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Marks Pets part 6 Expanding Lori
Thursday, 27-May-1999 02:00:29 writes:

    Mark`s Pets Part 6 Expanding Lori

    It was now Sunday afternoon, and the Eagles would be without their best wide-receiver (Eric), and would be missing their entire cheerleading squad. Mark couldnt care less about the lives he had ruined. The only thing on his mind was that it was 2:00pm and Greg still hadnt shown up with Shelly. Mark (as usual) had a wonderful night of torturing and tormenting his pets. He was sitting on the couch watching TV, playing with Megan`s tits, when he heard a knock on the door. He quickly hid Megan under the couch cushin and answered the door. It was greg. "Hi buddy! so tell me, what did you think about your toy?" Greg went on about how great she was as Mark grabbed Megan from under the cushin. "Tell me all the details! Did you blow your load on her?". Greg looked at him with discust, "Nooo of course not!". Mark laughed, "I did! I even made her swallow!" Greg was extremly mad, but he didnt say anything because he had something very important that he had to ask.

    "Listen Mark, I got a favour to ask of you" "Go ahead, shoot" "Well, I kinda like, I mean I REALLY like Shelly, can I keep her?" At first Mark didnt know who Shelly was. "Who the fuck is... Ohhhhh... Man, ya know I would say yes,but if your parents found out about her, I`d be fucked!" "Come on, they`ll never find out, I`ll be really careful, I`ll even let you kept my nintendo" "Hmmmmm, ok, but first you got to do something" "What?" Mark went on to explain how he would be in so much trouble if Shelly, somehow escaped. So for his saftey, Mark told Greg that he would have to do something to make him just as guilty as Mark.

    They each put Megan and Shelly on the couch and walked into the kitchen, Mark reached into the fishtank and lifted up his teacher. She was still in a lot of pain and was unable to walk. Mark opened up the lid of his blender and dropped her in, and then put the lid back on. "You are going to have to kill Mrs. Broth" he said to Greg. "You got to be fucking kidding me! No way!" "Whats the problem? you hate her just as much as me, and she is almost dead anyways, you`d be doing her a favor!" Mark wanted to have something on Greg, just like he had on Sue, to protect himself. "Come on man, I cant kill her, besides what would Shelly think of me if I did that?" "She doesnt have to know! If you dont do it, I will, and I might just throw Shelly in there for the hell of it." Now Greg was really pissed off! He probably would have punched Mark in the face if he knew how to fight, but he had never been in a fight in his life, hell, he didnt even know how to make a fist!

    Greg walked over to the blender and looked inside. He could see Mrs. Broths hands pressed up against the glass, and he could hear her tiny crys for help. Since Mark was going to kill her anyways, Greg figured he might as well do it. This way he could at least save Shelly. After a couple of minutes of hesitation, and after Mark kept shouting at him to do it, Greg finally pushed down on the little red button. The blades activated and ripped Mrs. Broth to tiny pieces. The blender was full of blood, and Mark laughed and cheered. "Youre fucking sick!" exclained Greg, "I`m outta here" "No wait! I need you to do one more thing!" "Like what?" Mark told him that he wanted to make Lori, normal sized again, and he wanted to handcuff her to his bed post. But he needed someone to handcuff her while he held the gun, so she wouldnt try to escape.

    Greg said that he would do it in one condition. That he could borrow the gun. At first Mark said no, but Greg told him he would only have it for one day so Mark finally agreed. Greg wasn`t planning on shrinking anyone, he just didnt want Mark to be able to get more victims. After Lori was normal size and handcuffed, naked to the bedpost. Mark spoke to Greg. "Look at that body! You want some of this buddy? Go on, take her in whatever hole you want!" Greg looked at her, she was extremely awesome looking, her nice firm tits were sticking out into the air as her arms were streched out behind her, with her handcuffs wrapped around the brass headboard of Mark`s bed. Greg was still a virgin and he wanted so baddly to fuck the shit out of her, but that would be rape, and he wanted no part of it. "Naaa thats ok, I have to be going now, I`ll see you at school tommorow." "Ok, and dont forget to bring my gun back!" "Ok, later man" "Cya" Greg picked up the gun and Shelly and left for home he was incredably repulsed by what he had done, but at least Shelly was going to be safe.

    Mark went downstairs, and picked up Megan then he put her in the fishtank and carried it up to his room and put it down beside his bed. Lori looked at him in fear, tears were rolling down her pretty cheeks, as she fought to free her self from the handcuffs. Mark held a knife to her throat and then spoke to her. "Dont even think about screaming, or I`ll slice you to peices, understand?" She shook her head as she continued to sob. Mark started to undo his pants as he spoke out again. "Now, youre gonna give what I want, and if you behave like a good girl, I ll let you go tommorow, and you can will be able to see your family, ok?" She nodded her head again, not knowing if he meant what he said(of course he didnt).

