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Hi to all. I posted the firt parts of this story here a long ago. Nowadays, I finally managed to finish it. I can't see the first parts here anymore, so I'll post them again... It deals about a shrink/growth story - mother shrinks and becomes a plaything of her rapidly growing adopted daughter, changing into a powerfull amazon... enjoy..

Orcas‘ World – Metamorphosis
by DEA
part 1 – ””First Blood”” – Children are inquisitive, sometimes a little bit
too much…

This is a beginning of a large story about a metamorphosis of a cute
little girl into a huge powerful being – an orca.
This part isn‘t as violent as the previous ones, nevertheless it contains
some situations not suitable for minors….


The mutagenic viruses were used in a local war in a far distant
dimension of the universe, similar to ours. These viruses should
have caused the death of the enemy army as well as the civilians.
There was, however, an unintended consequence: the next
generations split into so called ‘Humans’, who physically grew until
age of 15 to the size of normally grown people as we know them
here. At about 20 they began, according to their individual genetic
dispositions, to shrink until they were about 3’’ tall at the age of 40.

The other group was called ‘Orcas’ - women whose height as well
as muscularity rapidly grew between 11 – 12 years of age. These
beings were over 6'7" tall and an unbelievable bulk of steel-hard
muscles gave them a respectable weight of over 600 pounds. If we
take into account their about 50 times higher efficiency and density
of muscle fibers, we can speak about practical invulnerability and
independence of the surrounding world. The other very typical
thing for orcas was their unusual beauty and the perfection of their

After this amazing physical development which usually completely
stopped at the age of 11- 14, the psychic attributes were initiated.
The IQ rating over 180, computer-like memory, great ability to learn
and body movement coordination were the common for every orca
as well as extraordinary intuition. These things enabled orcas to
learn things like telepathy, mind control or astral projection. By
special training orcas could even totally control their bodies –
autonomic processes, diseases or body temperature. The highest
ranked skill was the control of body metamorphosis – they could
change whatever they want – body colors, shapes, sizes even sex,
within a few seconds.

Despite the fact there were only 5% of orcas in the whole
population and the legal system guaranteeing equal rights to
everybody hasn’t change since the end of the war, existence of the
“humans“ became fully dependent on their turns of mind and

(If you don‘t like what you‘ve read you don't need to continue. It‘s
based on it.)

Part 1

Peggy Collins’ husband and daughter died during a car crash six years
ago. The unfortunate mother adopted a five year old little black girl one
year later.
This is a story about their real mutual love, which happens over the
next five years.
However, it sometimes happens that even a good act isn’t rewarded in
the same way…

”Good morning, mummy,” Maya greeted her adoptive mother that day.

”Good morning, Maya. What a beautiful day today!” mother

”Yes, mum,” replied Maya and it was obvious that something worried

”What’s happening, Maya? Has something happened to you?” mother
asked her with concern.

”I don’t know what happened, but I couldn’t sleep the whole night. I felt
a strange pressure in my whole body.” said Maya.

”A pressure?” mother inquired.

”Yes, a pressure. Especially here,” confirmed Maya and put her little
hands on her chest.

”Don’t touch yourself there, that’s a sin!” mother almost shouted out.
Then she calmed down and said, ”Well.. don’t be scared child… you
probably only grow.”

”I hope so,” the frightened Maya replied, ”my clothes and shoes are
tight now. Everywhere.”

”Don’t worry, you simply grew. I’ll give you a new dress to wear at
school. Come have breakfast now and have some fun before you have
to leave again,” said mother and kissed her forehead.

After 14 days. Maya returns from boarding school…

Trrr… rang the bell at the entrance. Mother ran to open the door.
When she opened it, she froze in shock. Maya stood in front of her
and directly looked into her eyes. ‘How it is possible that she is
suddenly so big?” she asked herself, ‘she must be at least five feet tall,
like me, and she is maybe even heavier!’ she thought.

”Hi, mum,” said Maya and admitted, ”I’ve grown a little bit again.”

”Hi, Maya. Welcome home,” mother replied and tried to brazen it out.

”Anything new at school?” mother asked her during cooking.

”The teacher looks at me in an odd way now that I’ve grown so much.
The dress didn’t last a week and she had to give me a new one. And
still, I have the strange feelings,” continued Maya, ”here and here,”
and put her hands on her breasts and between her thighs. ”I also
realized that it’s nice when I stroke myself there…”

”My God, don’t do it child, or God damns you!” mother was shocked,
”don’t do that anymore!” and faced directly against her daughter.

”But why?” It is so sweet,” innocent Maya asked her and came closer
to mother, ”really.”

”Touching your body with pleasure is a delusion of the Devil,” insisted
mother, slightly nervous from the new size of her adopted daughter.

”But why?” Maya repeated the question and grasped her breasts, ”you
haven’t done that, mother?”

”Never,” she replied and had a bad feeling that she hadn’t raised this
girl as well as she had wished. ”Go and beg for forgiveness for your

Maya stroked her breasts for a while and looked rebelliously into her
eyes, nevertheless she said, ”Yes, mum.”

