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Mark`s Pets Part III (Revenge on His Teacher)
Friday, 21-May-1999 07:58:37 writes:


    "Mark, why are you doing this to us?" asked Mrs. Broth. "Dont you know?, you havent figured it out yet? All this time, I ve been rejected, laughed at, and mocked at school while you teachers do nothing! I`m tired of being a virgin, while all the jocks, get to make out with all the good looking girls." Mrs. Broth didn`t like his answer. "But that is no reason to do what you are doing, we have families, you have to let us go." "I dont have to do anything! Now shut up you stupid Bitch!" Mark ripped off her clothes, wrapped scotch tape around her mouth, and then taped her naked body to his baseball trophy. She tried to speak out through her gag, but her words were not understandable.

    He still had 3 girls left, that he hadnt done anything with, so he picked one of them up form the tank and put her on the desk. Then he sat down at the desk and turned on his computer to check his email. "What`s your name little girl?" "P-Pam, master" she said in a soft pleasnt voice. Mark was impressed how she had called him master, Lori had done a good job training his pets. "Well Pam, did you ever have Mr. Robertson for biology?" "Yes" she replied. "Do you remember how he always used to go into great detail about disecting frogs?" "Yeah, why?" Mark reached for his exacto knife and pointed it to Mrs. Broth. "Well maybe you could refresh my memory, after all Mrs. Broth looks kinda like a frog, dont you think? I wonder what her insides look like? Lets find out shall we?" "Nooooooo please no!" yelled Pam. Mark looked down at her and smiled. "I`ll tell you what, If you do what ever I tell you, I won`t disect her, agreed?" She shook her head yes. Dance for me, and start stripping. Mark turned on his sterio, then he put remaining 2 girls that were still in their uniforms on his desk, and told them also to strip for him.

    All 3 of them stripped and danced for his amuzement as he checked his email. Their wonderful naked bodies swayed gracefully to the music and gave him a hardon. He told them to jump up and down so he could watch their beautiful little tities bounce up and down, as Mrs. Broth looked on in discust. "Good job girls, now, which one of you wants to jack me off?" No one spoke up, and each girl prayed that he would pick her. "No volunteers? well, how about you" He reached over and chose one of the girls at random and put her into his underwear. He told her to please him, and if she didnt, he would cut up Mrs. Broth, and then her.

    He felt the tiny slut`s limps jacking his meat, and it felt good. He told Pam to lie down in front of his keyboard and to spread her legs with her arms above her head. She did as she was told as the other girl continued dancing. He touched her smooth body all over, then he pinned her to the table with his left hand and picked up a pencil with his right. He inserted the pencil into her vagina as she begged him to stop. "The more you yell the further I will push this into you!" He responded. The other girl was repulsed by the site as she watched Pam being violated. "Continue dancing, and mind your own business bitch!" He said to the other girl. "Make little fuck noises for me Pam" He ordered, as he continued push the pencil inside of her. Pam was crying none stop, but she did her best to moan for him. "Loader bitch" he yelled. "Ohh Ohh Ohh AHh Ohhh Uhhh uHHH" she moaned, hoping he would stop.

    He told the girl in his pants to start jacking harder, or else he would become angry. He pushed the pencil even harder into pam causing her to scream in pain. Blood started oozing from her pussy, so he stopped and told her to get on her hands and knees, and to stick her ass high into the air. Then he shoved the pencil up her ass and started pumping it in her hard. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, as Mark laughed at her pain, her torture was getting him off and he was close to cumming. As he blew his wad all over the tiny girl in his pants, he shoved the pencil as far as he could up pams ass, the tip must have reached all the way up to the middle of her chest. She was now in serious pain, and her suffering made his orgasm even more intense as he kept on shooting out blasts of cum on the girl in his underwear. "Whew, that was alot of fun!" He took the pencil out of pam, and took the girl out of his underwear and put her on the desk. He took off the tape gag that he had on Mrs. Broth, she started yelling at him for what he had done to Pam, calling him a sick bastard. So he took off his clothes and then hung his gigantic semi erect penis over the desk. He had gobs of cum on the end of his cock, so he order his teacher to swallow the sperm on the end of his cock. She refused as she kept her lips sealed as he wiped the cum on his penis off against her face and lips.

    "I show you what happens to little bitches that disobey me!!!" He yelled in an angry voice. He took out his stapler from his desk drawer and pressed it against her thigh. She screamed out in pain as the staple drilled in to her leg. He then stapled her other leg, and then her tits. He was going to do her stomach as well, but he didnt want to kill her, he wanted her to suffer. He put the scotch tape gag back on her so he wouldn t have to here her scream anymore.

    Mark left his room and came back with some bandaids and a facecloth. He took the staples out of Mrs. Broth, and put the bandaids on her and Pam, then he dropped his teacher and the girl he had ejaculated on, back in the fish tank. He wrapped Pam in the faceclothe and gently put her down in the fishtank. He knew she, and his teacher needed medical attention, but that was out of the question. If they died, they died, he could always get more girls anytime he wanted.

    By this time he was getting tired, even though it was friday night, so he decided it was time for bed. He told the dancing girl on his desk that she could have the honour of sleeping with him. He lifted her up, then turned off his computer and the lights, and climbed into bed. "I got an idea, why dont you lick my penis clean of all that sticky sperm, why I sleep. When I wake up if I have so much as one drop of cum anywhere, I will torture you even worse then the others. So far you have done good pleasing me, Dont fuck it up!" "Yes Master" He put her under his cock and rolled over on his stomach. He could feel her sweet lips licking and swallowing his cocksause. He smiled as he fell asleep while his tiny slave girl worked hard to please him.

    He woke up at about 4:00am. He had to take a piss. He got up out of bed and started to walk to the bathroom, then all of a sudden he got an idea, he got down on his knees in front of the fish tank, and aimed his penis at one of the sleeping girls, then he released his yellow waste and drenched the poor girl with his urine. Then he took turns pissing on the rest of the girls while he laughed at them. His piss soaked Pam`s facecloth, and his teacher`s bandages, and piss got into their wounds. His piss was about 1 1/2 feet high in the tank from the girl`s perspective. After he was done, he was going to empty out the tank, but then he thought, what the hell, he might as well leave them in his waste for the entire night, so he climbed back into bed.

    He put his cock back on top of his tiny slave and he told her that she did a good job cleaning his cock, and that now, he wanted her to swallow the remaining drops of urine from his cock. He watched with glee as she swallowed his yellow fluid. He tugged on his dig so he could get as much piss into her mouth as he could. She gagged and coughed, but she eventually swallowed it all. He smiled as he put her under his testicles and told her to fall asleep. The piss in the tank smelt really bad from where he was, but he knew it was even worse form where the girls were, so he fell asleep with no concern.

    To be continued....