new story: Orcas' World - Metamorphosis, pt.4

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Orcas' World 3 - Metamorphosis
by DEA
part 4 - Old friends

note: if you haven't read the previous parts, you may get confused.
They are in my bookshelf on this server.

The holidays are coming to the end and the big Maya returns to
school to meet Eric, her first love.

"Eric, finish up and then you are free," said the janitor to his son,
when they both had been all the day preparing the dormitories for
the beginning of the next school year.

"Yes, dad," a nice 15 year old boy replied.

His father left and his steps echoed from the corridor. Eric started
the last work. After a while, he noticed something. He heard the
steps again, louder. They were coming nearer. He got up and
went to have a look.


A huge silhouette emerged from the shadow and quickly strode to
him. Eric gulped. My God, what is it?

"Hi, Eric," Maya greeted him smiling, amused with his

"My God, Maya…. Is that you?!" he groaned in shock.

"Hmmmm," she nodded, "I've grown a little bit. And I've learned a
few new things…," she laughed and dropped her bag on the floor.

"You are huge…"

"I know," she responded, licking her lips. Then she unzipped her
leather jacket.

"Maya, no… You can't.. You are an Orca… You'd crush me to a

Maya unfastened her skirt and wearing only a snow - white lace
underwear approached him. Eric went silent.

"Hmmm.. I've had a good holiday, really, but I was looking forward
to you the most," she said, starting to caress his shoulders.

"No, Maya…"

"Don't be scared. I'm not a virgin any more. And I don't consider
myself 'underage'," she laughed, jiggling her tremendous breasts.
“Take my panties off!" she ordered him.

Eric grasped her firm white elastic panties and with a great effort
and humiliation pulled them off over her huge thigh muscles.

Maya watched his little skinny body, half the size of her thighs, and
smiled, "I don't know if you can keep up with me if you can't
manage even my panties," she teased him.

Humbled Eric tried hard but mostly caused her only a pleasant
massage. "Do you like my legs?" she asked him tauntingly, when
he finally succeeded.

"Hmm.. yea, a lot. Cute."

"Cute? Would you like being squeezed between them?" she
inquired in a threatening voice.


"Oh, boy…we'll see… lick me up, boy. Now!" she continued in a
tone allowing no resistance.

Eric quietly obeyed and began to worship her giant cunt.

Maya moaned and began to stroke his hair tenderly. Then her bra
fell down and she caressed and rubbed her vast, omnipotent tits
and nipples.

She pushed him back and both sat onto the bed. Then she
unzipped his jeans and stripped them off. Grasping his little penis,
she engulfed it completely inside her sensual mouth and began to
suck it.

When it was hard like stone, she lay on the bed and dragged him
onto her vast, dark body. He looked like her child.

"Fuck me, Eric," she said threateningly, emphasizing this point
with a crushing embrace, and spread her huge legs.

He quickly obeyed, sweating with fear and hoping that she let him
live once he'd satisfied her. He was really trying hard, but his teen
cock and light, 120 pound body couldn't please such a horny
giantess. He was only making her more and more horny and
crazy. She was laying on the bad, feeling him like an old vibrator
with worn batteries. She needed a man! Or better, a stallion or
another orca. She angrily tensed all her muscles and let them
shake with her magnificent body. Eric was thrown into the air and
heavily landed onto one of her hard thighs. He looked at her with
fear, being afraid that the job he had been doing wasn't so good
he had thought.
It wasn't…
"Fuck me hard, you wimp, or I'll fuck you by myself and that'd be a
really bad for you!" she commanded him in a strict, terrifying voice.
"Fuck me with your fist and I advise you to make me cum or I'll
mash your whole pathetic body into a paste!"

The frightened Eric obeyed and briskly began to feed her
insatiable cunt with his arm, ramming it quickly in and out. It got
wet soon and Maya began to moan, finally having some joy from
her utter dominance. Eric knew that the only way to keep himself
alive was to continue and satisfy her at any price.

