story plaything 2

Posted by talisman on June 09, 2002 at 07:41:32:

Connie quickly assumed the position as she was slowly devoured by the hungry clitorus. She looked on as her body slid through the watery moist lips, her body becoming coated in the thick juice expelled in haste.
Once inside, she felt the firm tug of the fingers that held her ankles. Her body being twisted and poked in and out, each stroke bringing another rumbling eruption from the inner walls.
Diane blew out burst of air from her lungs, her head twitching as she feels one climax after another. The puny body was acting well as a dildo prod. The tiny woman's frantic reactions brought on a more prolific return in pure erotism. Diane held on firm, calling out her lust.
The wails were of enormous capacity. The rooms from within the house itself shook. Diane was intent on achieving every once of climatic overture she had coming.
Even when her hands grew slippery with moist cum, she kept on going, now losing any concern of her tiny toy.
Connie awoke, her tangled body intertwined with shards of pubs. Her whole body was rancid with waste cum, spillage and sweat. Her hair tangled and matted, her tiny body bruised and sore.
She breaks the glue on her eyes, and opens them to the carnage before her. The swollen clitorus of the giant woman looms above her, still slobering with juice, long since dormant. Her one leg still is locked in embrace from within the inner vulva, the rest of her body hanging off and down.
Diane lifts her towering body, her legs feeling chapped, she soothes them with her fingers, extending them further up, she feels Connie's intact body. Diane plucks the tiny woman out and examines it at waist level. With the frail body sprawled in her expansive palm, she whispers. "How easily you could be crushed, with one clench you can be mangled like a grape." She closes her fist as a signing post to her words as she walks and tosses Connie away toward the vast bed.
With the tiny woman bouncing and flaying away till she comes to a rest, Diane departs to her shower.
To tired to move, Connie passes out in relief.
Cool comfort awakens Connie, she finds herself surrounded by Diane's vast hands. Looking up at the blonde giantess, Connie stands shyly awaiting command or her fate. Diane raises her hand revealing a tiny figure dwarfed by it's sheer size. Upon coming closer, Connie quickly recognizes it to be Cheryl. Cheryl is deposited near Connie, with which she runs and hugs, Connie returning her hug. Questions are swayed by each one, neither knowing any answers, they turn back towards the giantess as a second large presence is felt. The table rumbles from beneath, each rumble constant with time lapses, like bump, bump. The two friends hug harder looking on.
From behind Diane a man appears. Boone walks up to Diane looking down at her neck, before reaching down to caress it with his huge hands. A stalky and tall man, of 6"6, his weight of 350 lbs made him quite a mountain of a man. His voice was like a booming low thunder, as he announced his presence to Diane.
The two giants embraced and kissed, Diane having to crane her neck to reach up and kiss back. "Look what I have for you! just how you like them." Boone licked his lips his eyes fixed on the tiny harem of two standing embracing themselves. Boone leans over, his massive face taking up all the space in the world around the two shaking women. "HMMMM PEANUTS IN MY CUM YOU WILL BE" He chuckled as he rose back toward Diane side.
The giant dropped out of his clothes, looking even more gigantic in his flesh. His cock was as thick as it was long, redwood thickness like. He lumbered over and with one swipe, made the tiny women disapear from sight. Enclosed within his massive fist, Boone opened it up as he found his seat, the tiny imprinted women now lay sprawled on his flesh, intact by his thick sweat. He kept his hand cupped, and seemed to enjoy the view, as Diane who stayed in the background watching this round. A loud belch bleated out, as Boone settled in his chair. He swats his chest, leaving the tiny women laid out on his vast chest, Cheryl lay intact underneath his wide nipple, while Connie lay tangled in his vast hairs. Bonne caresses himself, causing the sticky women to come apart and be easily manipulated with his fingers. He takes hold of Cheryl and drags her down along his flesh, poking her head into his gouging belly button. He pokes her in, snaking her body in after, before proding himself with her body, the thickling effect to his pleasing. Another belch, he pulls her tarnished body out, and flicks her down where she winds up on his pubs.
