new story - Orcas' World - Metamorphosis, pt.5 (final)

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Orcas' World 3 - Metamorphosis
- by DEA
- part 5 - Final solution. - Maya toys with her mother for the
last time.
note: this story includes (some) violence and sex. For better
understanding read the previous parts.

The old wooden stairway crackled dangerously. 750 pounds
wasn't the weight it was designed for. Maya slowly went
upstairs. She had changed a lot during her holidays. Her
physical change into an orca was completed. She was
huge. She was beautiful. When she smiled, most people got
dizzy. When she frowned, fear filled them up. Hardly
anybody dared to say >no< to her and those who did soon
recognized it was very foolish and stupid. However, Maya
had stopped perceiving humans at all.

They were like ants for her - meaningless in all ways. Who
cares how many of them she crushes? And their world?
Their rules, laws, states, borders - why care about fights
between two ant-hills in a forest? Maya had simply
changed. Physically she was already fully adult. Her height
of 7'4'' and her tremendous weight showed this fact clearly.
Her huge body was full of unbelievably gigantic, steel hard
muscles and each of her steps pulsed them in the way that
just a simple look at her caused orgasms in many people.

But Maya still missed something and she felt it. Her mother.
She was still connecting her with humanity, this group of
primitive half-animals, frightened about their pitiful lives.
That's why she was here now. To finish it.

She rang at the door. Steps were heard from inside, then
the door opened and an ugly looking bearded man with a
baseball bat stood there.

"What do you want?" he asked aggressively, almost

Maya controlled her desire to crush him against the wall
and said, "I'm looking for my mother. She was still living
here at least two months ago."

"I don't know. I don't care!" he grunted and tried to slam the

However, Maya's reflexes were faster and in the moment
he closed the door, her gigantic fist already heavily landed
on it and broke it into splinters.

"Swine!" the man yelled and swatted at her with the bat.

But this movement was also laughably slow for her. She
waited until he raised it over his head and then quickly
clasped it inside her vast palm. Unfortunately in the place
the man had his arm.

"Aaaaa!!!!" he roared, feeling her unstoppable power pulling
him off the ground.

"Where is she?" Maya asked again in a tone allowing no

"She moved! A month ago! To a nunnery for small people.
Just at the corner..! Let me be!!!" he screamed with pain

"Thanks!" she grinned and clenched her palm into a fist.
The wood cracking mixed with a sick sound of bones being
crushed. Then she shook her hand wildly and the mangled
remains of his wrist tore off under his weight and the
crippled man fell onto the floor. He could only helplessly see
Maya's big foot in a cute pump descending onto his very
fragile neck. A hard pressure, sharp pain, a disgusting crack
and it was over.

"Good morning. How can I help you?" sounded from a
microphone in front of the door.

"I'm looking for my mother. Her name's Peggy Collins."

"Collins. Collins., yes, she lives here. but as a novice,
she can't accept visitors. What do you want with her?"

"Nothing special, I just came to kill her."

There was a silence for a while as the gatewoman thought
hard whether she hadn't misunderstood. Then she jerked
out, "What?!"

"I said I came to kill her," Maya continued
uncompromisingly. "Open!"

"Get out! Or I'll call the police!"

"OK, you asked for it," Maya said darkly and simply went
through the closed door like it was made of paper. It burst
into splinters and Maya stopped in the lobby, mighty and
unstoppable. The frightened gatewoman, barely 7 inches
tall, shriveled in a small niche in the wall.

"Where is she?" the giantess asked again and for the last

"2nd floor, room 2037," she replied quickly, hoping it would
end with that. She was right. Unfortunately not in the way
she thought.

Maya's head-sized fist filled up the whole miniature porter's
lodge with one blow, immediately changing it into a mess of
carcass. She twisted it a bit and when she withdraw it
again, just a little blood showed the grave of the
meaningless porteress. Then she turned to the cells to
invite her mother to the last ride.

Several minutes later, she was at home again. A few
bloodstains and goremarks on her shoes gave away that
she didn't bother much about who got in her way in the
nunnery. Entering the bathroom, she began to water a big
whirlpool bath there. Then she opened her bag and let her
mother, who she simply took in the cloister, get out.

