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Mark`s Pets Part 5 (Greg Learns the Secret)
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    This chapter is centered around Mark`s friend Greg. It is alot less violent than the other chapters but it is still only meant for adults! So if you are Mark`s age go take a hike and play some nintendo or somethin.

    Mark walked in the door of his house and went to the kitchen. He looked in the tank at his sex slaves and noticed there was a tiny piss puddle with brown logs floating around, in one of the corners. He guessed they all agreed to do their business in that corner. He took the girls out of the tank and put them on the table while he cleaned out there jail. He would have to figure out a way to make a toilet for them, but he would do that later, now it was time for supper. He fed the girls and put them back into the tank. Then made some food for himself when all of a sudden, his best friend Greg walked into the kitchen. "Hi bud, whatcha got in the fishtank?" Mark was startled, as he tried run in front of the tank, but it was too late greg had already seen it. "Damit Greg, Dont you ever Knock!!!" "Holy shit Mark!!! look at that! Those are tiny naked girls and Mrs. Broth!!! What happened to them? how did get so small? What are they doing in a fishtank with no clothes on?"

    Mark explained the whole story, as Greg listened with his mouth so far open it almost dropped to the floor. Greg promised that he wouldn`t tell anyone. Mark believed him, after all, he was his best(and only) friend, and he too, like Mark, was also a geek. "What are you doing here anyways? I thought you said you were gonna call me tommorow?" asked Mark. "I came over to pick up my nintendo, after all, you`ve had it for 3 weeks now!" Replied Greg, who had his eyes wide open, focused on the tiny naked bodies inside the fishtank. "What are you going to do with them?" "Not sure yet, you want to borrow one of them?" "Yeah!!!" Greg replied. Mark continued chewing his food as he looked in the glass jail. Then he reached down and picked up the first cheerleader(besides for Lori) that he had raped. "Here" he said as he dropped her into Gregs hands. "Do whatever you want with her, as long as you bring her back tommorow and you hide her from your parents." "Ok!" replied Greg, as he stared at the tiny little beauty in his hands. He could feel her bare ass sitting on his palm, as her back leaned against his fingers. Her knees were in the air and close together, her tiny hands covered her breasts. She looked so fragil and helpless, and she was shaking with fear as he looked down at her. Greg had seen her in the halls at school, but he didnt know her name. He would have never guessed that she would ever be in the same room with him, let alone naked, in the palm of his hand.

    "This is great! thanks alot man!" "No prob, just remember, bring her back tommorow!" "Ok I will! and dont worry about the nintendo, I ll pick it up tommorow" Greg walked out the door as happy as can be. When he got home he went straight to his room and closed the door behind him. His room was a fair size, with def leppard and green day posters all over his walls. He had a double sized bed, and he too also had a desk with his computer on it. He had no siblings, so he had less of a chance of getting caught, and his parents never bothered him, nor ever went in his room, and they where out at playing euchre with friends, so they wouldnt be back till late. This would give him lots of time to get aquanted with his new friend.

    He gently and carefully placed her on his bed, almost too carefully as it took him quite some time to finally put her down. He then sat on the bed beside her and began to speak to her. "Whats your name?" "Shelly" "Hi Shelly, I`m Greg, I ve seen you a couple of times at school, have you ever seen me?" "Ummmm I Dont think so" Of course she hasn`t seen me, he thought to himself, why would such a beautiful girl every notice a guy like him? And beautiful she was, she had long brown hair, a pretty, innocent face, nicly shaped firm breasts, (which were covered by her hands) and a slim shaped body. He figured she must have been italian or something from her beautiful all over tan and she had the voice of an angle, so soft and pleasant sounding. He felt very insecure talking to such a pretty girl that was way out of his league.

