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Mark`s Pets
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    This story contains, acts of extreme violence, sooo..... If you are under 18, or are offended by such subject matter, do not read this. Also, this is Part 1, I have further parts, so if you like this, reply and let me know and I will continue the story.

    Story: Mark`s Pets (Part 1)

    Mark was riding his bike through a forest near his house, the path twisted and turned around the trees as he pedaled with all his might. He was always in a hurry(as most 15 year olds are) and he wasnt paying attention as he ran over something that sent him and his bike flying through the air. He picked himself off of the ground, and went to see what he had ran over. It appeared to be some kind of a gun, but none that he had ever seen before. It was made out of some kind of metal but it was only about the size of his palm. What kind of bullets could this thing hold? he thought to himself. He also noticed that there was a dial on the side of the gun. He figured he would see if the gun was loaded, or if it was even a real gun, and he pointed at a tree and fired. The gun made no sound at all, but the tree he had shot, instantly shrunk right before his eyes! It used to tower over him but now it he was a couple of inches taller than it. He thought he was dreaming so he tried shooting other trees and they all shrunk as well, all at differnt sizes as he adjusted the dial on the side of the gun.

    He was amazed at this incredable device he had found. He couldnt wait to tell his friend.(He only had one friend because he was a geek and everyone made fun of him, cause of his zits and his uglyness.) Mark got back on his bike and raced home as fast as he could. As soon as he got out of the forest, and onto the sidewalk, He noticed a very attractive women in her early 20`s, walking towards him.

    He had an idea.

    He looked around to see if anyone was watching, but there was no one around. As soon as she passed him, he shot the gun at her back to see if it would have the same effect on humans. IT DID!!! She instantly shrunk to the height of 5 inches. He got off his bike and walked over to her. She looked up at the giant teenager that stood before her, and before she realized what had happened to her, he scooped her up in his gaint hand.

    He was just about to speak to the little beauty in his hand, when he heard some people coming from around the corner. He had to hide her fast. But where? He had no pockets in his shorts, and his gymbag was at home. Having very little time to think, he put his free hand on the top of his shorts, and streched his shorts and underwear away from his body. Then he looked at the tiny girl and said, "In you go" and he dropped her into his underwear, right beside his cock.

    He carefully got on the seat of his bike, and he reached down and grabbed his crotch and adjusted the girl so her face and body rubbed up against his giant penis. As he started riding for home she tried to scream, but no one would be able to hear her tiny cries for help. It was a very hot day out and the tempurature inside his underwear was even hotter. His cock started to get harder and harder and as he pedaled, each time his legs went up, he could feel his cock poke into her. This was extremly pleasurable for him, it was almost like a great jack-off, and he wondered if he would cum before he got to his house.

    It was torture for the poor little girl. She was trapped beside his sweaty cock in complete darkness. She started gagging because his crotch wreacked of urine, and her nose kept rubbing up against his pee-stained underwear. She almost passed out a few times from the intense heat, and the heat made the piss on his underwear smell even worse. After a couple of minutes passed, pre-cum started to ooze form Mark`s cock, and smeared againts her face. But there was nothing she could do, except wait for him to get home, and pray that he didnt blow his load on her.

    Mark started to pedal faster. Not because he wanted to get home faster, but because he loved the way his cock felt as his penis head smacked her in the face each time he pedaled. He was only one block away from home, but he decided to take the long way home and cut through a field near his house so that he could continue this enjoyment. As he got on the path to the field he noticed that there was no one around, so he put his hand on his crotch. He could feel the tiny girl struggling and squirming as his fingers pushed her up against gigantic penis. Then he started masterbating with his hand on the outside of his shorts. He could feel his cock push into the poor little girl. He wondered if he was hurting her? But one thing was for sure, he was enjoying this!

    He knew that he was going to cum soon, so he took his hand off his crotch and started pedaling for home again. He could feel the cum build in his cock, and each time he pedaled he got closer and closer to exploding. Until finally it happened. Mark looked up into the air and let out a low moan, as he shot his first blast of cream onto the helpless girl. His first shot covered her face and upper torso. He grunted and kept thrusting his cock forward as he pedaled, sending more and more of his sperm onto the poor innocent little girl. After he was done, he looked down at his crotch and smiled. He knew she was completly covered in his semen, and tangled up in his pubic hair.

    After he finally got to his house, he droped his bike on the driveway and ran upstairs to his room. He went into his room and shut the door behind him. He streched out his shorts and picked up the tiny girl in his hand and gently put her down on his bed. She was soaked with cum and drenched in sweat, some of it hers but most of it was from his sweaty crotch. Despite this she was still amazingly beautiful.