    "Spread your legs" She did as she was told as he got ready to insert himself into her. His heart was racing, he was finally gonna get laid. He moaned as he put his dick in her and started to push slowly. He grabbed her tits and started to squease them as hard as he could while he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her. After a couple of minutes, he started raming her as hard as he could, he squeased his hands on her soft forarms as he forceably took his pleasure. The bed as squeaking loudly as the bedposts rattled against the wall. Lori was making soft painful grunting sounds, as she tried to keep from screaming as he raped her. She wanted so badly to tell him to stop, and that he was hurting her, but she knew that would only make him mad so she didnt say anything. Mark was moaning in complete pleasure, as he felt his cock explore her depths.

    Then he slowed down his pumping motions, and reached down into the fishtank beside the bed. He felt around a bit, until he grasped one of the girls. He put his fingers on her long hair and then he yanked on her hair and pulled her out of the tank. He held her out, above Lori`s tits and he noticed it was bigmouth. She was screaming in pain as she held up in the air by her hair. Then he took his cock out of Lori`s body, and he shoved bigmouth all the way in Lori`s pussy. Bigmouth noticed how hot, wet, and dark it was in Lori`s cunt. Then, she felt something smack into her like a ton of bricks. It was Marks cock. He re-inserted himself and started ramming as hard as he could.

    His face snarled as he grabbed Lori`s chin, and turned it to face him. Then he vigorously kissed her as he pounded his meat inside of her. He could feel his cock crushing the poor little girl inside of her, but she was still alive. One of her arms, both of her legs, and most of her ribs were broken, as she screamed in agony as she was covered in both the pre-cum that oozed from Mark`s cock and Lori`s vaginal fluids. Mark moaned as he shot his load in Lori, and splashed his cum all over bigmouth. It was the most amazing experience he had ever had. He was still breathing heavy as he took his penis out of her and laid down beside her. He told her to close her legs and to keep them tightly locked together so that Bigmouth would be trapped inside of Lori`s boiling hot cunt, and was left to drown in Mark`s sperm.

    "You were terrific!" said Mark as he fondled Lori`s breasts. Lori asked if he could undo the handcuffs but Mark laughed, and ignored her as he looked in the fishtank. "Hmmmm" He said, as he looked at the twins, "I want you, and your sister too" He slowly reached both his hands in the tank, and wrapped each hand around the twins. Then he squeased his hands, causing both girls to scream in pain as he lifted them effortlessly out of the tank. Mark went downstairs and sat down on the living room couch and watched tv as he ordered the twins to lick his penis. He spread his legs out as he watched them suck down the remaining sperm on his dick. An hour later he started to get horny again so he went upstairs to pay Lori a little visit. She looked very uncomfortable with the handcuffs still locked to her wrists. Mark noticed bigmouths dead, mangled body dangling out of her pussy. He picked it up and threw it into his garbage can, with no concern.

    "Turn over on your side" He ordered Lori, as she did her best to comply, considering she was still hancuffed to the bed. "Good girl, Now lift your left leg in the air as high as it will go". After she did as she was told, he got behind her, and grabbed her left ankle. "You got such a pretty little ass, bet it`s nice and tight?" Mark said, as he rubbed his cock between her asschecks. "Nooooo, please dont do this to meeee!!!" she begged as she cried. "Come on Lori, I know you really do want my big hard cock up your ass!" Mark started to insert his dick in her ass. He found it much different then when he had fucked her pussy. He had to start out much slower this time, his cock made its way into her only a little bit at a time and she was extremly tight, just as he had expected. She was crying harder then ever has he slowly started pumping.

    After about 10 minutes, his cock was about half way in her, as he picked up the pace. She was screaming in pain. This only made him more horny, and he pushed even harder and faster until his cock was so far in her, that his balls slapped against her ass checks. She had endured so much pain, that now she could only gasp at his fuck strokes. Mark was about to cum, so he quickly took his dick out of her ass, and yanked on her hair, pulling her face towards his cock. Then he put it in her mouth and told her to swallow as he blasted his cocksauce down her throat. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" He moaned as he continued ejaculating in her mouth. "Swallow every last drop bitch, and keep blowing me until I tell you to stop!" He ordered, as she sucked him off, cringing as she swallowed, until he went limp in her mouth.

    Mark layed beside her, once again satisfied. His cock would now need a coulple of hours(at least) to reguvinate. Mark smiled as he fondled Lori`s breasts. This was great! He thought to himself, he could now fuck Lori any time he wanted, any way he wanted, and he raped her countless times throughout the night, with little rest breaks in between. He finally went to sleep at about 5:00am.