    He kept stutering as he spoke to her, but he was trying to be as natural as possible. But all the wrong words and phrases kept coming out of his mouth, and he kept figetting with his fingers. He tried to look at her face as he talked, but his eyes kept sneaking peaks at her body. She of course noticed this but she tried to stay as calm as possible, and not make him mad. "How did you get naked? I mean, how come you are small? I mean, how did you become that size? She went on to explain how she had been shrunk and didnt remember much, but she left out the parts, about the rapes, murders, tortures and all the other horrible thinks Mark did because she knew Greg was Mark`s best friend, and she didnt want Greg to get mad at her if she said bad things about his friend. And besides, she didnt want to give him any ideas.

    Greg wanted to feel her body soooo bad. But he was afraid of being too forward. After all this was the first naked girl he had ever seen. He never even had a girlfriend to this day. and he was going to be 16 in the summer. He just stared at her for awile, feeling ackward, not knowing quite what to say. His heart was pounding so hard, as he wanted to work up the courage to touch her body. Then without really thinking he spoke out again. "Hey can I, I mean, would you mind if I touched you?" After the words came out of his mouth, he was so nervous at what her answer would be, he couldnt even believe that he had asked that. Then she spoke in her soft female voice, "Ummmm, Yeah, ok I guess." He couldnt believe she gave him permission! She didnt really want him to touch her, but she didnt want to make him mad either. His fingers slowly approached her tiny body, and they gently caressed her legs and stomach. "Can you put your hands by down by your side?" He asked cautiously, after all, she did allow him to go this far. "Yes master" she replied. When he heard those words his cock instantly sprung to life and was fully erect. She moved her hands and now he could see her wonderful breasts, but even better than that, was the fact she called him master. He now knew that she was going to obey all of his wishes, and that he could do anything he pleased to her.

    This sense of power made him want to jump up and down with happiness, but he tried to conceal all his emotions, and slowly worked his fingers to her breasts. They were so soft, and he loved feeling them, as he continued to rub them. Then he noticed that she started crying. He stopped touching her and then spoke. "Whats wrong? Why are you crying?" She answered him crying and sniffing in between words, "Cause you are going to have your way with me now" he was shocked at her answer. "What makes you say that?" She looked over at the huge bulge in his shorts, then looked back at his face. Greg was extremly embarassed, and he turned to his side to try to conceal his erection. "No No No sweety, Im not going to do anything to you that you dont want, in fact I ll be right back " He left the room and came back with a piece of blanket that he had cut with scissors. Then he gently placed the blanket on her and wrapped it snuggily around her. "There, hows that?" "Much better thank you" "Your welcome" She couldnt believe his kindness, but she still didnt know him that well and she was still scared of him, but she stopped crying.

    "Im so sorry, I didnt mean to make you cry" "Thats ok it`s not your fault, Im just scared thats all" "Well theres no reason to be, Im not going to hurt you" He smiled down at her as he gently rubbed her cheek with his index finger. She smiled back at him, and hoped what he said was true. "Is there anything I can do for you?" "Yes, you can return me to my normal size" He knew Mark would never do that, cause if she ratted on him he would go to jail. "Im sorry, but I cant do that." She looked down in sadness, and he hated seeing such a pretty little thing so sad. "But I`ll talk to Mark and I`ll try my best, ok?" She gave a smile and shook her head.

    He laid down in his bed, turned on his side, and put Shelly in his left hand. His right hand gently Stroked her hair and her tiny bare arms, that were above her blanket. They talked for the next couple of hours, until she curled up and feel asleep in his warm hand. He continued caressing her, but made no attempt to touch her sexually. He marvelled at how beautiful and helpless she was.