    "Sorry about that" he said as he sat down on the bed beside her. "What the hell are you doing to me!!!" she yelled back at him. "and why did you make me this size!" "Do you have any idea what I just went through!" "I want to be my normal size again, and I want out of here now!"

    "Wow, you sure do have a big temper and big demands for such a tiny little thing" Mark reached down and put his hand around her body, his top finger wraped around both of her breasts as he lifted her up to his face. "Maybe you should be more nice to me before I crush you in my hand"

    "I`m sorry, please dont hurt me!!!" Her anger now turned to fear. Mark smiled, knowing he could easily crush her if he had wanted to. "Whats your name?" He asked. "Tina Holland" "Well Tina, dont worry I`m not gonna hurt you, providing you obey my commands" He added. She looked up at him, hoping he didnt mean what she thought he meant. "Can you please return me to my normal size now?" she asked in a soft scared like tone. Mark giggled,"What??? So soon??? you just got here, I want to play with my new doll for awile first" "I`m not a doll! Im a human being!" "You look more like a doll to me, and I`m gonna play with my new doll whenever I want to"

    She couldnt believe her ears, she was at the total mercy of this ugly looking, geek of a teenager. "Take off your shirt, I want to see your boobs" he ordered. "W-w-what?"

    "You heard me, now do as you are told, stupid!" he began squeasing his fist. She shreaked in pain, "Ok, ok, I`ll do it, please stop hurting me!" He stopped squeasing, and enjoyed the veiw as she slowly removed her shirt, totally exposing her nice tits. Mark had a huge smile on his face as he touched her breasts with his fingers. Tina turned her head to the side and shut her eyes, wishing that this nightmare would end. Mark continued to rub her nice soft mounds until all of a sudden the door opened and his sister walked in. "Mark have you seen my...Oh my god... what is that???" Mark turned around to try to hide tina from his sister, but it was too late, she had already seen her. "Is that...? Oh my god it is!!! its a tiny girl!!!" she said in amazment. "Please, Please help me!!!, this pervert is trying to rape me!!!" Mark was extremly embarassed, and he was scared that his sister would rat on him, he would be in so much trouble.

    "I`m gonna tell mom and dad!" said Susan as she walked out the door. "Nooooooooo" screamed Mark as he put Tina on his bed and ran out after his sister. She picked up the phone and started to call the hotel their parents where staying at for the next 2 weeks. Mark hung up the phone. "Please Sue, dont tell them, they`ll kill me!" Susan asked how all this could have happened and Mark told her the whole story. Then Susan had a smirk on her face, she knew she had Mark right where she wanted him. "How much will you give me to keep this secret?" Mark couldn`t believe his stupid bitch of a sister was gonna try to take him for all he was worth. "I`ll tell you what, why dont we get you a doll of your own?" She looked at him like he was a sick lunatic. "Oh comon, who knows you might like it, how about that eric guy that you used to have a crush on?" Mark said, trying to convince her. "I Hate Him! he dumped me for that stupid Lori Keeler chick!"

    "Well now you can get your revenge" Just then she looked at Mark and started thinking. She was really hurt after the break-up. Eric had used Sue for sex and then dumped her for Lori. Lori was 17(same age as Sue but much more prettier)and Sue hated Lori as much as Eric. The thought of bitter-sweet revenge was appealing to Sue, so she agreed she wouldn`t tell, providing that Mark could deliver both Lori and Eric to her. Mark agreed, and went to grab his gun,"Watch Tina for me I`ll be back soon" and headed out the door.

    Tina thought she was saved.(She was mistaken) When Susan walked into Mark`s room, she started to talk to her. They got to know each other a bit and Sue took her to the sink so Tina could get cleaned up. After a she was all clean, and after they talked for awile Mark came back.

    Mark walked into the kitchen and placed his gymbag on the table. Susan had heard him come in, and she put Tina down on Mark`s bed, and went running down the stairs. "Did you get them?" She asked. Mark smiled and opened up the gymbag. "Yep Lori just finished cheerleading practise and I saw them both walking home together." Sue looked into the bag, then her eyes widened. Eric and Lori where both in the bag, holding each other in fear. Then with out warning sue`s hands reached down and picked them up, one in each hand. She looked at Eric, squirming in her hand.

    "Hmmmm I wonder what I should do with you?" She said in a sinister voice. Then she looked at the hand that held Lori. Sue`s eyes tightened and she spoke out angrily." And as for you, you little bitch, now you are at my mercy!" Sue began squeasing Lori. Lori cried out in pain as Sue giggled and enjoyed hurting Lori. Then Eric yelled out, "Stop it! you re hurting her!"

