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Monday, 27-Nov-00 13:03:13 writes:

"Oh no! Not again!" Terror coarsed through her veins as she felt those hot fingers tug her from her sleep.

But she was wrong. The Master she had feared for the last 6 months of her life was not going to use her as he had done. Josie wasn't sure if she was pleased to be dropped into the box or not. The last time she had been in such a dark place was when she arrived here. Lord knows she was happy to survive that ride, at least until she got there anyway. Back then she thought the box was the worst thing that could happen to her but now it was rather satisfying. If nothing else, it was the closest thing to clothing she had had in a while.

It was a bumpy ride and she was certain that she was in the car. "Why in a box? Why not just down his pants as he always had done?"

The muffled voices some time later, let her know that she was at least in the company of one of Master's friends. She couldn't tell if she was the right way up in the box and the sudden shaking didn't help her orientation any. Still she was safe enough.

"Come on little lady," He said as the lid opened. "Dance for me!"

Highly unlikely that Josie could dance at least until he plonked her on the table, and that he did. She should have known better but she was unable to stop shaking when she realised that there were two of them waiting for her performance. The Master she knew well but the new man?

Jerkily, she danced to a frantic beat in her head. Master wasn't impressed and knocked her down with his finger. It always hurt more when he caught her nipple beneath his nail and he was expert at it. She knew that she had to recover quickly and she did, as always.

This time Josie danced, singing outloud a tune that she remembered from before her shrunken days. As she got into it, the two men sat and watched her. It occurred to her that although a small woman at the mercy of her captor, she still had some power over them. In her mind, she was an exotic dancer, luring horny men to part with their cash. Reality struck when she was grabbed by her hair and swung in the air.

Looking straight at her Master, she was surprised to find that she was suddenly falling. She was falling into the lap of the new man.

"This is your Master now!" His voice had that sickening mocking tone. As soon as she had landed heavily into the new Master's lap, her old Master said goodbye and left.

"What? He's not going to stay to watch?" Her mouth was always in gear before her brain.

"You will address me as Master!"
"You will speak only when told."
"You WILL obey me!"

Josie displayed a complete lack of intelligence when she retorted "And who in the hell died and made you boss?"

She should have been cringing in fear but alas she wasn't. Her punishment was swift, however. His rough fingers were soon around her, pushing her ever so fast into the crack of his butt.

"LICK IT!" said the booming voice.

If there was one thing she hated, it was licking a crusty anus. But she knew that if she wanted to get out of this she would have to obey. Tentatively, she opened her mouth and licked at the puckered skin. She felt him wiggle down further onto her crushed body so that her mouth was pinned open. Hopefully, she wouldn't be sick this time but her stomach churned and lurched as she tried to do her duty.

"Oh gross! He's wanking off already!" Josie knew she was right because she felt his balls jiggle against her breasts. As if the smell of his disgusting ass wasn't enough, the sickening scent of his scrotum mixed with it and she just wanted to empty her stomach right there and then!

Then he moved his butt again, so her nose was hard pressed against the dried shit on his hot hole. She couldn't breath and began a life and death struggle to survive. Vainly, she tried to move her arms out to push him off her. A piece of the crusty turd fell into her mouth and in her fight to inhale, it caught in her throat. It burned and made her wretch. Her stomach juices burned her gullet as she had to swallow both to maintain any sense of life.

"Dear God! I don't want to die like this!" her mind was screaming. The jiggling sac was moving faster and then she felt his hand grab at her legs to wrap them tightly to that sac. She tried to kick at his hand or his hairy balls but it was useless. She prayed that if he would only stop now and let her live that she would do anything else that he wanted.

When her breathing was no more than a muffled whistle into his fleshy ring, she thought that death was surely a relief but it was not to be. To her horror, the Master let go a wet, hot fart that flooded her mouth and squeezed what little oxygen was left for her nose. Fresh shit now bubbled in and out of her nose and mouth as she fought to move her head away again.

Josie thought to drive her fingernails into the cheeks that held her fast. Twisting her hands against the mass of flesh, she managed to find her target. With all her might she dug her fingernails into him and although she expected that the result might go either way, she continued until her fingers hurt.

At first she thought that he felt nothing, but then his anus began to contract around her nose and mouth, contorting her face and causing such pain to her nose. The weight of the sac lifted slightly and she was sure she felt a rumbling. That terrorfied her too. Was he going to shit on her now.

"Please God, let me die!" She had never prayed so hard.

Soon, Josie realised that it was not a shit nor a fart that the Master was having but an orgasm. The rumbling was the rush of blood and semen that both filled her ears and vibrated her body. It wouldn't be long now she thought.

The pressure on her face was relieved mercifully as she was plucked from her dark hole. "Thank you, thank you!" she whimpered.

She hung upside down in his fingers while he stood up, and was carried in this position until he got to the toilet. Was he going to flush her down the loo like a piece of soiled toilet paper or would he find another use for her. Her mind reeled with the possibilities.


That's all I can think of to write now. I do hope my Master is pleased.