However, he didn't know how much time it would take. He had
been fucking her for half an hour and except her loud moaning it
seemed almost infinite. He was flooded with sweat, from hard
work and fear, all veins in his tender arm were swollen,
threatening to burst, muscle cramp was slowly filling up his whole
body, but his basic instincts simply didn't allow him to stop. He
knew he couldn't stand it for long and prayed for her to cum. But it
was too much for him. His tempo slowed and he felt himself being
close to a heart stroke.

"Don't stop now or I'll kill you!" she shouted angrily, feeling him
stopping while she was finally getting near to her peak.

He clenched his teeth and continued. She was watching him with
a wicked smile, knowing what was going to happen next.

With a few last strokes he succeeded and made her happy.

She came and a huge orgasm shook her whole amazing body.
Her cunt tensed violently, crushing his fist and his whole forearm
to a pulp. The boy screamed with pain at this horrifying display of
her ultimate superiority and tried to yank his hand out. However,
more and more spasms came and when he finally managed to
recover his poor arm, he realized with horror that it tore off at the
Before he fainted, Maya quickly sat up and threw him on the bed.
Then she lay playfully onto him and with a few friendly, passionate
hugs and squeezes silenced him definitely. She playfully fondled
his limp body until it changed into a shapeless, almost liquid

She got up and watched the results. His body was flat, like it had
been rolled by a steam roller, bones broken, muscles pulped. His
eyes were frozen with terror, still helplessly begging for mercy.
Blood, blood everywhere.

"You shouldn't party with big girls if you can't take the
consequences," she laughed.
But she hadn't much time to enjoy it. Another toy was coming to
fulfill its fate…

"Eric, are you there?" she heard a female voice from the corridor.
A young, tall girl came in and froze when she saw the gory mess
there. Wordlessly, she turned round and tried to run away. She
was fast, but not enough. Maya's fist hit her back and sent her
crashing to the floor. It wasn't a full impact, but was hard enough
to hurt the slender girl's spine. She lay on the carpet, desparetely
trying to get up and screaming with horror after realizing she had
been crippled.

Without saying a word, Maya bent down, gasped her violently and
tossed her onto the bed. She clasped the girl’s long, shapely legs
between her obscenely muscular thighs and ripped off her blouse
and bra. The shocked girl screamed even more. Smiling evily,
Maya began wildly to kiss and lick her flat chest, almost crushing it
with her beautiful head.

"I like eating people, especially little sluts like you" she said when
she lifted her off the ground, biting her tit until blood sprayed

She lifted her higher and higher, rubbing her firmly against her
enormous chest. Then she put both of her huge palms on the girl's
delicate upper back and squeezed. A few cracks were heard when
her ribcage collapsed and her chest got the triangular shape as it
was being wedged between the orca's huge cleavage. Maya
slowly continued crushing her to death. "I…am…his……," the
dying girl was trying to say something, but Maya paid no attention.
Her small, soft tits were mashed to a pulp against Maya's iron hard
chest muscles, her lungs burst and finally her whole torso; blood
and gore gushing all over Maya's gigantic superbody. "… sister…,"
were her last, almost inaudible words.

Maya smiled, took a deep breath and felt the sensation of crushing
the rest of the fragile human corpse solely between her vast
melons. A few bones cracked more as her steely globes touched
each other… and that was all.

She let her remains slump down and roughly cleaned herself with
the bedsheets. Then she put on her clothes and left the room in
the state of a slaughterhouse.

However, it wouldn't be the last tragedy for the janitor's family...

"Eric?! Pass me the hammer, please." said the janitor, who lay
under a bed, repairing something in a room Maya was just passing
by, when he heard the steps in the corridor. A fatal mistake. Maya
just smiled and jumped high into the air. Her huge ass landed
heavily onto the bed, changing into splinters as well as his whole
fragile body. A small puddle of blood, slowly flooding the floor,
became the only mark of his grave…

She got up, still smilling, and left school unseen.

end of this part, to be continued

Thanks Seldom for helping me with the grammer