After next 14 days…

‘I’ll make a cake to welcome Maya,” mother told herself, opened the
cupboard and reached for flour. However, she suddenly wasn’t able to
get it, a few inches were missing. ‘What’s happening?’ she asked
herself in surprise, ‘I’m not so old; it’s not normal to shrink so quickly.’
She stepped on the weighing-machine and the scale showed 77
pounds. ’12 pounds less than last time. I’ve shrunk,’ claimed mother,
‘but it’s still somehow strange.’

The bell ringing broke into her thinking. ‘Maya! That’s already Maya!
She’s gonna be bigger than me now!” she thought desperately and
dashed to the door to open it.
She was right. Maya was a head taller than her. But not only taller. Her
athletic body with its obvious muscularity and her large bust were
shown off with tight trousers and a sweater.

‘Hi,” smiled Maya and kissed her on the forehead, how her mother had
used to do short time before.

”What is it?” groaned out mother when she saw her new clothing.

”The clothes didn’t last a week again and these were bought for me by
one boy,” replied Maya calmly.

”A boy? At a finishing school?” wondered mother.

”Yes. He’s the janitor’s son. We like each other very much.” said

”Maya, you are only eleven. You can’t live with sins,” mother
reproached her.

”Don’t worry, mum. I’m not small anymore,” laughed Maya, gripped
mother under her armpits and lifted her easily off the ground, ”I’m 5’6’’
tall and weigh 155 pounds. And you, mother?” she asked tauntingly.

Mother was surprised with her daughter’s strength and felt humiliated.
Maya felt that, too; she put her down and began to narrate: ”We really
like each other very much. We speak about everything. I asked him
about the breasts. They have grown a lot as well.. And do you know
what he said? That it is all right, when I stroke them. And he also
showed me how to do it even more pleasing. And I also know a new
secret – here between my legs,” she said and reached between her
black muscular thighs.

Mother shouted out in shock.
”My God, say that’s not true..” she whispered.

”He also told me,” Maya continued, ”that every woman liked it. I told
him, that my mum wouldn‘t like it at all, but he said it couldn’t be true,
that really every woman likes it. So, we made a bet.”

”Made a bet?” repeated mother nervously.

”Yes. We made a bet. Whether you will like it.”
”Like it?” mother began to worry.

”Yea,” Maya nodded and came closely to her and skillfully put her
palms on mother’s plain bust.

Mother jerked away like being bitten by a snake, but there was no
room to retreat. Maya pinned her to the wall with her larger body and
slowly but firmly began to caress her small breasts.

”What… what are you doing?!” mother shouted out.

”That’s the bet,” replied Maya resolutely, ”I must know it,” and
continued in the >massage< . Mother desperately tried to get out of
this ‘loving’ embrace, but she had no chance against her twice as
heavy, muscular daughter. From a few inches she could only in awe
admire her mighty bust and feel her own impotence.

After a while, Maya finally realized mother’s hopeless resistance. She
stepped back and looked into her crying face. ”Sorry, mum,” she said
sadly, ”I didn’t want that.” Mother slowly slumped to the floor in shock.
”I’m sorry,” repeated Maya and didn’t know what to say.

However mother didn’t perceive it. She was in a deep shock and she
still had her mighty tits before her eyes and feeling how her strong
arms were crushing her own breasts. She had already been raped.
Raped by a woman. Raped by her daughter. She felt like a toy against
her. She sat on the floor in tears and suddenly realized with horror that
this humiliation made her aroused. Strange, but pleasant energies and
heat were flowing through her whole body. ”God, forgive me. I’ll
probably faint,” she whispered and limply toppled down.

”Orca Information Hotline, hello.”

”Good morning. My name is Peggy. I’d like to ask you about

”Good morning. Go on, we’re here for you.”

”Something strange has happened to my adopted daughter. She has
grown one feet and 75 pounds within a month. Do you think she could
be orca?”

”I’m afraid so. How old is she?”


”And what about you: have you shrunk somehow during that time?”

”Yes, quite a lot.”

”So, she’s orca almost without any doubt. She takes energy from you.”

”And what should I do?”

”You aren’t orca, are you?”


”So, nothing. Do nothing.”

”Nothing? What does it mean >nothing”>Nothing< unfortunately means that we cannot help you or advise
you at all. So, you can do anything you think is good.”

”What… what does that mean?”

”Sorry to say that, but we have experience, that your daughter, even
though adopted, is going kill you within a year with 100% sureness.
We have tried to advise the people dozens of various ways how to
behave, but the results have been the same every time – the death of
the parents or step-parents and all the close relatives.”

”It can’t be true! I don’t believe you!”

”I sorry for that,” the voice continued, ”but you can’t even escape.
Orcas are somehow connected to these people with such a strong tie,
that all the time they simply know where you are.”

”But what about the Law, we still have the same rights and there are
many more of us. It would be murder!”

”Unfortunately,” the voice laughed sadly, ”there are 96.3% of humans
in this country according to the last statistics, but if orcas decided to,
the whole of humanity would vanish within a few days and nobody
would be able to do anything about it. So, the Law is for nothing. This
is the orcas’ world.”

