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story "New toy"
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The new toy

Joe was waiting on the bed while Connie refreshed herself and fitted in to a more occasional outfit for the night’s pleasures. She came out clad in a body hugging dress, black, with a shiny silky pair of hosiery to match well. Her hair was spread over her chest, and purposely made messy for effect. She slicked into the bedroom, hiked up her new chunky sandal heels. Joe admired how she was always come out in style for these and every night they have been together. Joe was ordered to get naked and laying at attention for her entrance.
He watched eagerly as she walked slowly to the bed, taking careful steps toward him. He held the tiny new toy in his clasp, as he anxiously waited to reveal it to her tonight.
Connie slid onto the bed from the footboard and slowly crept toward his body.
She wafted her fingers on his thighs and slowly worked his cock into erectus. Joe, enticed and eager to please, let her play along in her teasing fashion. She giggled and tweaked her satisfaction to the night’s preview.
As he watched her work her way up and down his thighs and legs, Connie rose up to his chest and lay a wet sloppy kiss on his waiting lips. Joe kissed back, and stuffed his willing tongue into her accepting mouth. The two tangled and caressed as they kissed on for some time. When Connie broke free, she smiled teasingly and backed away. She arched her back and swung her nylon-clad legs toward his chest. She playfully tossed and caressed her toes and soles across his chest and neck, finding her way up to his face and smothering his smile and wide eyed enthusiasm. Joe accepted her aromatic feet into his face and slowly licked and suckled them into his lips and tongue. She watched and swung her head back as she enjoyed the massage to her peds.
Connie backed off once more and playfully sat back on her hunches. Joe sought to reveal his gift to her finally; the time seemed right now.
He told Connie to close her eyes and expect a small surprise. Connie obliged and shut her eyes tight. Joe pulled out his clenched fist and opened his hand wide. A tiny figure of a woman suddenly appeared in his outstretched palm, and rose from her knees to stand erect. She tuned toward her capture and gazed up from his waist height. She eyed him all the way up and looked upon his huge billboard face high above. She then eyed him down once more taking in his massive torso, and eventually settling on his erect cock, which now sprung out like a jettison tower. Her eyes stared and with hypnotize, gazed at his erection till her finally broke the silence and spoke to Connie. “Open your eyes, it’s here!” Connie opened her eyes and focused out her blurred vision. S he then looked upon his opened, outreached hand to her. She smiled at first, thinking the tiny figurine to be just that, a tiny new doll, he wanted to have her use for their pleasurable fantasy orgy. She then looked puzzled as she noticed movement in the figurine.
The tiny woman turned to Connie’s stare, and contained her attention on the giantess for the time being. She transferred balance on each of her legs, as she stirred and became restless in her stance.
Her name is Raziel; she comes from the Juggees islands. A real delicacy for fantasy enthusiasts, Joe added. Connie peered deeply into his hand and seemed to be lost for words. She finally etched out the words. “What the hell Joe! Is she actually real?” Joe nodded his head and held his other fingers over the tiny woman’s body. “She is real, and ours to do as we please, she all bought and paid for by yours truly.” Joe said ceremoniously. Connie still couldn’t get over the night’s proceedings; she leaned over and sat over the tiny woman, still in Joe’s hand. She looked on with great interest and started to actually believe her eyes. “All these years of your constant talking about this fantasy, and now it’s actually true. These things exist?” Connie asked. She raised her hand and brought it down slowly as not to scare the tiny woman, she looked so fragile.
Joe looked on as Connie started to stroke and prods her fingers onto the tiny woman’s body, and feeling for authenticity. Joe then found her to slowly urge the woman from his grip and into her waiting palm. Once in her hand, Connie held her exclusively and backed off a bit as if for privacy. Joe looked on anyway and began to enjoy his fantasy realized. He watched as Connie’s huge hands showed excessive size comparison, as the tiny woman seemed to shrink even more as she became a frontal view to Connie’s larger anatomy. Joe watched on as he compared sizes, as Connie’s huge heaving breasts came into back view. They easily outmatched the tiny woman’s size, and seemed to dwarf her completely. Joe looked on as Connie’s nipples, hard and protruding from the delicate fabric of her dress, looked to rival the tiny woman’s head completely. He then got more of an erotic feel as Connie moved the tiny woman around within her grip, and saw as her awesome power over the diminutive woman stayed true to form. He gazed as Connie easily manipulated the events of the tiny woman’s tour of this giant world.