Connie is plucked like a fly from his chest hairs, and smeared along his nipples, he winds and circls her body around each nipple, making his way toward his ribs. He strokes himself with her body down his sides, until he finds his way to his crotch. He flings her together with Cheryl once more, the two woman lay side by side tangled in his thick pubs. The two friends can't help but look up in shock and freight as The giant's monstrous cock looms above like some erotic structure, the mushroomed head hovering up and as if swaying with the wind, clumsily.
The giant's finger assault downwards, taking each women in tow. He slides them up his great shaft, slowly cupping them in his palm. When he finally has them comfortably in his palm, he works himself, by caressing his head.
He rubs each woman along his perimeter, pumiscing off his funk as each woman becomes scrubber.
The giant concerns himself now in cuming, as he keeps the tiny women in a close tight circle around his peehole, circling ever so slowly, picking up speed as he get excited.
Diane starts to add some inticement as Boones likes whenever he does this. "Oh baby, what will you do with those tiny sluts?" "I gonna grease them good, I gonna mash them into my mush!" Boone booms Diane starts to stroke herself as well, her giant legs spread wide, her clit exploding by the touch of her hand. "You are a monster, a monster god!" Diane cheers on. "After I do these bugs, your gonna suck them off my cock!" He moans.
The room becomes sultry, total humidity coming off the large couple in the grip of exstacy.
Boone explodes, his cock unleashes a carnage mythical, large globs of mush pulsate, completely devouring the tiny bodies in it's flow. Bonne releases them, and watches as his cock keep funneling off more and more thick cum. He can make out the scrambling bodies frantically grasping for air through the thick surface. Bonne grips his cock, and splatters it down on the mess, squirting pieces of cum around.
He beats his cock in this fashion for a few seconds, while his cock squirts out the last remains.
Boone raises his cock off. To his delight, he spots Connie attached to his shaft, in a mound of gluey cum.
As he raises up, Bonne arches his back, and releases a gigantic gas blast. He sits quickly, as his ass contines release it's toxins, now in a mushy rumbled way.
Diane crawls over on her knees, quickly taking Boone's wet cock in her mouth. She polishes if off hungerly, lapping up everything in and around his cock and pubs.
She feels the lumpy bodies within her mouth on the last mouthful, and swooshes it around her gums. knowing she has one in her mouth, she sucks her dry before spitting her out before her knees.
She continues to suck Boone off, until she uncovers another body, and does likewise until she spits that one as well.
Diane finishes Boone off, before she rises up and giving the giant a big kiss. She turns on her heels and leaves the room.
Connie and Cheryl lay there still, neither one stirring or looking alive. High above, Boone stands up looking down at the pair. His Size 16 foot looks ridiculously massive in comparison, the sprawled bodies looking no more than shards of debris.
Boone reaches down and stuffs each one between a toe, before walking out of the room after Diane.

Diane walks into the bathroom, as Boone exits. As she pampers her hair. On the floor, a large condom lays wasted, as it's contients spills forth, flowing within it's mix the two tiny women spill out of the lip, as they lay there motionless, the giantess barely notices as she steps back, and completely steps on the condom, covering it completely.
Diane steps forward, feeling the wet mess on nylon clad sole. She looks back seeing the flattened rubber, before wipeing her foot on the mat. She wipes her foot off. She shouts some profanity before finishing herself off, exiting the room.
Moments later a sluggish and sleepy Boone enters the bathroom. As he steps up to the toilet, he steps on the mess. Boone walks out of the bathroom, now with the flattened rubber, amidst the remenant cum and the crushed bodies of Cheryl and Connie smeared on his fleshy sole. He hardly notices it still, as his foot finally leaves it in a mound in his gigantic footfall.