Clem was delighted, as he watched all the men sitting and watching the tiny playful girls riding and dancing on their privates.
Murray smiled with glee, as he tensed to see his tiny dancer sliding up and down his large pole. Straddling it to with her legs and arms, she used his cock as a makeshift dancer's pole, and twisted herself around and around, while still scaling it up and down.
the vivations poured, and soon changed the suble occasion to a more vivacious party. By now most of the girls were soaked in precondescent cum. And on thier way to contriving the men to climax again and again.
Some of the men got greedy and took it upon themselves to grab two or three off his neighbor, which erupted in fights. The casulties resulted from these brawls, as the girls were subjected to being fought over between the more mammoth bodies of the giant men. In most cases, the girls were mashed between rumbling bodies, or stamped underfoot in battle.
One awful large man, who looked 7" tall if he wasn't 6"4 took it upon himself to enjoy a handful of dancers at the expense of the others fighting. Drunk by his new found power, and his new neglect for the oddity, he crushed three girls on his cock, during ejaculation.
Their bodies left strewn around his still enlarged cock, he rose up amidst the mayhem, and put on his clothes, discarding the other two to fend for themselves on the floor, also amidst the same mayhem, but more deadly.
The night ended, possitively of course for Clem. He raked in a accumlulated $1000.00, with the sale of the drink, and the door fee. He talied the last of the girls, as the last man, finally had his fill, leaving her in a mess of his own waste on the floor. She was left to ruin in a disposed condom.
Clem got changed upstairs, before going back to the party room. He walked around in his robe and bare feet, checking out the mess. As he came across one body after another, he would poke it with his toe for movement. Each girl was expired. When he reached on that was still living, he raised his foot and crushed her whole, beneath his flat foot. As he closed the lights he walked across the floor, and stepped flately on a condom, he raised his foot and discarded it from his sole, the condom caked off, and hit the floor, in disarray, embedded in it was a broken dancer.