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The Party.

Wayne opened the door, after seeing Bob and Kim exiting their car. Through the opening, Bob and Kim entered, greeting Wayne upon entering. Wayne checked both guests out, scanning Bob’s 6’3 frame with his 289 lb. or bulk. Over at Kim, as she strode by, her 5’10 frame, pulling her 130 lb. of weight, she glided past Wayne. Wayne escorted them both to the living room, where he pointed to two sets of couches. Kim and Bob sat next to each other on the Aztec style one. Wayne offered drinks, and hurried off to fetch their orders. Upon returning, he noticed car doors sounds outside. As he lay the drinks on the table before Bob and Kim, he looked outside to see two other men entering his yard, along with another woman. The men were all six footers, on the heavy side; the lone woman was 5’9 probably 140 lb. “Were you two expecting company here?” Wayne asked the pair. Bob looked over at the window, and smiled at Kim as he remarked the names of the entourage.
“Jim, Derek, and Carol are coming. Wayne looked on nervously, as he went to open the door. “You didn’t mention your friends!” Wayne remarked as he opened the door. Jim was first to the door, and winked at Wayne as he entered. Derek patted Wayne on his arm. “How’s it hanging?” Derek said. Carol merely smiled as he made her way in. The group became noisy as they talked and joked. Wayne started to feel more and more out of place in his own home, but he tried to blend. “So what’s everyone drinking?” Wayne cheerfully asked. Derek motioned for pull arms, while Carol asked for rum. Wayne returned with the drinks, and started to light a cigarette, as he sat down. Derek got Wayne’s attention, on something in Wayne’s curio. As Wayne busily described its history, Kim dumped a powder into Wayne’s beer. The conversation continued, as the group got rowdier, Wayne in the meantime started to get more relaxed, and later drowsy. He hardly noticed, when suddenly he blacked out.
Wayne’s mind drifted to many weird and mystical places in his dreams. Voices came and went, thunderous booms surrounded him everywhere. Laughter high up took presence. When he came too, he was hardly recognizable to his surroundings. It was damp, his body felt slimy and wet. He felt heat all over him. When he tried to move, his ribs erupted in pain. Wayne grabbed hold, as the darkness around him began to light up.
The noise was now deafening. Thunderous pounding coming from high and all around. The laughter was monstrous, the music was pounding, shaking the very floor beneath him.
As Wayne opened his sticky eyes, nothing prepared him for the vision.
Carol giggled as she plucked up another hapless captive from within her hose. As he hand snarled the leg of a screaming man, she pulled him up, his head and torso dangling from her grip. Carol lunged the body close to her face as she chuckled and blew into the tiny man. She then guided her hand around, as she lifted her rear end. Her anus spread wide open, as her legs pumped on her calves. She turned her hand upwards, now starting to twist and prod the tiny figure into her ample hole. High above, Carol, moaned, as she felt the tiny struggles. Her anus lit up with the little man’s death throes, continuing, till she clenched her cheeks shut, ending the little man’s struggle for good.
Wayne tried to scream, but he couldn’t understand what he was seeing. He recognized some of the group, who was now gigantic beyond belief. Carol looked to be 70 feet tall, and the men in the group appeared monstrously massive, maybe 80 feet, and thousands upon thousands of tons heavy. Each man carried his girth with ease, while providing stress to the very girders beneath their massive feet. Wayne couldn’t even come to grips from where the others came from, there were literally groups of people, men and women, his size, either strewn on the floor. As he scanned the floor, some appeared dead, either crushed underfoot, or left discarded amongst used condoms. Articles of gigantic clothing were also strewn on the debris filled floor, while Wayne made his way on his knees. He carefully guided his way around, trying hard to be UN-noticed. Carol was dangerously close, high above. She seemed every bit as vicious as the men giants, who callously toyed and broke the many minions of screaming tiny men and women, trying to stay alive. As Wayne found a spot of exclusion, he watched in awe, as Derek and Jim, the larger of the group, seemed to be enjoying a game of cram by numbers. Each giant, enjoyed in glee, as he stuffed one after another man or women into his anus. Derek and Jim both sat on the Aztec, couch, legs up, as they peered into each other’s successful new acquisition. Wayne couldn’t even come close to count how many have already been crushed deep inside each giant’s cavernous holes. But stared as they continued to stuff one after another with ease. When it finally ended, both men rose up, crushing the hapless ones beneath their feet, as they walked to the cooler for another round of Wayne’s beers. Bodies were destroyed underfoot. High above, wasted victims, fell from there squashed fates, just on the outer surface of either of the giant’s asses. Falling to great heights, each one hideously bouncing before coming to rest amongst the other debris. Only to be further squashed as either of the group made their way over and onto them.
Wayne suddenly felt a sudden shock, as above him, he heard a voice. “There