VIOLENT shrunken women BOARD

Mark`s Pets Part 4 (off to the mall)
Monday, 24-May-1999 02:27:28 writes:


    Mark sleept in until 11:00am. He reached down to his crotch and pulled the girl from under his
    testicles and put her on the bed beside his face. "What`s your name?" He asked. "Megan" she replied
    "Well Megan, You have done a great job at pleasing me, therefore you don`t have to worry about
    being tortured, providing you continue to please me, understand?" "Yes Master" He got out of bed
    and put his clothes on, then he put Megan in his underwear to keep his cock company. He looked
    in the urine soaked tank to find all of his toys looking up at him, soaked in his urine. It was
    clear that none of them had sleept at all.

    He picked up the tank and he tried not to gag as he carried it to the bathtub where he emptied it
    as he watched the girls tumble onto the tub. Pam wasn`t moving at all, so he poked her with his
    finger, but still no movement. "Shes dead, You killed her!" shouted Lori, as she gave him a dirty
    look. Mrs. Broth was still in pain but she was alive. He lifted up Pam`s lifeless body with no
    remorse and dropped it into the toilet, and flushed. All the girls
    were repulsed with such a lack of respect but they all said nothing. He rinsed out the tank and
    cleaned up the girls and put them, and Megan, back into the tank. He
    carried the tank down to the kitchen table, and started to make breakfast for him and his slaves.
    Sue came downstairs and asked about the tank and the girls. He just told her that they were his
    new toys. Sue asked what he was going to do with them when Mom and Dad got back from their vacation.
    Mark told her not to worry about it. Then she told him that there were reports of the missing girls
    on the news, and she told him not to shrink anyone else. He said ok, not looking concered at all
    with the news reports.

    Sue had some toast and then left for her part time job at a shoe store. Mark ate, and fed the girls,
    then got ready to go to the arcade where he was going to meet his friend Greg. Mark put his gun
    in his gymbag(in case he it was needed) and headed to the mall. As he was walking in the mall
    towards the arcade, he realized that he had to take a shit. So he walked into one of the department
    stores towards the mens room. On his way he saw an absolutly gorgeous blonde haired women in her
    mid 20s, looking at some clothes. She was in the perfect spot, right in the corner of the store
    behind the changerooms. So he took out his gun and made his move. He shot her and quickly put her
    in his gymbag, then he went in the mens room. It was only for one man at a time, so he could lock
    the door and be safe from anyone walking in on him. He pulled down his pants and sat on the toilet.
    then he opened his gymbag and pulled out the beautiful women.

    She still didnt know what to
    make of the situation cause everything happened quickly to her. But once she was in his grasp
    and saw his gigantic penis, while he sat on a toilet, she began to scream. "Shut up or I will squish
    you to death!" "What do you want with me? and how did I get this size?" "Dont worry, you will
    return to your normal size shortly, as for what I want, I want you to take off your clothes"
    At first she said no, but after he gave her some pain, she finally obeyed him. This was the
    best looking girl he had ever seen in his entire life! She was super model material. She started
    crying while he touched her naked body. Mark farted a couple of times before his first log of shit
    dropped in the toilet. She couldnt believe it! He was violating her and taking a shit at the same
    time! He then put her body up against his cock and started masterbating. "Nooooo, Please stop"
    she cried out, but he just told her to keep quite and it would all be over soon. After a while,
    he felt the cum build in his cock, and he blasted his cream all over the helpless women. "Ahhhhhhh
    Yes!" He said as he kept blasting more shots of his sticky goo onto her.

    When he was done, he wiped her off with some toilet paper and dropped the toilet paper down the toilet. Then
    he held her to his pisshole and he told her to lick his cum as he continued taking his shit.
    He farted some more while he played with her tits as she continued licking. After his last piece of shit plopped to the toilet,
    he reached down with the girl in his hand and started to wipe his ass with her face and hair.
    He shoved her head up his ass and he felt her nose scrape against his anus as he rotated her
    around. Then he let go of her with his hand, but her head was stuck up his ass. Mark laughed,
    then he gave his ass a push. "Uhhhhh" and she plopped into the toilet. Then he wiped his ass
    with toilet paper and dropped it into the toilet, and stood up. "Please dont leave me here!"
    She shouted, with brown smears of his shit on her face as she was treading the toilet water.
    "I give you what ever you want, I have money on me, Please Help ME!!!"

    "How much do you have on you?" "I have $200 in my wallat in my purse" Mark grabbed the tiny purse
    out of his gymbage and shot it with the gun on expand mode. He looked in the wallat and found $200.
    "Thanks!" He said. "Will you help me now?" "Well, I have to go pee first" Mark aimed his penis
    at the women in the toilet, then he released his urine, splashing her face as she treaded the
    water. "Ahhhhhhhhh" he moaned as he continued releaving himself on her. When he was finally done
    she asked him to help her. "What? Look at you! You are covered in shit, piss, cum, and you are
    in flooting in dirty toilet bowl water! Theres no way Im gonna touch you! But thanks for the
    fun, and the money, C ya later!" He waved his hand as he flushed the toilet, watching her go
    down with his waste.

    Mark left the bathroom feeling terrific! He just banged(if you can call it that) the best looking
    women in the world, and even got money for it! He walked to the arcade where he met his buddy Greg
    and they played video games all afternoon at Mark`s expense. Greg asked him where he got all the
    money and Mark told him it was from his grandmother. He wanted to tell him so bad about the toys he had
    at home but he knew he couldn`t. After they were done at the arcade, Greg said he had to go home
    for supper, and he would call him tommorow. They both said bye and headed to their homes.

    To be continued...