    "YOU are in no position to bark out orders at me! as a matter of fact, I`m not too happy with you either!" Mark saw how much pain Lori was in, so he reached out and grabbed Lori away from his sisters hand. At first Sue was reluctant to hand her over, but Mark told her he wanted to have some fun with Lori, and that he would return her when he was done. Sue knew what Mark meant by "fun". She knew he was going to rape her. So she eagerly handed her over to him and told him to do what ever he wanted to her, and not to be gentle. Mark smiled and said "Dont worry, I know just what to do with her."

    Sue went to her room as Mark went to his. Both of them were going to play with there new toys. Mark saw Tina was sitting on his bed, she had the same look that a dog has at the vets, not quite sure what was going to happen, but scared in the process. "You are all cleaned up now I see" "Good, we will have some fun Later, but right now Lori is first." Mark reached down and lifted Tina up and he placed her in his dresser drawer then closed the drawer. He then got in his bed and held Lori up to his face. She was EXTREMELY Beautiful! She had nice long blonde hair, nice firm tits, and she was still wearing her cheerleading uniform when Mark had shrunk her and her nicely shaped legs falped just below her skirt.

    "P-p-please dont hurt me" she cried out in a tiny soft voice. "Hurt you?" "Now why would I want to do that?" "After all, I just saved your life!" "thank you" She replied. "Your welcome, but I think you owe meee something in return!" "like what?" She was now scared cause she knew what he was getting at. "HMMMMMMM LET ME THINK" Mark lifted her above his head so he could look up her skirt. He had a great veiw of her panties and smooth beautiful legs. She knew that the horny teenager was getting turned on by looking up her skirt but there was nothing she could do, except try to keep her legs close together as they dangled in mid-air. "Mmmmm I can think of a couple of ways you can repay me" He said as he smiled. "Please, put me down, and return me to normal"

    "Not yet sweety, you still owe me, and I intend to collect" "W-w-what do you want?" She asked in a scared tone of voice. "I want to see you naked" Mark put his fingers on her skirt then he easily tore it away from her body, then he pulled off her shirt, and watched the buttons burst as he removed her shirt as easy as tearing threw a spider`s web. Lori tried to fight him off, but she was no match for his powerful fingers. "Please dont do this to me!" she begged, as she cried in the palm of his hand, wearing only her panties and bra.

    Mark reached over to his desk and he grabbed his exacto knife, he held it to Lori`s face and gentlely brused it up and down her body, being careful not to cut her. "Ok, listen up, from now on you will not call me Mark, you will call me MASTER, and you will do anything I want, or else I will cut you up into little bitty pieces, understand?" sobbing, sniff, sniff, "yes master" Mark continued to run the knife across her body, then he pointed the tip in between her breasts, and cut her bra off. Lori`s hands instantly covered her breasts, as Mark started to laugh at her. Then mark slowly cut her panties. She begged him to stop, but he ignored her. After her panties were removed, Mark put her down on his bed, and layed her down on her back. She covered her crotch with her right hand, while her left arm covered both her boobs. He was amazed at how beautiful she was, but he wanted to see more.

    "Strech your arms out above your head" he ordered. she hesitated for a minute, but then he held the knife to her throat and she got the idea and finnaly did as she was told. Mark enjoyed her gorgous tits and he put his fingers on her thighs and began to slowly spread her legs apart. "Stay in this position, Dont move! you understand?" "Y-Y-Yes Master" Mark then put his knees on the floor and put his chin on his bed, he then placed his fingers on her forarms(which were still streched out above her head) then he stuck out his tongue and began licking her. His tongue started at her pussy and slowly worked its way up to her tits, then covered her face. Mark noticed how wonderful she smelt as he licked her and he keep licking her wherever he pleased and covered her in his saliva. She tried to move and turn around but his hands kept her pined againts his bed. Then he decided it was time for some more fun.

    He pulled down his pants and let his huge erect cock hang over her. His cock was as big as she was and he hadnt washed since the orgasm he had in his pants about 2 hours ago, so his cock smelt really bad, but he didnt care. "Kiss my cock" He ordered. He smiled as her soft lips kissed his penis. Then he wrapped her arms and legs around his giant member and started thrusting his cockhead over her torso. After a couple of minutes passed, pre-cum started to leak out of his cock, so he stoped thrusting for a bit. "Stick your tongue inside of my pisshole" Lori looked at the shiny, gooey pisshole and she gave him a look, like there was no way in hell that she would do that. Mark screamed at her "DO IT NOW YOU BITCH!" he took the knife and stabbed it down on to his bed, just barely missing her head. she started shaking and trembling in utter fear, and she finnaly did as she was told.

