Story "Plaything"

Posted by talisman on June 08, 2002 at 19:56:57:

She was finally talked into the night out with Cheryl, feeling a need to relax and let out her inhabitions.
The two frolicked to and from various bars and clubs.
Connie never remembered where she was last when she suddenly succombed to dizzyness and finally unconciousness, merely she was watching a club band when darnkess ensued.
She could feel the deep rumblings from around her, as well as a constant deep beat. It was warm and soft around her, but the darkness was suffocating.
Diane, a leggy dane. In her forties, her well cropped blonde hair and firm strong body gave her the distinction of being a well porportioned woman in her advanced age. She towered to 5"11 and carried it well enough to even offer second thoughts to male callers who might not want to take her on in a quarrel.
She was wearing a blouse with matching floral blazer, with her black tight skirt giving way to her long athletic legs, looking the delight in her coffee tinted hose.
She sat down at her desk and reached into her blouse. Her breath was wild as he anticipated in her newest conquest.
Connie felt the opening happen, as light shed in and cut through the darkness like a knife. She cupped her eyes in her hands, as she felt her body being taken hold and lifted.
Diane held the tiny scantly clad Connie in her fingertips, leaving the tiny woman to hang and dangle within her grips. Diane was amused and began to swing the confused woman about back and forth.
Diane rarely spoke as she concentrated on watching the visual effect of her power over this puny being.
She glared at the glaring distinction between the size variations as the tiny woman was easily concealed within her giant hand. She continued to poke, prod, manipulate at her will.
Connie was beyond shock, she could only bend at the giant woman's will as she found herself being put through different angles and positions at the manipulations of the gigantic woman. She was able to come to grips with the sheer size of Diane, as time allowed. Something inside her scant sense of excitment, disguised in utter shock and disbelief.
She screamed out, not knowing that her puny voice was barely audible to the colossol woman, as she was thrust up to the giantess's lips.
Diane licked up and down the tiny woman's body, her tongue tip scanning around and probing. She slowly inserted Connie's frail body deeper with each lick, until it was entirely inside.
Connie felt an urgency to escape as now massive teeth could be seen glaring from all around. The interior was hot and sticky, rush of fluid was in constant, and Connie was becoming drenched in the giantess's saliva.
Diane used this time to suck and probe the instincts in her mind on whether to eat and swallow, the temptation was something that brought her thighs to rejoice in steamy pleasure. She would tempt herself constantly, only to recant and try again. She did this for a while, feeling herself off while in play.
Finally, Diane spat Connie out onto her waiting palm, where she playfully spread and fondled Connie's tiny body between her fingertips. Diane felt the tiny etchings of Connie's form, and probed on.
At time Diane incredible strength, formed Connie into ta ball, just to unravel her once again. Diane was so please as to how easily these tiny bodies can be made and formed into what ever fashion her massive digits can form, trying to keep the actions to a minimum as not to destroy it.
Diane reached down and pulled her skirt up, she was breathing hard now, her massive breasts were heaving strongly and outwards in a menacing fashion. Connie was aware of what was happening and kicked and screamed in her defense.
Diane felt into her widening legs, taking hold of the nylon mesh of her crotch, she ripped a swatch vertically downwards, until a long stretch of fabric was torn way revealing her shocking pink soaking lips.
She ran her hand down, with connie in tow. Connie's eyes widened as she was now in direct view of the awesome sight. The ravenous clit was pulsating, and smacking in anticipation. Connie could see streams vaginal juices flowing out. the stench was now overpowering, the very air was thick in the odor of the giantess's womanhood.
Closer and closer Connie was shoved, Diane's massive vaginal lips now took a mammoth presnence, and Connie could feel herself being dwarded by the sheer size of it all.
She had never felt so powerless or insignificant in her entire life, at this moment she felt herself take on a sense of nothingness, loss of her place in the world as a person, also feeling a sense of freedomn.