Connie finally looked back at Joe and smiled. “You got this for me?” She giggled silently. Joe smiled back. “You deserve to be treated like a goddess, so here your chance. Connie looked back at her new toy and back up to Joe. “So what do we want to do tonight then?” She asked with a sly look on her face. “I think I know what you want to do first.” She prodded. Joe looked puzzled. “What ever do you mean?” Connie edged over slightly, and brought the tiny woman close to his erect cock. ‘You want me to put her on that, don’t you?”
The couple swung into full embrace, wrestling themselves to the sheets and rolling around, kissing madly at each other. Almost forgotten was the tiny woman, as she was tossed and squeezed in between their lunging bodies. She panicked at first, seeing her life coming to a close end, as the massive buttocks came rolling down likes a flood of flesh. She maneuvered herself around and leaped away just in time to miss a sure squishing. Just as she wiped her brow in celebration, an errant breast swung down, and completely smothered her entirely. Raziel fought hard to not be smothered to death, under the increasingly load. She struggled to crawl and squeeze her way under the vast flesh. Able to take advantage of the situation of the giant couple amidst another roll, she was able to make haste, and crawl to safety. She sat there breathing hard, and catching her breath. She watched as the giants made love to the tune of a major earthquake. The whole bed was shaking and bouncing. She found it hard to keep herself steady, and tried to find higher ground to escape it. She managed to climb a pillow. She reached the pinnacle, and looked over at the still wrestling giants. She knew it was only a matter of time when they would enlist her to join them, and could not find it in herself to make any kind of escape.
She learned her place in her last captivity. An older woman and man had her and an other couple of toys in their ownership. She was a feisty one back then, always fighting and playing it hard for the giants. The other couple was on the original cargo with her, at her capture from her homeland. She was plucked from a bin in a sort of fashion sex toy store. The old couple came in and found her and the other couples the last remaining, and jumped to purchase them all.
The ordeal would prove horrific, as the giant couple, used them in ways unimaginable. She was forced to have a threesome with the other tiny couple, and often was forced to do so, whilst the giant old couple, either watched or joined in with their own brand of sex, dangerous in many ways, because they usually ended up having sex directly over the tiny threesome, and often coming close to utterly quashing them beneath their sweaty bodies during active sexual contact, which ended in tragedy for the male in the couple as he ended up crushed beneath the giant old woman’s foot as she stepped carelessly about trying to give her husband a blowjob. Razial witness the proceeding as they happened, and tried in vain to warn of the impending doom, but was too late, as the male turned in time to watch his demise, in the form of a massive instep coming down firm and hard on him, obliterating him completely beneath the giantess’s fat sole. Both tiny women protested in vain after the fact, after the rendering punishment directed by the giant man. He physically used the tiny woman, and left them in tatters as well as utterly worn, and soiled in his manhood. The plan was to escape on a night, and the end result was the other woman being punished to her death, as the giant man pummeled her in his underwear while he searched for Raziel. Raziel managed to escape, but was recaptured by some teens looking for a reward. She was since resold to another broker and purchased by another sex toy store. She knew now of her place in this huge world, and new her survival depended on her satisfying her giant owners.
She was nudged out of her daydreams as a massive hand reached out for her. She braced herself as it surrounded her and took her in its meaty embrace.
Darkness was instantaneous, only to be tainted by bright light, as Connie’s huge face came into full view. She had a sensual look on her face, and was teasing Joe with Raziel’s tiny body. The tiny woman watched helplessly as the giant’s cock came into view, and she was quickly smeared onto the wet and hard shaft. She was treated to a steady dose of sliding up and down the tower size shaft, and eventually brought up to the top tip, where her head was stuffed into the flabby foreskin. Raziel held her breath as the funky aromatic cock took her lungs by surprise. She held on until she could not and doffed to take the scent, in stead of suffocating herself. She was repeatedly smeared and stuffed into the peehole, and along the perimeter of the wide cocktip. Her hair was quickly matting to the heavy coating of the precum, and sweat. Her whole body was also increasingly becoming caked in the film of the two giant’s sexual juices. Razial guessed she had spent some hours being applied to the giant man’s cock and pubs, she was twice cum on, and was expecting a third, when change of pace was in the works.