"Maya," the frightened woman started, "what are you
doing? I can't get out of nunnery without permission."

Maya smiled ironically. "Don't be scared mum, you won't
really care about it in a while."

"What. what do want to do? I don't want to. again.."

"But you know already. I'm going to kill you today. I don't
know yet, if I crush you into a pulp or tear you into pieces,
but one thing's sure: I'm gonna have a damn good time with
you. I'm gonna rape you. Several times. Like a toy. And you
can do nothing about it. Did you want to hear that, you little
barbie girl?"

Mother burst into tears and looked for a way to escape or
hide. However, there was nothing in her reach there.

"When I see you now," continued Maya, "you're not actually
worth me. Look at yourself, look at your impotent, dwarf-
like, pale, skinny body. Look at your breasts. Show them!
Undress! .. you see," she continued, contentedly
watching her quickly stripping off, "I'd need a microscope
for them," she said with disgust at the view of her wrinkled

"Maya, please, remember what love is. Remember
somebody you love. Remember the boy, Eric! Don't do evil,
please!" mother was playing her last card.

"Eric? Yea, I loved him. but maybe a little bit too much.
Can you see?" she asked and brought her beautiful leg
close to her and mother realized with horror that the
bracelet around Maya's ankle wasn't from ivory but from a
human spine.

"As I said, it's an honor for you that I execute you. Yea, you
heard well. not a kill, execution; that's something you
know and you can't change. And I'm doin' it only because
you're my mother, else I'd just throw such trash into a

Mother watched in shock her daughter's huge calves that
were several times thicker than her entire body and tried to
resist going mad from that glimpse of her short destiny.

Indeed, Maya began to undress. "How much do you
actually weigh now? I think less than one of my tits." she
laughed and licked her gigantic nipple, "how much!? she

"10 pounds," replied the frightened mother quietly.

"Ha, ha! So, you've got a little weight handicap." giggled
Maya and let her black leather panties drop onto her. It
knocked her down and mother felt humiliated by that like
never before. Being thrown down by the weight of her
daughter's panties! She tried to get out of it, but something
stopped her. Holy shit, what a smell! Mother almost started
to lick it, when she heard daughter's harsh voice. "Enough,
you bitch! If you want something from my crotch, there's
only one choice!" she said, squatted, peeled her legs open
and revealed her mammoth cunt.

Its size caused mother a shock again, but she hadn't much
time to admire it. A gold geyser of hot piss erupted from it
and the poor mother was down on the floor again. A jet the
strength of a hydrant was sweeping helpless mother round
the slippery tiles and torturously bombarded her little body.
After a half, neverending, minute, Maya finally run out of her
supplies and let mother breath in.

Her mighty foot splashed a puddle of the piss a few
millimeters from the wheezing woman. "Lick my thumb!"
she ordered to mother and almost crushed her little head
with it. Mother kneeled hard and began to lick and suck the
orca's perfect black thumb, as big as half of her entire head.
Then she started to caress and massage it with both hands.
"Stronger! I don't feel you!" Maya shouted at her, "Lick me
between my toes!" emphasizing her superiority by lightly
crushing mother's calves from behind with the other foot.
Mother cried out at the torturing pressure and immediately
obediently inserted her tongue between them and
experienced the worst humiliation she could imagine.

On the other hand, Maya felt superb. She had been waiting
weeks for this moment, until she was really big enough to
enjoy mother's destruction a lot. Now she was - clasping
her toes together would be enough to separate the little
head from the laughably tiny torso forever. But it would
have been too quick. The tickling on her foot was good but
Maya was already too horny to feel it well. She slowly
withdrew her foot, then she took mother's little body onto it
like onto a gigantic spade and with one smooth motion
threw her into the large bath-tub.

"Aaaaaaaaaaa.," the surprised mother screamed with fear
when flying helplessly in the air. Then she landed in the little
water which was already there, unfortunately for her, just
enough to survive and suffer a few bruises only.

When she recovered, Maya was already sitting in the bath
before her. Mother barely stood up and with the strength of
will she tried to get out. She might have suffered a
concussion of the brain or she had to be very desperate
since the glass-like smooth walls were twice her height.
Maya watched her with amusement and then she made a
big wave with her huge palm, splashing the poor human like
a speck.

