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Meteor Part 2 Back to school
Wednesday, 19-Jan-2000 14:55:31 writes:

    Hello all, sorry it took me soo long to post part 2 of THE METEOR, but been busy.
    This chapter contains non-consensual acts, yada yada yada, under 18 fuck off, as for the rest, enjoy

    The Meteor Part 2 back to school

    I remember the first day I returned to school after the accident, hardly anyone noticed I was even gone!
    Except for my teachers and my closest friends. You see, I wasnít very popular at school, I wasnít a nerd or anything but no one really noticed me, especially the girls, but that was all about to change.

    I walked to my first class of the day, english, which was in a portable, about 50 meters from the school. I walked in the room and sat down, and watched as all the students piled in. There were 3 girls in particular in the class that were really hot, the rest were just average looking. The one beside me, Jennifer was a gorgeous blonde, one that I often fantasized about, and I stared at her wonderful tanned legs and she took her seat, you see, I went to a catholic school were the girls wore kilts for their uniforms.

    The teacher started teaching the class, as I stared at Jenís legs. I gave her a mental command angle her legs towards me and to slowly start spreding them apart, and she did just that! Then I had her lower her hand toward her crotch, and watched as I made her finger herself. I gave a mental projection for everyone else in the class not to notice what she was doing, and she put her fingers inside herself as she listened to the teachers teachings, without even noticing anything out of the ordinary. I put my hand in my pocket and started jerking off, making sure no one would look in my direction.

    After staring at the wonderful show she put on for me for almost an hour, I thought to myself how I wished that class wasnít almost over so I could continue to enjoy the view. Then all of a sudden, it happened! Time literally stopped! Everyone was frozen in their positions, the second hand on the clock wasnít moving, and outside the window I could see pedestrians, frozen in position as they walked down the sidewalk. I got up from my seat and walked around, then I shouted out, to see if anyone could hear me, but no-one moved. Hmmmm, I thought to myself, I could have a lot of fun with this! I walked over to Candice, Lori, and Beth, and one at a time began fondling their breasts, and raising their skirts. Then I took off all their underwear and put them in the teachers drawer.

    Then I got down on the floor and put my hands on Loriís knees, and began to slowly spread her legs apart,. I tucked my head under her skirt, and began to stare at her gorgeous vagina. It didnít smell like fish, which is what I was told it smelt like, but it had a peculiar smell, that was well masked by her perfume, which gave her an amazing womanly scent. I started to finger her, and lick her inner thighs and her pussy as I wacked off.

    After only a couple of minutes I knew I was getting close to cumming, so I quickly stood up and grabbed Loriís head with my left hand and brought it close to my cock that was still wacking off with my right hand.

    Ahhhhhh, I moaned as I exploded my load onto her pretty face. The first thick stream of sperm splashed up against her check, followed by another that went up her nose, and another that deflected off her forehead and into her hair.

    After I finished using her face for target practise, I rubbed my gooey cock against her lips, and then wiped it off on her skirt. I pulled up my pants and gave her tits a couple squeezes, while I admired the sticky mess I made on her face. I walked back to my seat and sat down and decided that it would be fun to resume time while she was still wearing my cocksauce, so I did. The teacherís conversation began right were it left off, as I watched Lori franticly try to wipe away the goo that was on her face. All the guys in the class noticed how she was panicking and wondering what it was that was on her face, and in her hair. I donít think the girls noticed though, because they were too pre-occupied with the cool breeze that was blowing up their skirts, wondering where their panties went to.

    Soon the school bell rang, and it was time for second period. I made sure I was the last one to leave the room cause I had another game I wanted to play with the girls. Once we, and the other students from the other portables were outside, I focused on the girls skirts. Then somehow, I was able to summon a gust of wind to blow under them, causing their skirts to raise without warning, giving everyone a clear view of their luscious asses and gorgeous twats. All the boys got instant erections, as for most of them, it was the first time seeing a live pussy. Some were laughing and taunting, others were just staring in amazement with their mouths wide open, as the girls franticly tried to pull their skirts down. Some were crying in humiliation, and ended up taking a sick day, and went home.

    I walked to my next class, Math and sat down, thinking about how great this day was, and was wondering what other mischievous things I should do. After all the students arrived to class, Mr. Hammon started teaching. I looked around the room wondering who I should control next, then I decided what my next game would be. I focused on Heather Owens, the gorgeous blonde who sat in the front row right in front of the teacher, and I made her spread her legs, and undo the top 2 buttons of her blouse. I gave a mental command for everyone not to notice what was going on, except for Mr. Hammond. I got a real kick out of how this grown man kept sneaking peeks between the legs and down the top of a girl that was his daughterís age. But still, who could blame him!

