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New story, "The Meteor" Part 1
Sunday, 07-Nov-1999 01:20:37 writes:

    hi guys! sorry it took me so long to post somethin new, but ive been busy, Im still gonna work on "The Table" (eventually) but i got inspired for a new story so im gonna dibble on this one for a bit, let me know if you like it enough for me to continue,
    Laterz Bobx

    The Meteor

    My name is Ben, I was 15 years old when a strange accident took place. I got hit in the head by a falling meteor!
    Yeah yeah, I know what you are thinking, but its true! I know I should have died, but for some strange reason I survived, and it changed my life forever. It gave me strange and unusual powers, from that day on I was able to control peoples minds, thoughts, and even their sizes! Heres how it started.

    I awoke in the hospital not quite knowing what had happened to me, my parents and my doctor where all at my bedside with smiles on their faces, very happy to see that I was alive and ok. They explained to me that I was very lucky to be alive and that I would have to spend a week in the hospital so my broken ribs and internal injuries would heal. I wasn’t in any pain at all, except when I tried to roll over in my bed, but other than that I was fine. It was now 11pm and visiting hours were already over, and I assured my parents that they could go home cause I was fine.

    After they left, a nurse came in to check up on me, and my god was she beautiful!!! She had a gorgeous face, nice firm tits, tall slender body, and she looked HOT in that nurses uniform! “you are a very lucky young man” she said to me in a soft sexy voice, “My name is Linda, can I get you anything?” “No thanks” I said, not quite knowing what else to say to this goddess of a woman. “Ok, let me know if you need anything” “Ok thanks” I said, as she smiled and walked out the door.

    I could see her wonderful ass sway graceful as she walked down the hall. Over the next few days I got to know her alittle bit, and man was she ever sweet. She was so cheerful and she was such a caring person, and I had major fantasies of how much I wanted to fuck her. On the 3rd day, while she was still on the night shift, she came into my room and asked me if I needed anything, I said that my bedpan was full, and asked her if she could empty it. “Sure thing sweety” she said as she took the bedpan and emptied it down the toilet. On her way out the bathroom door, she stopped and looked at the mirror and was adjusting the back of her hair. I stared at her breasts, as her chest was moved forward as her hands were behind her head.

    I got an erection at the site, and I was staring at her, thinking about how I wanted her to raise her arms above her head and face me. Then all of a sudden she did just that! I couldn’t believe it! Then I thought about how I wanted her to unbutton her uniform, and she did that as well!!! What on earth was going on? I thought to my self as I stared at her bra. Then I thought about how I wanted her to lock the door and get climb on the bed with me and she did that as well! It seemed I could control her mind, and body! Boy was this great!

    She straddled on my bed, and then took off her bra, exposing her awesome tits. It seemed she was obeying every mental command I gave her. I started fondling her wonderful boobs, and thought about how far I should go. “Linda?” I asked, “Yes, Ben?” “Why don’t you give me a blowjob?” “Ok Ben”

    I couldn’t believe it! This was like a dream come true! She pulled up my gown, and took my raging cock into her warm moist mouth. She licked and sucked every inch of my cock, exactly how I wanted her to, with the mental projections I was forcing into her mind. I hadnt had a shower in 3 days, and im sure my cock smelt bad, especially considering I just finished taking a piss in the bedpan moments before, but she was sucking me great, tasting my penis, and the few drops of urine that leaked out of it.

    I had never been with a girl before, so the sight of such a beautiful grown woman, sucking on my horny, smelly, teenage cock, was overwealming! I felt like I was going to cum, so I gave her a mental command to swallow my sperm, and she did as I commanded as I blasted my load down her throat. I was moaning in complete pleasure as she obediently swallowed every drop of my cum. I figured she had better get back to her rounds so I told her to put her top back on, and told her to forget all that we had just done and continue on as if nothing had happened.

    She nodded her head and went back to work as I released the spell that I casted over her and returned her to normal. I lied back thinking about what just happened and how fun it was, but I couldn’t help but feel a little bit guilty of how I used her, especially after how nice she had been to me, but she didn’t remember anything, so no real harm was done, right?

    I wasn’t tired, so I flicked on the TV, Gullivers travels was on, and I watched it for a bit. Then I started thinking about another fantasy I had, and I started to get horny again, and I couldn’t help myself so I gave a mental command for Linda to join me in my room. 30 seconds later she came into my room and locked the door and climbed into my bed. “You called for me ben?” she asked as she straddled me. I started to imagine her as 6 inches tall, and she started to shrink! I grabbed her in my hand and felt her tiny helpless body in my grasp. She was very frightened at first but I gave her a command not to fear me, after all I liked her and I didn’t want her to feel afraid.

    I told her to remove all her clothes, and I began feeling her tiny body anywhere I pleased. Then I spoke out to her,
    “you did great pleasing me before, but I want more! Jack me off! I put her down next to my cock as she wrapped her arms and legs around my member and did as I pleased. I put my hands behind my head, and spread my legs out, as I felt her tiny limbs jacking my meat as I moaned with pleasure. She started to get tired, but I gave her body a command that she wasn’t tired, and she started jacking me even harder, then I moaned out, as I shot a wad of cum on her face, then I continued blasting out more cocksauce al over her body.

    When I was done I looked down at her body completely covered in my goo, and I told her to get on her hands and knees and lick up all the cum from my belly and penis. She did as she was told, as I closed my eyes in complete pleasure. I ended up dozing off while she continued to lick me clean. Then, I awoke to the sound of the doorknob rattling, and I quickly covered the blanket over my body just in time as the door opened. “Why was this door locked? And have you seen Linda?” asked a fat ugly nurse. “I must have locked the door by mistake, im sorry, and I havnt seen Linda in a long time now.” “Ok, but make sure the door stays unlocked!” she said as she walked out the door.

    Whew, that was close, I thought to myself. I lifted the covers to find that linda had licked me clean! I reached down and gently stroked her face with my finger, and stared to feel her tits. “Wow, you were terrific!” I said, as she looked up at me and smiled. I wanted to feel her all day long, but people were looking for her, and it was already 8:45 am, and my mom was going to be here soon, so I put Linda down and returned her to her normal size, once again I made it so she wouldn’t remember anything, and she quickly got dressed and returned to work.

    A little while later, my mom and my doctor showed up in my room. “Hi honey, great news! Dr. Turner says you have healed remarkably fast, and that you can go home today!” “ummm cool” I replied, although I wanted to stay a few more nights and have more fun with Linda, but I knew I had to go home, in fact, I couldn’t wait to go to school and try my new found powers on the girls at my school!