When mother managed to get above water again, she
stayed resignedly sitting, leaning against the wall.

"You won't get out of this bath alive, bitch!" Maya started,
"I'm goin' to fuck you, rape you and kill you right in here! It's
gonna be long and painful and you can't do nothin' about it.
But, if you disobey me, you'll experience such a pain this
world hasn't seen yet!"

Then she opened her vast thighs and said, "Try to guess
what I want. Go on!" she commanded her.

Mother speechlessly got up and like in a bad dream waded
through hot water to daughter's giant cunt, hidden between
her no less gigantic thighs. She stopped a few steps before
her massive crotch, a pathetic doll, completely surrounded
by her brutal muscles. Like in a trance, she started to
caress her hot, muscular thigh, then she looked up at her
towering, impressive torso with a colossal bust and feeling a
familiar tingling inside her crotch she begged, "fuck me."

Maya laughed. "All right, you useless white human slut. I'll
do it." she said and softly clasped tiny mother around her
slender waist. She lifted her effortlessly up and sat her onto
her enormous thigh. Mother laid there and began to rub
herself against daughter's smooth ebony skin, stretched to
burst with giant boulders of steely hard muscles. Then she
slid down along her bent, hot leg and almost fell into her
orca's crotch. But she quickly recovered, knelt before her
and began to kiss and lick her huge cunt, wider than her
own torso. She madly tried to suck all her juices, she
caressed and embraced daughter's mighty labia and
gigantic clitoris with her hands.

Maya was amused by mother's fanatic effort. She leaned
back in the bath and moaned in delight. Her inhuman twat
rapidly began to harden and get wet and amounts of her
fluids quickly filled up the whole space with an opiate-like

Mother speeded up her cuddling and worshiping even more
and strange vibrations began to crisscross through her
whole body. Her pulse rose to its peak and the poor woman
quickly lost the rest of her free will.

"Aaaaaaa..God.., fuck me! Rape me!!! Kill me!!!!
Please, please!!! she screamed loudly.

Maya laughed evily and without a warning pushed mother
deep into her huge, muscular cave. "Aaaa. that's it..!"
Maya moaned, excited by the feeling how half of her mother
disapeared inside her insatiable hole. "I'll squeeze you a
little bit now," she giggled and tensed her brutally
developed vaginal muscles, capable of crushing a block of

Mother was strongly drugged by daughter's scent like by
the strongest aphrodisiac and felt like she was in Heaven.
There were gallons of the opiatic juices all around and she
wanted them all. She gulped and gulped and didn't feel her
stomach filling to burst as well as she almost didn't
perceive, how pleasant squeezings of her daughter's cunt
walls easily snapped her ribs and pelvis like matchsticks,
causing her irreversible internal injuries. Soon, she stopped
moving, falling unconscious.

Maya released her grip and pulled her half-dead mother
out. She barely breathed and was glued together with her
sticky juices. Maya washed her in the water a bit and
grasping her like a frog, she forced her legs apart. Then the
giantess slid her big tongue inside the poor woman's tiny
cunt. A few movements were enough to wake her up and
also for her last peak. But Maya went on and after a series
of orgasms, mother's little twat quickly changed into gory
pieces under the pressure of her harsh tongue.

Mother tried to scream, but nothing but gurgles came out of
her burst lungs. The orca held her hanging in the air, head
down, each leg in her mighty fist, making the kicking
woman's last dying attempts really pathetic. The rough
tongue was hungrily tearing her mashed guts more and
more, blood gushing everywhere, slowly drowning the dying

"Good bye!" laughed Maya with her bloodied teeth and
inserted mother's legs between her huge, obscenely
muscular melons. Then she leaned over her crotch,
stretched her insatiable cunt into the size of a well and fully
tensed her chest. The mammoth balloons of pure muscle
immediately reduced the weak, mortal human's legs into a
pulp. The orca shook her torso and the rest of mother's
body tore under its weight and fell into her endless hole.

Maya quickly began to masturbate and came before her
mother managed to bleed to death. The first squeezings of
her strong orgasm changed mother's body into a bloody
carcass and forced it erupting out. Puddles of blood
blended with the water and soon disappeared in the drain...

... and little Maya became adult.

The End

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