    Then I reached into her mind, (ask to go to the bathroom), immediately her hand went up into the air and she asked to be excused. Then I asked Mr. Hammon if I could go to. Usually he only allowed 1 person to go at a time, but I fixed that in his mind. I then hurried out the class and followed heather down the hall. (Man, do I ever want to fuck you bad!) I thought to myself. Then she turned around and looked at me with an astonished look on her face.

    ďWhat did you just say to me?Ē she asked, in a demanding voice. ďW-W-What? I didnít say anything.Ē I said in my defence, I couldnít she heard my thoughts. I guess I was thinking too loud. My heart was pounding hard as this beautiful girl, one that I could never have under normal conditions, was accusing me and staring angrily at me. I panicked and didnít know what to do. Did she know my other thoughts? Did she know what I made her do in class? Was she going to tell anybody?

    Without having much time to think, I decided to shrink her and keep her in my custody until I had more time to think this out. I concentrated on her beautiful form and watched her shrink down to a height of 5 inches. At first she started to scream, but I quickly made it so she couldnít speak.

    She looked up at the giant teenager standing 70 feet tall in front of her, and started running down the hall in fear. After taking 2 steps I easily caught up to her and but my foot down in front of her, as she ran right into it, and got knocked on her ass. I bend down on one knee in front of her as I slowly reached my hand towards her. She stretched out her arms in front of her face in utter fear as my hand approached her. My hand slowly encircled around her tiny form as it wrapped around her like a blanket. Then I gently lifted her up, being ever so careful not to hurt her.

    I could see the look of terror on her face as she feared for her life, she was shouting out something as she struggled within my grasp, but even though her mouth was moving, no words were coming out. I felt an awesome sense of power as I held this beautiful, tiny helpless girl in my grip, knowing that she was completely at my mercy. I couldnít wait to go home and spend some time with her, but for now I had to hide her.

    I gently lowered her into my pant pocket, and proceeded to walk towards my locker. My cock began to grow as I felt her squirming in my pocket. As I took each step, I could feel her tiny body rub against my giant penis I felt like wacking off right then and there, but I had to keep my composure. When I arrived at my locker I looked around to make sure no one was watching, as I took out my pouch, (the kind that goes around your waist) and unzipped it. I took out the few baseball cards that were inside and put them in my locker, then I reached into my pocket and pulled out my prize, and slowly lowered her into the pouch. I could see the look of protest on her face as she was lowered into her new prison. I smiled as I zipped up the pouch, and watched curiously as I could see her struggling inside.

    I carefully placed the pouch back in the locker, and hurried back to class. I sat back down in my seat, and all I could think off was how much fun I was gonna have after school. I had a raging hardon that needed some attention. It was about time for a new game. I looked over at Laura Wilson, the beautiful brunette that I often saw roller skating down my street, and decided I wanted to have some fun with her.

    She had nice, firm, ample breasts that I wanted to touch very badly, but instead of stopping time, I imagined my hands rubbing them, and gently squeezing them. Then much to my surprise, it felt like I was actually fondling a pair of real tits, even though she was all the way over in the back corner of the class. I made honking motions with my fingers, and as I looked over at her chest, I could see what appeared to be a pair of invisible hands squeezing at her tits. She was squirming in her chair and tried to cross her arms over her chest to stop the tingling feeling in her chest. Man I could have a lot of fun with this!!!

    I stopped for a second to think about what I should do next, then I decided to give her a little kiss on the cheek. Instantly her hand came up to wipe the saliva off her face. I ran my hands over her smooth thighs, and as I got too close to her snatch, she jerked in her chair with a little yelp, and everyone looked over at her. I didnít want to draw attention to her, or me, so I gave everyone a mental command to turn around and ignore all that was going on. Then I ran my along her face, and then down her top to feel her bare tit. She was squirming around too much so I gave her a mental command. (Donít fight me). Instantly she began to relax making it much pleasurable to feel her up.

    I gave her some more commands. (Now, spread your legs for me) Once again she obeyed my hypnotic suggestions, and her legs spread out wide, much to my delight. (Open your mouth). She opened her mouth and awaited further instructions. (Now, suck me off bitch). I could feel the sensation of a warm, moist, teenage mouth wrapped around my member, and as I looked over at her, her lips were forming a letter O, as if she was sucking an invisible cock.

    This felt amazingly great! I let her suck me off for the duration of the class, and fondled her breasts whenever I pleased. She had no idea that she was being violated, she just kept obeying me like a robot, and she was doing a terrific job. Soon I felt my approaching orgasm, (oh yeah, you are doing great baby, now finish me off and taste my seed). With that I exploded into her mouth. cum dripped down her lips and landed on her desk, I shot more sperm into her mouth as I quitly moaned in pleasure. (Swallow). She did.

    After I was done having my way with her, I returned her mind to its normal state and allowed her to have her own free will again. Then I decided to be kind to her, and removed all memory of her molestation. As for the strange sticky fluid in her mouth?, well, that much would go unexplained to her. The bell rang and it was time for lunch.
    Time to pay the shrunken girl in my locker a visit.