    He spent the next 2 or 3 hours, constantly staring at the beautiful sleeping girl, until finally she awoke. She yawned and then she realized where she was, and she became startled as she realized she was helpless, and in the hand of a teenage boy. Then she saw his other hand coming towards her. His giant log-sized fingers approached her tiny body, and gently stroked her hair. "Did you sleep well?" He asked. "Yes" She said in her soft scared voice. "Are you hungry? Do you want some food?" "Well yes but actually...." "What?" "Ummm I have to...." "You have to what???" "Ummm I have to go to the bathroom" She with an embarassed look on her face. "Ohhhh, I see, ok then"

    He genltly lifted her up and carried her to the bathroom. Then he put her in the sink and gave her a tiny piece of tissue paper, and told her he would wait outside the room for her to finish. She was so happy that he offered to leave the room. She squated down over the drain and did her business. Then she called out to him that she was done and he took her to the kitchen table and made some spagetti.

    They both talked to each other as he cooked, and Greg made a couple of jokes that made Shelly laugh, as he cooked. It was clear she was becoming less and less scared of him, and even starting to loosen up a bit. He ate his food and cut tiny pieces for shelly to eat. When they were done eating, he carried her back to his room and put her on his bed. Then Greg got into bed and they talked some more, laughing and getting to know each other better. The conversation was going great, until Greg said the wrong thing. "You`re so much fun to be with, it`s too bad I have to take you back tommorow." These words instantly got her attention, and she looked up to him in horror. "Nooooo! Please dont take me back there! I`ll do anything you want! Anything!" She threw here blanket down and got down on her knees and started begging. "See, I will let you touch me wherever you want, but please dont take me back there" It was abundantly clear she didnt want to go back, and that she would do anything to prevent that.

    Greg was very turned on by her naked body, also, he enjoyed the fact that she was on her knees begging him, as if he was a king. "Whats wrong? How come you dont want back?" Greg asked, puzzled at her sudden change of mood. Shelly went on to tell him the WHOLE story of what had happened, as Greg listened in shock. He couldnt believe that his best friend would do all of those things, but he knew Shelly would never lie about something like that, so he believed her. He told her that he was going to take her back(cause he promised) but he said not to worry, cause he wasnt going to leave her there, no matter what!

    She looked relieved, and she calmed down, she walked over to pick up her blanket. "Do I still get to touch you?" Greg asked half jokingly. She looked back over at him and thought for a couple of seconds. She had already told him he could, so she shook her head, dropped the blanket, put her arms down by her side, and turned her head away with her eyes shut, waiting for him to do as he pleased. "You know I dont have to If you dont want to?" He said, trying to make her more comfortable. She she couldn`t believe how kind he was, he actully put her wishes before his sexual urges, even though he could easily do anything he wanted to her.

    She told him she didnt mind, as long as she could cover her bottom half with the blanket. He agreed, as he put his fingers on her chest as he rubbed her nice firm breasts for hours on end as they talked some more. She couldnt believe how long this horny boy kept feeling her out. She thought he would have gotten bored a long time ago, no such luck, still though, she knew it could have been a lot worse, and she didnt mind his gentle rubbing anyways. Gregs cock was rock soild, and begging for attention. He felt like masterbating, but he didnt want to look like a pervert in front of Shelly so he left it alone. She spoke out to him, "I guess you like my body?" "Hell yes!" he replied. "I kinda figured that, seeing as how you have been touching me hours" His hands instantly retreated from her body and she giggled as he blushed with embarassment. She knew he was as horny as hell, but she no longer feared him and she felt kind of bad that she embarassed him.

    "I`m sorry...I didnt mean to embarass you". She said in the sweetest, most melodic voice he had ever heard. "Thats ok, I`m sorry too, I guess you are just so beautiful, that I couldnt help myself". "Can I ask you a question?" She asked, as he nodded his head. "How come you are so nice to me? Dont get me wrong... I really appreciate it, I just... well... thank you" She gave him a nice warm smile, that could have lit up the world. He smiled back at her, as he felt feelings that he had never felt before. She stood up and and walked over to his left hand. He was wondering what she was going to do. Then she curlded up in his hand and rested her tiny head on his baby finger. If she were a cat she would have been puring, as they both fell asleep shortly after that.