new story - Orcas' World - Metamorphosis, pt3

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Orcas World 3 – Metamorphosis
by DEA
part 3 - A religious debate – Maya proves to a priest that she really loves her mother a lot. But in a little bit different way…

”Hi, Maya, come in,” mother welcomed her after another fourteen

”Hi, mum. How are you doing?” Maya asked her and lifted her from
the ground like a toy to kiss her tenderly on the forehead. Mother
shivered. Maya was about 7 feet tall and her body consisted almost
exclusively of 440 lbs. of inhumanly huge muscles.
Mother had indeed shrunk to a laughable 33 pounds and when
Maya put her down again, she didn’t even reach daughter’s already
very feminine crotch. ”What a cute doll you are!” laughed Maya and
went to the living room.

Mother followed her and couldn’t resist watching the impressive
play of the muscles of her gigantic black butt, tightly filling her black
elastic shorts and her huge legs.
”I must be strong now,” mother thought, ”I must make it.”

There was a man sitting in the living room. A priest. He stood up in
surprise when he saw Maya.

”Father, this is my daughter, whom I told you about. Maya, this is
Father Benedict, who baptized you. He came to tell you something,”
mother introduced them. The priest was unpleasantly surprised. His
sheep asked him to have a talk with her 12 year old daughter and
suddenly he was facing a huge orca.

‘My God, how they can have such muscles?’ He didn’t understand.
Despite his fear, he reached her hand. ”Hi, Maya.”

”Hi, Ben,” she replied.

”Father Benedict,” mother corrected her firmly.

”Father Ben,” said Maya calmly and sat into a massive armchair.

”You know, Maya,” he started, ”your mother invited me, because
she was afraid for you. She wanted me to tell you something. You
know, our Lord loves the people who respect his Laws. The ones
who don’t respect them go to Hell. You know the Laws. Respecting
your father and mother is one of them….”

”But I love my mother,” Maya interrupted him.

”I heard something else, Maya,” the priest continued strictly, ”I was
told you contradicted her and didn’t obey. That’s a sin. A big sin!”

”I love her. Maybe not with my heart, but I do with my whole body.
And it’s sometimes more than enough.” She giggled and looked at
her mother until she shivered. ”Ben, have you ever had sex with a
woman?” Maya asked innocently.

”What…?!” he turned red, ”Maya, you are too small for such

”Small?” Maya repeated threateningly and stood up.

”Young, I meant to say,” the priest apologized quickly.

She slowly strode to the door and locked it. Then she took the key
out and put it on a high case, far from their reach. They both looked
at each other in panic. What the Hell she wants to do?!

”I asked you something, Ben,” she continued firmly.

”Well, I’m a priest, I live a life of celibacy, so without women,” the
frightened priest stammered and mother burst into tears.

”And would you like to have it with my mother?” she asked defiantly.

”No,” he swallowed hard.

”But you know, why you came here. You know the things I do with
her. You know how I play with her. She’s my toy. And you are my
toy as well.” Maya continued, proclaiming his fate.

”But I’m a priest. I serve God. I can’t.” he defended.

”But I want you to fuck her hard, Ben. And when I say hard, I mean
really hard. I want to see it. I want to see you fucking her. I want her
to scream with delight.”

”But… but I can’t,” replied the priest in a deep shock.

Maya got up and without saying a word grabbed him by the hair and
pulled him out of the armchair, paying no attention to mother’s
hysteric crying. ”I don’t know what Hell looks like but being torn into
pieces isn’t quite pleasant and this I can show you right know! Do
you hear, Ben?! Go on!” she ordered him and with one flick tore his
habit off.

”I can’t… it is not possible,” he repeated like in a trance.

The big hand clasped him around his neck and lifted him easily off
the ground. ”Aaaaaaa!!!” he screamed in pain, when her iron grip
almost pushed his eyes out of their sockets, ”I’ll do it!!!” he rattled.

”You’ll do what?”

”I’ll fuck her!”

”Fuck her how?” she taunted him.

”I’ll fuck her hard!!” he groaned, ”let me go!!”

”That’s the spirit!” she praised him and released her crushing grasp.
The priest fell to the ground and held his throat. Then he got up and
slowly began to undress his trousers. Maya sat in the armchair
again, aroused in advance from the image of what was going to

”Lick her, at first!” she ordered him and took off her tight elastic bra,
revealing her mighty muscular boobs. Then she started to caress

Mother didn’t care any more. The last chance to stop it, to reverse
it, had changed into a fiasco and only God knew what her adoptive
daughter insisted to do with them. ”God, what have I done?” she
cried quietly.

The naked priest kneeled before her and slowly pulled off her skirt
and panties. Then he reluctantly inserted his head between her
wizened, gray thighs and smelled her musty cunt.

