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    News Of The World

    By Talisman

    He stretched his legs as he rose up. The sun beamed down on his body. His tan glistened in the rays, as he stretched each muscle and appendage. He came across some unfortunates the other day, and slept well last night thanks to them. He was also able to adhere to their destination and was now making his way toward the horizon.

    The city gleamed with itís silvery toned skyscrapers, and monuments. Left entirely intact from the previous race, the Sharka took possession directly after the virus hit and devastated the entire race. The inhabitants now formed the city to their needs and passions. Taking things from their own world, they trespassed into this world merely for study, and were unknown to the extent of their germs. Some odd effects did take place, and it was only rumored that survivors of the virus became megaliths (Giants), Only this was conjecture, as no one actually seen one in some years since. Most of the men from the original landing died out through some mysterious ailment, due to the effect of the climate and the reaction of the germ on a new environment. The females carried on and made a life for themselves. A few men did live through and have numbered only in the 10ís, as compared to the thousands of women who lived here.
    The city went through it daily pursuits. Traffic of persons and carts drifted along the wide streets. The units chattered with life from inside as offices and shops went on with business as usual.

    He was lumbering on at a casual pace. His eyes kept scanning the ground for any movements; he was hungry this morning and could go for some delectables. As he walked along, he closed in to the hanging falls. He caught a glimpse from the corner of his eye some movement in the brush below. He peered down and closed in on the spot. Once more he saw movement. As he calmly approached he could see now that it was a couple of more of those puny delectables.
    She was blonde, tall and lanky, her lover was also blonde, tall and a bit huskier. Both women were joined for some time, stealing some time in the interior before heading back. They kissed passionately and groped each other out of their clothes. Neither of the two knew what happened when all darkness fell.
    He opened his huge fist and revealed the quivering duo. Tiny shouts were squealed from within, he could barely hear them. His eyes gleamed as he looked over his snack. His huge lips rubbed against themselves and moisten each other with hunger. He opened his maw and began to unload the tiny payload into it.
    Both women screamed like wind as they watched their own deaths in slow motion. Not to slow, as finally both were sucked into the massive opening.
    He closed his mouth and savored the flavor as he administered his saliva and sloshed the tiny morsels in his mouth before crunching down and swallowing the pieces. He smacked his lips as his stomach welcomed some nourishment. Onward he walked, as he knew he was approaching the nest.

    There was a meeting of sorts on the streets as powerful leaders relegated promises of more ecological plans for the preservation of the perm-forest. Cheers were languished as each woman made their speeches, and played up to the crowd. Into the units others worked on with their things. In the tunnels beneath the streets, other traffic flowed in and out of the various routes. Oblivious to the meeting from above ground. also oblivious to the increasing tremor beginning to arise.

    He could see it now spread out like a small project in the ground. His mind danced as he cherished these moments more and more as he was anticipating the hunt.
    His great feet took quicker and larger strides as he tried to control his arousal, but his mind was at war with his libido.

    Loud cheers didnít diminish as the speeches went on, only some of the crowd in the outer edges slowly came to realize that the ground beneath them was actually shaking. They looked and darted their eyes around to see if the units were at all moving. The tall structures were sturdy as ever, and their extreme height only blocked the inevitable.

    He took one great step and completely demolished a lump of unit sprawled before him. It crushed instantly under his weight, and collapsed into dust and mangled beams. He looked down and saw the hurried swarms of figures reacting to the falling debris. His feet came down merciless and forever quashed them from sight.
    He stepped over the tiny barricade and on top of another unit, this one taller. He managed to kick this one over. It sounded off as it tipped over in a death fall. He moved on while watching it tumble over like a toy set. The sounds were never amplified enough to reach his ears, as his own footsteps seemed to drown out it all.

    The speeches stopped, and the cheering stopped instantly and replaced by screams of mayhem and plunder. The crowds dispersed and ran in every which way, as the whole city seemed to become unraveled and tumbling around them. Many saw the great beast, while others seemed determined to avoid any earthquake disaster. Some seemed frozen as they cast their eyes upon him.
    He stretched up some 150 feet tall; his entire girth took time to get over, as the many onlookers couldnít seem to believe what they saw. He seemed human, with his body parts taking the shape of a man, except hairless flesh, and his face, which seemed prehistoric. His color seemed surreal against the backdrop of the silver colored structures.
    He trapped many in the streets as he lay his feet down on them. Behind him in his footfalls, lay the mounds of flattened bodies. He would reach down and pluck up many of the fleeing women. With every rise up he would playfully rattle them about in his palm, before tossing some away from the dizzying heights, or tossing them into his mouth like peanuts. He also dribbled a few into his cloth wraparound.
    He came upon a sphere like mound and leaned down on his knees to study the strange structure. Touching it around, and knocking it, he felt it somewhat hollow. With a great fist, he pounded down hard into the surrounding walls.
    The ceiling burst and flowed in as debris tumbled downward on the unveiling inhabitants. Many looked up to see the massive face peering in.
    He looked in to the surprise of more delectables to prey on. He pounded more holes in the walls, and made the opening large enough for both arms to stretch in.
    Taking huge handfuls he brought up mounds of squirming bodies to his expecting lips. He munched down on his treats, and went down numerous times for more and more. As his hunger passed, he began to play with the trapped people. Grabbing handfuls again, he would fist them until they popped, then dropping them for the next handful, to fondle and play with. Eventually he took two handfuls and sat back toward the outside. Leaning back on the structure, he opened up his wrap and began to sprinkle the tiny people on his erect cock. Many of the women got tangled up in the only place on his body with hair. Already wet with pre-cum, they would forever be tangled there until he released them for his uses. High above he was rubbing his massive shaft up and down with trapped women within his grip. As he quickened his pace, some rubbed off and fell down to his sack. The ones trapped in his pubs, cried out to the many on the ground still fleeing the broken structures. More and more women dribbled down to his pubs, as he started to become sloppy. When he did cum, his flow took on a magnitude proportions to the many below. His entire crotch was covered in his slimy juice. Now encumbered more now, the many tangled were then plucked up into his grip for more masturbation.
    He was tenacious, as he wouldnít stop playing with himself. Trying to work up an appetite, he slobbered over his exercise, and continued to cum.
    The puddle beneath his ass took on the shape of a small flood, as it was littered with disposed bodies, both drowned or mangled.
    He would reach out and grab many more as his stretch seemed expands forever. And once more, he would continue in his death orgy on himself.
    As he finally stood up, many bodies tumbled off his body like discarded lint; he would walk over and on top of many of them, as he went on for more searching. In his wake, many of the survivors lay squirming, whether they lay in his man made lake, or strewn amongst debris.

