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Mark`s Pets Part II
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    Thanks for all the great feedback!!! Here is part 2, hope you like it! Let me know?

    Mark`s pets Part 2, Another day at school

    Mark`s alarm on his dresser went off as the morning sun shined through his window. Lori woke up at the same time. She was horrified to see his giant hand come down unto her, she had hoped this had all been a bad dream, but unfortunatly for her it wasnt. "Yawwwwwwwn, time to wake up bitch" he said as he lifted her up. "How did you sleep last night?" He asked, as he started fondling her breasts. "Ok, I guess, can you please return me to normal now?" Mark laughed at her,"You must be lonely and scared, but dont worry, I`m gonna get some friends for you today" As he got out of bed he noticed the tiny smeared body on the floor, he would have to clean that up later, cause he was going to be late for school if he didnt hurry up. He put Lori in his dresser drawer with a slice of bread, and a shot-glass of water, it would do for now he thought to himself. "Please dont leave me in here!" she shouted out. "Don`t worry, we will have some more fun after school, c ya later" He said as he closed the drawer, leaving her in darkness for the entire day.
    Of course he brought the gun with him to school, there were so many pretty girls at his school, the only problem was, he had to get them alone so he could shrink them. He figured the best time would be after school, so once the bell rang he hung around the parking lot looking for his next victem. But this proved to be impossible there where way too many people around, so he went back into the school, maybe he could find someone alone in the hallway by her locker. As he walked down the hall beside the gym, he heard "giveme an E, giveme an A, giveme a G," Thats right! he thought to himself, there was cheerleading practise all this week for the EAGLES football game on Friday.

    He looked in the open door and saw 7 beautiful girls practising their routine under the instruction of Mrs. Broth, who also happened to be his english teacher. He watched the gorgous bodies wave their pom poms, and he wanted them badly. Should he take a chance and try to shrink them all? His heart was pounding so hard he though it was going to burst through his chest. He opened up his gymbag and put his hand on the gun, then he walked into the gym. "Can I help you Mark?" Mrs. Broth said, in a what the hell are you doing here type of tone. "AS a matter of fact you can" with that mark took the gun out of the bag and shot her and the girls, then he quickly grabbed them and put them in his gymbag, and walked out of the school as fast as he could. Luckily nobody saw what had transpired.

    When he got home, he put the bag on the kitchen table and made himself a sandwich, then he unzipped the bag and looked inside. there were 8 pairs of eyes stareing up at him in horror. He reached in and grabbed his teacher and put her on the table. She spoke out, "What have you done? Why did you do this? Change us back now!" "Shut up bitch!" Mark swiped his hand at her knocking her off her feet. She couldn`t believe that he had hit her, and she was now more afriad then ever. He took a bite of his sandwich as he reached in the bag and pulled out the girls one at a time. Once they were all on the table, he ordered them to do there cheerleading routing while he ate. At first they were reluctant, still not grasping the situation that they were in, but he told them they would be punished if they didnt obey his orders, so they started there routine. This gave Mark a huge erection, watching these tiny beauties preform for him, he couldn`t wait to finnish his food so he could have some fun.

    After he ate, he went to the basement to get his old rectangular fish tank, he brought it to the kitchen and put it on the table. He lifted the girls effortlessly and put them in their new home. Then he went upstairs to check on Lori. When he opened the drawer he saw that there were tiny bits in the bread he had left, and the shot glass of water was still 3/4 full. He also notice a tiny brown log in the middle of a little yellow puddle, and there was the little beauty curled up in a ball in the corner of the drawer. "I`m back!, did you miss me? I see you made a nice little mess here" She looked up at him adn gave him a dirty look, but she said nothing. He reached his hand in the drawer and scooped her up, and brought her downstairs to the kitchen where he put her in the fishtank.

    "Oh my god, it`s Lori!" one of the girls exclained, as the all rushed over to her trying to console her. "Listen up girls!, Lori is going to explain to you my rules, if you disobey them you can expect severe punishment, just ask her how I punish!" He reached in and grabbed one of the girls. She had nice long brown hair, beautiful face, slinder body, and a conservative personality. He could tell that she had never let any man touch, or enter her body before. he knew he was going to have alot of fun with this one. "We `ll be back shortly, in the meantime I want all of you to think of ways to please me until I return" He carried his helpless victem to his room were he would have his way with her.