    "Ahhhhhhh thats it, yessssssss" He moaned softly as he felt her smooth velvet tongue licked the pre cum from his pisshole. After a few minutes of this he decided to go back and resume the tit fucking. this time he was thrusting hard and faster. She cried out in pain, and he knew he was hurting her but he didnt care, the only thing that mattered was his orgasm, and he was almost there. He grabbed his cock with his right hand and started jerking, he aimed it point blank range in front of Lori`s head , then he let out a moan as he blasted his cream on her face. He continued blasting more cocksauce all over her body. Her once pleasing, womanly scent was now replaced with his strong, musky, cum smell. Mark looked down at her and smiled.

    Mark lifter Lori up by her ankles (the only part of her that didnt have cum on her) and carried her upside down to the bathroom where he was going to clean her up. But, as he opened his bedroom door, he saw his sister in the hallway. She took a look at Lori upside down in Marks hand, soaked in his sperm, then she made a face, "Thats so discusting!" his sister said to Mark. Mark hoped his sister wouldnt see this, but it is to late now. "Well, you told me to do what i wanted with her" He said in his defence. "Well, at least she doesnt look too happy" Sue giggled.

    "How are things with Eric?" Mark asked. "Well, thats just the thing, I got a ummm, little problem here" Sue retreated to her room as Mark followed with Lori in hand. Eric was in his underwear on Sues dresser curled] up in pain. Mark dropped Lori, almost head first unto the dresser beside Eric. "Thanks Eric!" yelled Mark, "I had alot of fun with your girlfriend!" Lori went running to Eric`s side, then she looked up at Sue. "What did you do to him!!!" She asked. "I dont know, I think I might have broken his back." Mark looked at her with one eye brow up, then he looked down at Eric. "How did she break your back?" Mark asked. Eric went on to explain how Sue had used him as a vibrator, and how she had shoved him into her pussy, but apparently too hard. Mark laughed, "Wow sis, I didn`t know you had it in you, or rather Him in you!" Sue wasnt too happy with Mark`s jokes, in fact she was rather scared. "Mark what do we do now, we cant leave him like this, and we cant take him to the hospital, what can we do?" "Well there is only one thing we can do" Mark said as he left the room and shortly returned with his shrink gun. he shot at Eric shrink him even smaller, he could now fit on the fingernail of Sues baby finger. "I m afraid you are gonna have to squish him Sue" Just then Lori shouted out "Nooooooooooooo" Sue put her thunb over Eric, and casted a huge shadow over him. She looked back at Mark, and said that she didnt think she could do it. Then Mark reminded of all the things Eric said and done to her. Then she got mad and pressed her thumb down on Eric and crushed him to death. Lori was screaming and crying, and she started pounding Sue`s hand as she shouted out names at her. Sue made a fist and was going to pound down on Lori, but Mark grabbed her away just in time. "Dont kill her, I want to play with her some more" After a few moments Sue`s anger turned to fear, after all, she had never killed anyone before, and she was worried about being caught. This was great news for Mark, he now had something on his sister, so they both agreed that neither would tell anyone about anything they had done. And Mark told her she could use the gun anytime she ever wanted a new "toy."

    Mark left the room with Lori, and put her in the sink and he cleaned her off. He made sure he rubbed every inch of her body as he cleaned her. After he was done he went back to his room and dropped Lori on his bed. He then opened his drawer and lifted Tina out of her jail and also put her on the bed. He took off his clothes and climbed into bed. Then he rolled over onto his stomach and put Tina under his cock with her arms and legs wrapped around him. She struggled and screamed but it was no use. He looked over at Lori, and started touching her breasts as he started thrusting his cock on Tina. Lori made no effort to conceal herself, and she didnt say anything at all. She was shaking and looking up into space. Mark figured she must have been in shock from being raped, and from watching her boyfriend die. No matter, he just continued fondleing her as he started pushing even harder on Tina. He heard some strange snapping sounds as he thrusted, (This was actually Tina`s ribs breaking under his powerful cock) but he paid no attention and continued untill he spewed his load on her.

    Tina started yelling and screaming at him, Mark told her to shut up but she kept yelling at him calling him all sorts of things. Until finally Mark had enough he picked her up and threw her to the floor then he got out of bed and walked over to her and raised up his foot and said "Cya later bitch!" then he crushed her under his huge foot. Dam, he thought to himself, Lori was now his only toy, no matter, he would get some more at school tomorrow. He got back into bed and started rubbing Lori`s wonderful body with his fingers, until he fell asleep.

    Thats all for now, if you want me to post part2 let me know, likewise if you think this story sucks let me know and I will not bother to post any additional installments.