Connie turned the tables and started to prod herself with the tiny woman. She climaxed almost immediately as she felt the sensations on her whole body. Connie then started to poke herself into her crotch, as she felt the wetness in her panty area soaked. She felt her juices oozing down her thighs, and again climaxed. By now Raziel was drenched in Connie’s massive dribble. Connie wasn’t finished by a long shot, as she ripped a whole in her crotch, opting to not take her hose off all together. Once a small hole was etched, she plunged the tiny woman deep into her womanhood. Connie lunged forward as she felt the ecstasy instantly; she felt the tiny woman’s struggles deep within her orifice. She then held her finger as a guide to the tiny woman still inside her. The tiny pitter-patters of her little feet and hands, cultivated more and more sensations to her spinal cord, and gave Connie the severe rushes. Again she climaxed, and now her voice seemed to shatter glass, as her sounds took up the sounds of the night. Like a virtual god, Raziel felt the utter thunderous sounds coming from outside the vulva. She still struggled to stay intact, as the inner walls heaved down and around her, while cum washed through her.
As Connie reached her fifth climax, she this time rested and merely let her juices flow out of her.
Joe rolled up and watched as within Connie’s inner thighs, a long stretch of oozing cum flowed freely, amidst the ooze, he saw the tiny soaked woman in the flow.
He used his finger to smear her around against Connie’s thigh. Using long strokes, and a steady pace, her brought Connie to another climax, and began to mount her on her urgings.
Joe penetrated and pumped his huge cock into Connie, he felt the tiny pangs from inside as the tiny woman was pounding his charge away, but in the end she was forced to relent and became fodder as Joe came. His cock thrust forward it’s spunk and easily filled the cavity, that which was Connie’s lair. Joe rose and fell to manipulate his orgasm, while Connie screamed out her pleasure, and repeated verses of fuck me! fuck me hard!

Their lovemaking was of mythic historical events, as the giant couple utterly enjoyed their new sex toy. Connie had since pulled the tiny woman out from her cavernous clit, and amused herself at the state of the tiny woman. Connie became belligerent in her treatment of the tiny woman, and mused to her tiny features, comparing her huge breasts in a vain attempt to dwarf her even more. Connie used adjectives like “little slut” ‘insect” “little shit” “piss ant” She manipulated the tiny woman in her fingers and used her like some toy ball, or jacks.
Joe swung over and asked for her usage, Connie backed off and sat at her buttocks. “Hey you always wanted to see me squash something like this. Remember that little newt?” Joe fell back and thought out loud of the time her brought her a tiny newt, and caught her one night playing with it in her vagina, before squishing it utterly beneath her foot.
He then nodded his head. “Well this will be even more erotic, don’t you think?”
Joe seemed excited now and watched for the proceedings. Connie held the tiny woman in her hand before dropping her to the floor. Connie watched as the tiny woman stirred and rolled from the fall, before settling on her back. Lying there, she squirmed around as she looked up at the massive heights accomplished by the giant Connie. Connie still in her hosiery, shiny and glistening in the nightlight, stood with her hands on her hips. She then looked over at Joe and then back at Razial. “Well honey, I gonna squish your little slut now, what do you think about that?” Connie announced as she raised her foot before bringing it down firmly and complete.
Joe flew to the edge of the bed in time to catch Connie’s foot entirely covering the spot once inhabited by the tiny woman.
He watched as she turned on her heel and walked back to bed and mounted him.
As both started to commensurate their lovemaking. Connie was heard to utter. “fuck me now as I have your little slut squashed under my foot lover.” Joe exhaled as he moaned, and the two climaxed together.

It’s another day, and Connie is busily at work in her office at her job, the door opens and a woman walks in with papers, she accepts them and waves her out as she wafts through more folders on her desk. As the door closes, Connie rises up from her chair, and creeps to the door and locks it. She returns back to her chair and swings around in it awhile. She then raises her leg to her other laps, and kicks off her shoe. Struggling amidst her nylon-clad toe, is the tiny woman. Connie smiles as she declares. “Time for you, get busy slut!”