    The city lay in ruins; smoldering ashes and debris lay in the wake. Not a single inhabitant, living or dead could be found. As if taken away from some great god. Only the spilled blood, and scattered clothing, lay in any remembrance.

    Littered on the outskirts around the city ruins, lay massive deposits of feces, these of which hold the only remains of any of the inhabitants, as variations of appendages seem to spring out from the innards.
    His great footprints also in place, seem to take up miles of space between gaps.

    On the coastal regions, he has come across a swanky village of sight-seekers. To their shock and surprise, he replays horrendous attack. He takes a small vessel and hammers his cock straight through. On the other side, plastered against his head, are the bodies of the crew-women, sticking on momentarily before flaking off and down into the depths.
    He grabs hold of the dock and tips it toward himself. Many of the vacationers wobble and lose their balance toward his waiting hands. He drops the dock in a thunderous splash, and downs the captive into his crotch.
    He searches about and sees many out of his reach fleeing. He finds a spot to accommodate his mass, and rests while fondling his cock with the captives. He seems to be delved in thought as he flicks and rubs them about in and about his cock and balls. When he notices his erection, he finally takes the initiative to bring on his climax.
    The giant pounds his meat, the sound is thick as it is loud, the muffled voices and cries, cannot crack it. His own groans start to take over the wavelength.
    As he gathered up some of the remaining, he thrust them into service to his still erected shaft. Four of the women came to realize the secret to their survival and surrendered themselves to pleasing him.
    He was aroused at how these tiny delectables seemed determined to please him without fight. He let himself free of initiating his own pleasures, to let the tiny women do it themselves.
    Each one took position along his towering shaft. They would caress and massage their way up, as they scaled him. Around his entire shaft each woman rose almost in unison, and reached the mushroomed top one at a time. They fought for position, feeling anyone who gets on top, will have a better chance in receiving preferential treatment.
    The struggle was intense at times. Each woman determined to show herself as a better sexual aid. At times one or two would be forced to tumble back down to the base. In a rare show of force, the two, which frequented the top of the head, finally joined forces to eliminate the other two completely. The fight lasted only moments, upon the weaker two, being tossed from the great height. Their bodies were left in a heap at the base ground level between the giantís legs.
    He watched the proceedings with great interest and offered a gentle touch to the victors for surviving their quest. In an odd show of loyalty, he decided to have these two as permanent fixtures within his loins to continue to serve him. He laid back and watched and enjoyed the women practice their gratefulness for their continual to live. They frothed hard at the helm and used every orifice of their small bodies to administer soothing strokes to the massive organ. He took hold of his huge member and enclosing them completely inside he better masturbated until he climaxed. His hand full, and cock empty, he wiped his palm on his thigh and left the smeared women to fend for themselves a while, as he rested.
    Some hours later He rose up his mass and began to travel once more. Again, in his wake is left total destruction, as scattered on the docks and shores lay quashed and mangled bodies. As he walked on, still adorned to his soles and calves, were remnants of discarded women left to demise, included the fighting duo who lost their bid to serve. Caked along his expansive thighs, the two victors held on to the caked film, as the giant traveled on to the distance.
    In the proceeding months to follow, mayhem would follow to each port, and city embarked upon. Many more would perish to the giantís hunger for both food and pleasure. Having discarded his previous fixtures, in over indulgence, he would never be short for others to take their place.

    He experimented with various endeavors to take up idle time between hunts. He would fashion crude shoes by joining bodies together. His experiments never did take hold, as the tiny women made weak walking utensils and merely came apart from first step. He produced other more permanent fixtures like waist belts, and lofty loins to cover his crotch. Around his wrists and ankles, he formed lines of women jewelry, and even adorned them around his neck.

    He made his way home to his people. His tales of the past few months gave inventive for the group to travel on. He honored his mate with a tribute of jewelry adorned with the captured prey. The rumors of these tiny invaders were confirmed with his travels, and the plan was made for break camps and move on to the other vast regions for which an abundance of the prey was.