Story: Playing Games

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Posted by Ash on March 16, 2003 at 17:22:16:

The pain was terrible..It came in bursts, slowly reducing brian and jill to nothing. It all started weeks ago when Brian and Jill, two mid 20's hipsters, decided to start buying their weed from new buyers. Their new source, two gay guys, Bruce and Terry, all around the same age as them, who rented a house with a bisexual woman named molly. The connection was reliable and the transactions were quick, who could ask for more? On this day nothing was out of the ordinary. Brian walked in with Jill on his tail asking for the usual quarter of weed. But he noticed something strange. Laid out on the table was, what appeared to be, a board game. There were no pieces on the board; but Bruce, Terry and Molly were sitting on the couch and all seemed to be transfixed.

"Hey, what game are you playing?", Brian asked. Bruce grinned, "actually we haven't even started yet, but you're more than welcome to play!" Brian looked at Jill questioningly and knew instantly that she wasn't in the mood to hang around. The truth of the matter was they both felt uncomfortable around gay people and Brian was constantly hit on by Bruce and Terry. Jill even had her fair share of advances from Molly.
"Sorry were in a hurry, we have people waiting at home for some of this", Brian lied. Molly grinned this time, "I know where you're coming quarter on it's way!"
Brian and Jill waited patiently until Molly arrived in the room with the bag. Handing it to Brian she said, "The quantity isn't what you're used to, but the quality is much better".

This is where the trouble started. Brian looked at the bag and chuckled, "I don't care if this is the best shit in the world. I'm not going to spend $65 for a fucking gram!" Bruce and Terry moved forward on the couch assuring Brian the quality was good. Jill leaned into her boyfriends ear, filling it with words of protest, "Brian, you don't want to mess with these people. They probably have guns."
Brian replied aloud, "Oh shit, the fags and the hag are going to pop a cap in my ass! I'm not going to play games with you people, you better give me the bag and it better weigh!". The three dealers looked at each other and with a consenting nod turned their attention to the board on the table. Placing their hands on the board they all chanted unintelligible words in harmony. Brian and Jill stood, confused.

The chant broke and Bruce turned to the couple, You'll be playing games now! The pain hit them simultaneously. They were consumed by it as they watched the world around them get bigger and bigger. The waves of pain went on for what seemed like hours paralyzing them. When it was over they were only 4" tall standing in silence trying to grasp the reality of what happened.

The three watching the incredible spectacle became elated. It worked, I can't believe it worked, Bruce said. Molly, excitedly walked in the kitchen returning in moments with a tiny bird cage. She snatched the tiny couple up placing them on the intable.
She picked Brian up and placed him in the cage."Come here boys I think this one is ready to please". Bruce and Terry stood over Molly watching the tiny man in the cage. Bruce began stoking his penis until in became semi-erect. Then he placed it between the bars of the small cage and let go, allowing the cage to dangle with nothing but his penis holding it. "This is going to be a fun game little man. If my dick goes limp you fall to the floor and I don't think you'll live through it. Molly and Terry were now kneeling on each side watching the action. All you have to do is keep me hard and make me cum, and you win the game"
Brian glanced down realizing the urgency of his predicament and didn't waste a moment, he jumped onto the head of the huge dick, rubbing with his entire body using every ounce of strength. The member started to stiffen until the bards slowly stretched apart. Molly and Terry watched the action for around ten minutes, and to their amazement Bruce began to lose his erection. "I think he's doing a good job but the damn bars are fucking with me" Molly gently removed the cage from his penis. "Let's let him rest for awhile, I want him to watch his little bitch play a game, let's move into the bedroom." With the little man still in the cage, she grabbed the tiny woman from the table made her way, with Terry and Bruce, into the her bedroom. There she instructed both the men to take off their pants and sit spreading; one at the head and one at the foot of the bed. The men complied and she placed the tiny woman in between the men, while setting her caged lover on the side, where he had a good view of the setting. "Okay little man, let's see how your little cunt does. Listen up you little bitch you start with Bruce. Get on his dick until it's as hard as a rock, standing straight up. Then you run to Terry and do the same. If Bruce's erection is touching the cover by the time you get back to him, you get a good whack from his limp penis. The same applies when you get back to Terry. You have to keep them both hard until you make them cum. Get to work bitch." Jill looked up at the two giants before her with their limp cocks waiting for her and became hysterical, screaming at them for mercy. Molly picked her up and placed her in-between Bruce's legs. "Whack her Bruce, she should be penalized for making me wait" Bruce flicked his limp cock onto Jill knocking her down and almost unconscious. "Get moving", Molly insisted. Jill struggled to her feet and got to work on Bruce. "This game isn't fair to the little bitch, it would be a lot more fair with the little man since he turns me on", Bruce said. But Molly and Terry were already enjoying the game. It took several minutes for her to get Bruce fully erect. Once she was done she ran between Terry's legs and began on his slightly bigger member.