new story: Orcas' World - Metamorphosis, pt.2

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Orcas‘ World – Metamorphosis
by DEA
part 2 - First Blood - Mother realizes her fate

Some violence and sex in this part… well, this is why you read it, at

part 2

”God, forgive me. I‘ve fornicated. And what's more: I fornicated with a
woman. With my adoptive daughter, whom I raise. Forgive me, please,
forgive her and me. It wasn‘t me who started it and it would never have
come into my mind. I was made to. I was raped!” mother burst into
tears in church.

”Despite all, I am guilty,” she continued, ”because I liked it!” she
shouted out hysterically. ”Forgive me, please, and forgive her, too.
Give me the will to resist it and keep my dignity. Let it not continue.”

After next fourteen days

”Hi,” Maya greeted her mother with a broad smile, ”I was looking
forward to you very much.”

”Hi,” mother replied quietly.

”What a cute little girl you are!” Maya couldn’t stop laughing at her tiny
mother, who was barely reaching above her waist. "You are
completely fading away! On the contrary, I’ve grown a little bit again –
I’m 6’3’’ tall and weight over 260 pounds.”

Mother was recovering from the shock. She had expected that Maya
would have grown but the view of her gigantic figure with the muscles
of an extreme male bodybuilder of the past era and watermelon-sized
breasts exceeded her expectations a lot. She herself had indeed
shrunk to 4’ and 55 lbs. Maya wore thin white elastic shorts and a lycra
top and her mother had to admit that it made her hot. She tried to
mask it but it was really hard to resist staring at Maya’s magnificent

Maya came in and closed the door. ”I missed you, mum” she said

Mother stepped back into the corner. ”Maya, I must tell you something.
You did a big evil to me last time. It had nothing to do with God.
Nothing at all. It maybe looked like I liked it in the end, but that’s not
true. We mustn’t continue in it anymore. That’s a sin. A big sin. And
that’s a sin, as well, to expose yourself in that way.” She pointed at
Maya's skin-tight clothing.

”You are right, it was really pretty naive,” agreed Maya, ”and it was
because of your upbringing. Now, I’m an adult.”

”Do you know what you did? I’ll tell you when you are so very adult.
You raped me!” mother screamed.

”Raped? That’s how YOU may see it,” Maya laughed. ”I was only
playing. I was playing with you like with a doll. You are my toy now,
just a toy for my own private entertainment. This is the only importance
of your existence now. Remember it!”

Mother gulped and her daughter continued, ”but I don’t need to rape
you, do I? Tell me, do I?” she asked and stepped closer to her.

”Maya, no… you can’t..,” mother stammered.

”I can. You’ll see I can.” laughed Maya and softly pinned her to the
wall with her huge thigh. She began to stroke her hair and continued
her humiliation. ”How does it feel being completely helpless? How do
you feel helplessly waiting, till I toy with you, till I rape you again?”

The stroking was more and more powerful. Maya started to rub
mother’s face against her muscular abdomen and then she slowly
pulled her to her hot womanhood. Her mother tried to fight, but against
her giant daughter she had no chance at all. ”Do you like it? That you
don’t resist me.. or are you already so weak I that can’t feel you?”
Maya teased her and began to massage her thinly clothed crotch with
mother’s little head. Mother’s defense slowly ceased and she realized
how terribly horny she had got. Her tiny hands began to caress
daughter’s immense hot thigh muscles and she began to rub her face
against orca’s mighty cunt.

”Hold on, you horny little bitch! Now it’s YOUR turn to make me cum!”
Maya shouted angrily and ripped off mother’s blouse with one flick.
Pale, thin and a little bit scrawny, mother's body evoked a scornful grin
on her face. ”You are not worth me, but you’re still my mum.” she
giggled and took off her lycra top. ”These are breasts?” she laughed at
her sagging lipoid tissues and squeezed them till her mother cried out
with pain. ”These are breasts!” she said proudly and tensed her chest
muscles. Gigantic melons of muscles pulsed and mother had to admit
that she wouldn’t mind being trapped between them. ”Would you like
to lick them?” laughed Maya, ”Don’t be afraid, you will soon!” and lifted
mother under armpits and carried her to the bedroom. She threw her
on the bed there and tore down the rest of her clothing like an
unstoppable tigress. Then she undressed herself, too.

”No, Maya, no. Please. I’m your mother.” she begged her but in fact
felt a strange desire to be raped.

”You’re my TOY,” Maya responded harshly, gasped mother's hair and
pulled her to her big cunt. ”Lick it! Lick it, or it’s gonna hurt you a lot!”
she said in such a threatening way that the frightened mother began,
though reluctantly, to lick it.

”Good.., you little slut,” Maya laughed after a while and pushed
mother’s head from her worshiped cunt. She knocked her down onto
the bed, spread her colossal legs and kneeled over her little fragile
body. Then mother could only feel being again pulled by the
unbearable strength to her daughter’s mammoth twat. Maya then
pressed her giant thighs together and forcefully fixed her mother’s face
into it.

”Go on!” she ordered mercilessly.

Mother felt daughter’s inhuman thigh muscles crushing her whole
head, and because of their width, trying to rip it off the torso at all. Her
body arched like a bow but there was no chance to move even a
millimeter from the brutal grip of her daughter’s iron thighs.

”Go on or I’ll crack you like a nut!” Maya roared impatiently and the
terrified mother began to lick her shaven cunt again. It covered most of
her tiny face and amounts of Maya's juices began to flood her soon.
She couldn’t do anything else but to swallow them all and their taste
and smell, mixed with her own helplessness made her aroused as she
had been 14 days ago. She suddenly just wanted to lick her up.
Licking her up completely, making her cum. But the bulk of her juices
soon exceeded her possibilities; she began to choke and the delight of
the licking changed into a struggle for life. She began to jerk with her
whole body to be able to breath in, but Maya’s steely thighs were like a
huge, black, mercilessly tight vice.

On the other hand, Maya felt wonderful. Her strong and beautiful body
was very relaxed and the feeling between her giant trunks was very
pleasant. Moreover, the idea that this delight is caused by her
stepmother, experiencing excruciating pain and humiliation made her
aroused even more. ”You’re quite good,” appreciated Maya, ”not like
the schoolmate whose head I had to crush… ohhh…great, go on! Go
on!!! Move it, you human slut!!!”

The delight between her gigantic muscles grew rapidly and intense
vibrations and contractions of the mighty muscles cruised through her
whole immense figure. She didn’t feel her mother’s little body any
more. The delight rushed through her whole
magnificent body her superorgasm was unstoppably coming.
”AAAAAAaaaaaaaa!!!” she screamed and her body doubled its already
unbelievable bulk of muscles.
Half-suffocated mother felt herself drowning and smothering. Then she
felt powerful beats and contractions of the titanic thighs that shook with
her like a feather. Then a painful crack in her head came and the
abused mother was covered by merciful darkness.

Maya awaked and looked between her torturing tools. Trickles of blood
were flowing down along her ebony, steely muscles, mixing with drops
of sweat and juices and making the bed sheet red. The orca released
her grip and let her limp mother fall onto the bed. She was breathing
feebly, blood was running out of her ears and nose and both
cheekbones were visibly broken. ”A hard little head,” Maya admitted,
”good that you’ve survived, you’d have missed a lot of fun,” she
giggled and went to the phone to call the doctor. Then she turned to
mother once more, ”You’ve been pretty good… As an appetizer. But
now I really feel like going to make a rare steak from somebody!”

End of part 2, to be continued…

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