”Help me for the Christ Sake! Please! She was such a cute little girl…”
she burst into tears.

”A cute little girl? She hasn’t raped you yet? The people usually call
after that..”

”What?! Well.. in fact, she pawed at my breasts.”

”So, this is only the beginning. The reality is that every orca’s parents
are raped. Several times. Then she fucks them to death. The only
thing I can advise you is to choose a coffin. But, in fact, you don’t need
to, since you’ll probably be mashed to a gory pulp. A plastic bag is
better... That’s all. God bless you.” said the voice and hung up.

Mother, pale like a wall, held the receiver a while more. Then she

Mother's life changed. It was filled with fear. Fear for her life. She
awaited her daughter’s arrival with dread. Maya arrived on Saturday,
but it all seemed well, as it had been in past. Well, almost all – she had
grown to six feet and her 200 pound body was full of muscles. Big
biceps, shoulders, washboard abs, perfectly shaped, strong legs and
big muscular breasts had created an awesome combination. Beautiful
contours of her ebony face were complemented by long, raven like
hair. She was also very gorgeous and attractive. Every part of her
body was just perfect. She had been simply completing her orca’s
magnificent genetic potential. On the other hand, mother had shrunk to
4’3’’ / 65 pounds and didn’t even reach to her well-developed chest.

”Any news at school?” mother tried to find a suitable, unconflictful
topic, while she was washing up. She had to use a chair to be able to
reach the sink.

”Well, a few problems with my new size. And I also don’t understand
why I have to learn such stupid things. If it goes on in this way, I’ll have
to quit it. Eric is the only thing which holds me there now.”

”Eric? Is this…”

”Yea, this is the boy I made the bet with last time. He really knows a
lot about women. He didn’t understand how he could have lost. I
probably did something wrong. Well, it doesn’t matter. He really
showed me lots. I had experience like never before. The best was
when he was stroking me here,” she reached between her ebony
thighs, ”and when he did it with his tongue, it was like God touched
me. It had to be something like that, since it was incredibly amazing
feeling. The whole body trembled. I don’t know if you know, but here,
where we piss, there is one little hole more, where you can put several
things inside and then it’s very enjoyable. When you repeatedly pull
something in and out for a while, something like a little roller, you’ll
meet God. You can also do it when you stroke a point above it. He
taught me, how to do it by my own. And because you are religious, we
both agreed that you must like it.”

”Like it? What do you mean by that?” mother began to feel quite

”You’ll see now,” smiled Maya and stepped to mother from behind.
She pressed her to the board of the kitchen unit with her left hand.
Then she slipped the other one under her helpless mother’s skirt and
inserted her hot palm under her little panties. ”Hmm, what beautiful
cute little buttocks you have!” she smiled again when she started to
caress it.

Mother shouted out and jerked with her whole body. But to her horror,
she couldn’t move a millimeter and she quickly realized what was
probably going to happen. Her legs helplessly kicked. ”Noooo, Maya,
noooo!!! My God, nooo! Please!!!” her screams changed into whine.

”Don’t be scared mum. I don’t want to hurt you. I wanna show you

Her large palm slowly caressed mother’s little womanhood and
skillfully began to massage it. Then she rammed two fingers there, the
deepest she could.

”Aaaaa! Help! Maya! Let me be! Pleaaaase!!! Please, please!” she
cried even more.

”Don’t worry. You’ll see, you like it.” Maya calmed her down and slowly
started fucking her. Mother couldn’t move at all. She felt how her back
and chest was squeezed, that she could hardly breathe. She felt, how
her daughter’s big, hot palm embraced the whole of her little bottom
and especially felt how her two big fingers were mercilessly raping her.
She tried to put her legs close together to prevent it, but it was hard to
say if her adopted daughter felt these futile attempts at all. She
continued in fucking her hard and felt her tiny cunt getting wet.

Excitement and vibrations began to ride through the mother’s whole
body and despite the humiliation she felt growing arousal. Pulse and
breath frequency rose and she began to moan loudly. ”You see, you
like it,” laughed Maya, ”and it’s gonna be even better!”

Mother couldn’t help herself, but her nature slowly made her peel her
legs open wider and wider and stuck out her little ass like a horny cat.
”Yea, that’s it!” Maya complimented her and still went on.

Mother was getting more and more wet and the feeling of the absolute
humiliation of being brutally raped like a toy by her 11 years old
daughter on the kitchen unit made her aroused. ‘A barbie doll a month
ago, now it’s me that's her toy today” she thought. ”Yeaaa.. go on!
Fuck me, child! Fuck me, please!” mother stopped her useless
defense and was deep-feeling this delight with the whole of her being.
Maya released her iron grip and began to caress her delicate breasts
from underside and kissed her passionately on her neck and face.
Then it hit and a strong orgasm flooded her. ”Ooooohhh, my God…!”
she moaned and felt into delightful unconsciousness.

End of part 1, to be continued…

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