    A half hour later he returned to the kitchen with the girl, he dropped her into the tank, not caring if the fall hurt her or not. All the girls rushed over to her side. Her skirt, bra, and panties where all gone, she had her shirt and socks on, but the shirt was torn all most to tiny rags, with all the buttons gone. Her hair and body was soaked in his cum, and she had huge bruises all over her body and she was shaking and crying. No one knew exactly what he had did to her, but they all had a pretty good idea. "You bastered!!! what did you do to her!" shouted out one of the other girls. "You got a big mouth bitch." He said as he picked her up, "Lets put it to better use." He also noticed that 2 of the girls in the tank were twins, and gorgueous twins at that! So he picked both of them up in his other hand, and carried them all to the bathroom. He didn`t know any of the girls names, other than Lori and Mrs. Broth, cause they were all seniors but he didn`t care about their names anyways, he would make up his own names for them.

    He put the plug in the bathtub, and started running a bath. While the water was running, he order the 3 girls to take off their clothes. "No way!" shouted bigmouth. "Your mouth is going to get you into alot of trouble!" He shouted angryly at her as he picked her up and started squeasing her. "Owwwwwwwwwwwwe, please stop! your hurting me! I ll take off my clothes I ll do it, I ll do it! He put her down, and smiled as all 3 of them took of their clothes and stood before him on the counter trying their best to conceal themselves with there arms and hands. When the tub was full, he turned off the water, striped naked and got in the tub with his 3 girls on his chest. The head of his limp dick bobbed up and down in the water, and he still had some trickles of cum leaking out of it from his previous fun. "All of you, go over there and lick the sperm off my cock!" he ordered. They all looked up at his mean face, hoping that he wasnt serious, but he was. He grew impatient with their hesitation so he took one of the twins and submerged her under water. "DO IT NOW, or I will drown you all, one by one!" They needed no more encouragment, and quickly went to work on his dick. He raised his hand out of the water, and put the other twin next to his cock, so she could join the other 2.

    "Ahhhhhhhhhh, yes, that feels sooooo good" he moaned. He put his hands behind his head as he felt the 3 tongues clean every inch of his penis. They were all standing knee high in his dirty bath water, licking his cock, and gagging whenever he told them to swallow(which was quite often). He picked up one of the twins, as he told the other 2 girls to continue pleasing him. She had a nicly tanned body, smooth womanly figure, shoulder length brown hair, great set of tits that he couldn`t stop playing with, and of course her sister looked exactly the same.

    After a few minutes of fondling, and melesting the twin he put her down on his stomach and ordered the other twin to lay beside her. "I want to see you two 69 each other!" He ordered as he giggled at them. "B-But we are SISTERS!". "I DONT GIVE A SHIT, obey my orders or i will break every bone in your body and drown you both!" They both started eating each other, but in a very non-convincing way. This enoyed Mark and he began hurting both girls until they preformed up to his expectations. He then looked over at bigmouth, who was still licking his penis. "You, I want you to start jacking me off with your arms and legs!" This time there was no hesitation,(the girls were learning!) and she laid on her back and started jacking his meat.

    Mark used one hand to touch the beautiful golden brown twin bodies and pushed their faces hard to each others pussy as they licked each other. Marks other hand was wrapped around bigmouth, and his manhood jacking off together in unison. Marks hips thrusted forward, sending small waves splashing over all 3 girls. After a couple of minutes, he knew he was about to cum. "Put your big mouth to use, wrap it aroung my pisshole and get ready to swallow my cum!" He pinched her sides, causing her to squeal in pain, just enough so she knew who was boss. She did exactly as she was told.

    "uhhhhh uhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh" He blasted his cocksauce into her waiting mouth. The force knocked her off his body and she went tumbling into the water. His second spurt, shot high into the air and landed on the 2 twins. He picked up one of the twins and held her head with his thumb and index finger, right up to his erupting cock, and spewed more goo all over her face, until finally his orgasm died down. He picked bigmouth out of the water and returned her to her licking postion, and told her to continue licking the fresh new sperm out of his pisshole. He told the twins to lick his cum off each others bodies, and he watched with glee as all his slaves provided great entertainment for him.

    10 minutes later, he felt a sensation in his cock, so, he order bigmouth to wrap her open mouth around his cockhole. Once she did, he sent a stream of piss down her throat, and began pissing on her face. Both twins looked up at the gushing golden fluid that blasted out of his penis. He laughed as he pissed on all of them. All over thier faces, hair, tits, ass, everywhere! When he finished, he decided that they had had enough for the time being, so he washed them off, pulled the plug, and got dressed and returned them to their jail. Then he brought the fish tank to his room and put it on the floor right beside his bed, so he could pick up a girl any time he wanted while he layed in bed. He lifted Mrs. Broth out of her glass jail, and put her on his desk. He had alot in store for her (after all, she was a bitch of a teacher, and she always yelled at him) and he hated her, and now he was going to get some revenge.

    Part 3 coming Soon.... To be continued