my visit with Andrea

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Posted by Talisman ( on June 16, 2005 at 09:20:52:

Andre never moved fast for anyone. He was a large man, knew it, couldn't care less. He traveled in small circles, only trusted a small few.
My bazarre story began when he arrived for a short visit, and in the process took my hospitality, time, and wife, and eventually me.
When he showed up at my door, my wife Sheryl opened it cautiously. When Andre introduced himself, she quickly let him in, knowing he was a business aquaintance of mine. He towered over her easily, his 6'5, 301 lb frame, looking odd in our home. He ogled her, as he walked in, checking her out, before calously laying his bags at her to take. He walked almost through her, as he made himself at home on a chair, waiting for service. Sheryl knew of his eccentrics by word of mouth, and reputation. She made a whisky sour, and brough it to him, which he snatched. He invited her to sit next to him, which she found odd, but after much inticement, she finally agreed sitting next to the man who dwarfed her utterly like a child. Andre made small talk, mostly admiring her beauty and body. Sheryl felt embarrassed, as well as a little turned on, she never received so much praise.
When I arrived home, I was shocked to find Andre sitting partley naked on the couch, my wife, totally naked nestled between his massive legs, as she was hardpressed to choke down his gigantic cock. Her body was embedded deeply between his legs, as her head was obliterated of sight from me. I cleared my throat, as Andre looked up, hardly in shock, or taken back, as he simply enjoyed a much pleasuring orgasm, as he hummed and moaned. I could only stand, as he finished up, rising his emmense size up, as Sheryl was shoved back and onto her back on the floor, as the massive man merely stepped on and over her, to lumber toward me.
I watched as this giant of a man held out his hand for me to shake. I was still startled but dumbfounded as I was, took it and shook it. "You sure know how to welcome some to your home there man!" Andre merely said as he found his clothes, and urged me to follow him to his suitcase.
For the next few weeks, we worked on his creation, nursing it along, we were in the process of finding a market for his web page master. He stroked my ego, by mentioning that a grandier reward would be waiting for me if I was successful in his endeavor here in town. I seemed to always want to please him, not only for his stature, but for his loaded bank account.
After some weeks, as I worked out deals throughout the city, finally securing the last contact, I arrived home once again to another surprise. As I entered my home, I could hear Andre's voice howling, as he seemed purturbed at someone or something. I followed his voice to a back room. Once inside, I found Andre naked again, and looked around, but it seemed he was alone. I looked about, finding it odd, till upon closer look, I found the most bizarre event ever imagined.
With is massive legs apart, his monstrous cock was jetted out, strewn across, and as tiny as a tiny barbie doll, was Sheryl. She must of been 3 inches tall if not shorter. Her body was disheveled, cum coated, practically cocooned her, as Andre stroked his huge shaft, shouting down curses to her. I could barely hear her voice, as she seemed to be screaming up. I moved forward, as Andre rose a spiral object up to me. A shine was the last thing I remembered, as I blacked out.
Waking up, I don't know how long I was out, I rose up from a now expansive floor, in what appeared as a massive version of my home. I heard thunderous voices, as I looked up and high.
Andre stood mighty, even more than I ever pictured him. 90 feet, and counting. Still naked, as his massive frame seemed to take up the massive room above him. Next to him was another man, I never met before. He wasn't as big as Andre, but still a huge man. Andre was looking over a lap top on a desk, as he and the other man talked. I looked up at thet other man as he was holding Sheryl in his grip. She seemed limp in his grip, as he toyed with her, spiralling her about. When both men finished thier business, Andre looked down at me smiling. He leaned over. "Well with the contracts secured, I no longer need to share the profit with you, and can now move in for a bigger share. But you wont be totally of no use, as I have some use for you after all." Andre stood back up turning his attention back to his friend. "Well is the deal done?" The other man smiled as he pulled his hand up, now holding Sheryl who was now stirring in his palm. "Yes indeed." The man said, as he turned his head downwards. "Your little woman is going to be of good use to me, I'll make sure she is well kept." He smiled as he guided his hand down, pulling his undies away, revealing a thick smelly cock, before placing Sheryl who was by now shouting her disdain. She became pasted to his wet head, just before he snapped the flap back to his belly. He then pulled up his pants, and shook Andre's hand before turning away and leaving the room.
Andre leaned over, his huge hand blocking out the light as I blacked out once more in his pressured filled hand.
I lost count of hours or days since blacking out, when I found myself in darkness. The structure I was in shook violently, as if in motion constantly. I persvered through out the ordeal.
Finally the travel seemed to end, as the movements seemed less hectic. The darkness lightened up, as s huge hole appeared high up. I looked up helplessly as a massive hand reached in for me. I was snatched and risen up and out.
Andre stood before a portly woman, as she laied on her bed. she was wearing a teddy, which looked sorely tiny for her. Her nylon clad legs glistened against the white sheets. She sat up, her eyes closed, as Andre held me out in his palm. She opend her eyes and screamed with joy. "Oh, my very own, yippee!!!!"
I shrieked as her massive fingers plunged in at me, taking me away from Andre forever. I looked back just before being sent to my prison for life, as Andre left the room, chuckling to himself. I then watched my life unfold, as I was sent to my soon death, as she plunged me deep into her massive clit, through a gash she ripped in her crotch.