”Lick it! Lick it, Ben. Haven’t you licked a lollipop? So, do it exactly
in the same way. Go on!” she shouted, jumped out of the armchair
and wedged his head into mother’s virgin-like twat. He quickly
began to lick it, mechanically, like a machine. Maya watched it with
a grin and her gigantic nipples began getting erect. ”Yea, that’s it!
Like a lollipop,” she laughed, ”go on!” and took off her shorts. There
wasn’t anything more under them.

However, Maya couldn’t stand this arousing view for a long time.
”That’s enough, you toys!” she interrupted them after a while. Her
time arrived. ”You are having too much fun… come here!” she
commanded him, opening her mammoth thighs, ”Go on! Lick me

The priest hesitantly kneeled in front of her, and almost sacredly,
like he was praying, put his head between her thighs. The immense
bulk of her thighs, huge, steel hard muscles and her arousing scent
quickly made him horny. He wedged his head into her colossal cave
and began to lick it. Slowly at first, but then faster and faster. The
years of celibacy had made him really mad and he felt his life
chance now.

Maya laughed evily and knew she could control him completely.
Like all the victims she had toyed with. She delightfully looked at
her mighty, oak trunks-sized thighs, and the feeling that she could
completely effortlessly crush him to a pulp within a second, made
her hot even more.

”And you, bitch,” she ordered her mother, ”suck him!”

Mother got up resignedly and looked like she didn’t care about
anything any more. She knelt beside the priest and began to suck
his shaft from the side. Maya moaned. The view at the helpless, tiny
figures, doing things against their very will and fearing for their pitiful
lives, made her horny every time. Moreover, it was her mother and
a priest now. She delightfully began to stroke the priest’s head with
her left hand, with the other she rubbed her swollen oversized
nipples. ‘One flick with my wrist and I’d snap his neck like a match!’
the vision of growing utter domination was making her aroused
beyond limit.

Mother was indeed experiencing her first blow job. Like the priest,
her excitement, adequate to her total sexual abstinence, grew
rapidly and she did her job faster and faster. ‘God, it’s so disgusting
though it makes me feel so good. Why haven’t I tried it before?’ she
thought. The priest’s cock was hard like a stone and he felt it like
his personal loss. He still fought with the idea that he shouldn’t like
something like that, but the opiate smell of Maya’s vast cunt was
slowly, yet inexorably taking over.

”How do you like it?” Maya asked him scornfully, but he had his
mouth full of her cavernous hole and its juices. ”You’re good,” she
praised him, ”thanks, mum, that you brought him here,” she said to
mother. ”I’ll give you a bonus,” she turned back to the priest,
”something I’m sure you haven’t experienced at all!” she giggled,
opened her extremely muscular legs and laid them over armrests of
the armchair. ”Breath in,” she recommended to him and completely
rammed his whole head deep into her bottomless cunt. The whole
act was accomplished with a loud scream, which, however, ceased
in a smacking sound, when the cunt mercilessly engulfed him

”Oooooohh.. that‘s great!” she felt delightfully his desperate
attempts to get out, ”go on, loverboy!” she moaned and began to
massage his helpless body with her hot palms. The priest tried hard
to beat into her goddess-like body, he tried to bury fingers into her
steely thighs, but it was pointless. On the contrary, he felt her iron
cunt grip suffocating him. ‘God, don’t let me die in such a…a.. cunt,’
he prayed and still helplessly fought.

After a while, Maya felt his laughable defense bringing her to
orgasm and realized that it would pop his head like an egg. ‘Not yet,
I must hold back. It’d be too quick.’ she was persuading herself not
to let her ecstasy finish his pitiful life at once. She released her grip
and pulled the almost limp priest out, just before she came.
”Oooooohhhh… Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!” she yelled, ”my God, what a

The priest fell onto the ground and tried to catch his breath. Maya
calmed down slowly and smiled evilly, ”We’re goin’ on. There’ll be
change now. Fuck her hard! Fuck her ass!” she ordered the priest
and pulled her unfortunate mother to her cunt instead of him.

The priest, still tottering, got into position behind mother and began
to fuck her from there. Suddenly, he terribly wanted to fuck. Fuck
her hard. Fuck her till she won’t be able to walk. He began to ram
her powerfully, fast and deep.

”So, mum, how do you like it?” she asked her tauntingly, ”you
wanted it that way, didn’t you? God’s love!” she laughed, ”look how
nicely he fucks you. I must reward him for that then!”

Mother didn’t hear. She was completely overwhelmed by the smell
of Maya’s cave, which was like the strongest aphrodisiacs. She
delightfully caressed huge boulders of iron hard muscles and in
ecstasy licked her and sucked the unlimited amounts of her
intoxicating juices. She felt her little ass being brutally fucked from
behind and the delight and arousing pain was quickly filling her
whole body. Then Maya lifted her little head and whispered, ”Lie on
your back.” Mother obeyed and the priest began fuck her classically
from the top.

However, this idyllic time couldn't last long. Both of them were so
absorbed in this pleasure that they didn’t realize that Maya got up
and took a huge, black, two-sided dildo from the case, with its size
adequate to a very well-hung stallion.

Mother indeed began moaning loudly and a strong orgasm flooded
her cunt. Her daughter watched it, satisfied. ”I hope you’ve had a
good time with him, because now, I want to have it too!” she said
darkly, gripping the poor priest’s neck from behind and lifting him
into the air.

”If you make me cum, I’ll finish your worthless life less painfully,”
she offered him generously and not waiting for the answer, she
grasped him with her huge palms at his skinny waist and in this
crushing embrace lifted him effortlessly high above the ground. Her
big, sensual mouth engulfed his tiny equipment. ”Mmmm, I’ll wring
you!” she mumbled and sucked him with the power of a water
pump. It was so intense that he came in a few seconds.

”Aaaaaah.. that’s all?!” frustrated Maya shouted and squeezed him
even harder. The crushing grip of her fingers didn’t find any relevant
resistance in his puny body and Maya felt with a brutal amusement
how his pelvis deformed and cracked and parts of the internal
organs changed into a gory mess. The priest screamed with the
horrible pain and in disbelief watched his body helplessly giving up
to her absolute physical superiority. Then he only felt a short fall
onto the ground when she released her destructive hug.

”Make me cum or I’ll take you with this!” she said threateningly,
showing him that horrifyingly huge, rubber coated, steel dildo.

The priest trembled. He felt incredible hurt and heat in his crippled
torso. Legs, snapped into pieces, lay in strange angles and he
desperately tried to put them into a less painful position.

”OK, I’ll help you,” she laughed at his impotent attempts and slowly
stood above him. He saw in terror her giant size and shape,
amplified by the terrifying perspective. However, Maya didn’t give
him much time to admire her goddess like body. She slowly sat
onto his still erect cock, squeezed it crushingly with her iron hard
vaginal muscles and she began to rise, with the poor priest held in
the air only with her immensely strong cunt.

Long, inhuman scream filled the room again. ”Shout! Shout, that
makes me hot. At least I know you are still alive!” Maya laughed.
Then she released her grip and let him fall to her legs. When he
hardly managed to open his eyes, he saw her squatting down
again, huge thighs wide open, unstoppable, like an eagle going for
its prey.

”AAAAAaaa!!!” and he was in the air again. Boom! And again: up –
down, up – down, up – down… Maya was a playful child, innocently
exploring the possibilities of her superhuman body. The pain began
to overwhelm his consciousness after a while and he stopped being
able to feel his body. He only felt how she lifted him again and
again like a feather, nothing, and how he helplessly hung under the
body of a 12-year giantess, who really seemed to enjoy his
evidently facile liquidation a lot. She was putting her crushers closer
and closer and the gap for his little body was smaller and smaller,
crushing his torso mercilessly. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain, she
opened her vice, a thud, and he was on the ground again. Then
something fell on him. A piece of bloodied meat. His penis!

His mind was slowly sinking into unconsciousness and only like in a
fog saw Maya lubricating the giant-sized dildo with her juices and
easily putting half of it into her insatiable hole. The vision of such a
disgraceful death forced him to the last effort and with the rest of his
power he tried to crawl away to the door. He got only a few feet and
he felt being again lifted by his neck into the air by her unstoppable
power and being thrown on the high eating-table.

”I’ve quite been satisfied with you. Especially thank you for my
mother. I will fulfil you something in reward. You!” she laughed,
”don’t be scared, I’ve already stuffed the turkey.” and slowly began
to rub his little anus with the thick cock’s head. Then she tensed her
vaginal muscles and felt the steel under the thin rubber bending at
her squeeze and started penetrating him.

The priest tried to keep his ass clenched but had no chance. Maya
grasped firmly at the table and with one smooth contraction of her
huge black ass and thighs rammed it slowly into him. Thanks to her
immense power she almost didn't feel his anus tear like it was wet
toilet paper. The bigger and bigger hole was filled in with the
inhuman sized dildo like with a huge cork. His intestines reacted like
overinflated balloons and his stomach met the same fate a few
seconds after. A two feet killer was already half inside his little
tortured body. Maya straightened up and with incredible arousal felt
the dangling priest slowly dying in terrible pains. His convulsionary
attempts of getting out of her executing tool transmitted pleasant
vibrations into her hot cunt. She rhythmically began to tense and
release her mighty muscles and swing the poor priest like a toy.

Then it came. A huge orgasm came through her. Her whole body
changed into steel and she froze there like a marble goddess of
death and destruction. She recovered after a while and noticed the
dying priest, jerking in mortal spasms on her monstrous dildo. Hard,
with arms swollen into unbelievable bulks, she clasped him violently
under armpits and without feeling anything, she fulfilled his fate with
one slow ram of her mammoth ebony hamstrings and ass.

end of part 3

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