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Both women giggled as they ran hand in hand toward the house. Tamara was pulling Faylene into the doorway, as she put her finger to her mouth in a shooshing manner, but giggled all the same.
Faylene noticed it immediately and pointed to it. "What's tha....." A flash came and suddenly a cloud of smoke and cloud shrouded the room.
Faylene felt wierd, as she fell to her knees trying to breath amidst the foul air. She suddenly felt the tremors beneath her feet. Looking around she tried to see in the cloud. High up above smoke began to dissipitate. It appeared like a massive door was opening. but the room seemed tinier before, but now it seemed to tower high above, and widen quite a bit. Out of the clouds suddenly it appeard. Only it was a man figure.
Falyene screamed as she saw him move into from behind the massive doorway. Now with most of the smoke cleard, it was evident to her that she was in some dream state, or else perhaps going mad, because the man before her was standing some 80 feet tall.
He cascaded through the doorway, his dark tanned body only drabbed in a small covering around his midsection. he looked native in appearance, or perhaps South American. His body was plumb, to husky. his paunch gave way to his massive, thick long towering legs. his sandal clad feet, were monstrously large, large enough to conceal a large bus, and flatten it.
He stared down at her now, his face opening up in a smile. Suddenly Tamara appeared. She looked down at Faylene. "Sorry! but I must please him, my master."
The words exited out of Faylene without her knowing she made them. "What have you done?"
The giant peered down at Tamara, in a thunderous voice. "Yes you have pleased me so, how your reward." He then lifted his toes within his sandal, making a large gapping space. Tamara turned her attention from high above toward his foot and proceeded forth.
Faylene could only sob and watch quietly Tamara walked beneath the massive toes, and layed down just as they curled down and covered her entirely without a trace.
Faylene's mouth dropped, as she stared straight into the giant's foot, as it stepped back, the toes adjusting and positioning. The thunderous voice then came down to Faylene. "Now! your turn." Faylene shook her head as she watched the giant's other foot slip out of it's sandal, and hover high over her body. She looked up at it and screamed finally, only to fall unconscous just as the the shadow darkened all around her.
Fadding in, the giant is resting on a bed. His naked body is sprawled, taking much room of the entire bed below him. The sheets are dischevled and strewn beneath him. Scan down his legs and to his feet, two figures are seen. So tiny it is hard to recognize them at first. Upon closer look, two scantly clad, human figures come out in view. One is glued amidst a wad of squashed film, the other is crammed between the smaller toes. As the giant stirs and wiggles his toes, the tiny figures move along with it, they continue to do so, as the one sprawled to the sole slowly becomes detached.
Faylene wakes up suddenly, as she feels herself in flight. She hits the soft sheets and rolls to a stop.
She feels her sides and mumbles somthing as she feels the bruises come alive. She casts her hands up and sees a thick coating, caked on to them, and then notices it all over her body. She sits up and now notices the stench emmited up from her body as well. Combination of sweat, and almost urinelike, and heavyily foot odor. She rubs herself, but the film is heavily crusted and thick. She peers up and is in realization that it wasn't a dream, as she stares up the massive foot stretching upwards at a angle. She then notices the hanging legs, perched up high, between the giant's thick stalky toes. She thinks it to be Tamara, as he tries to see more of her, but only her legs, feet and part of her buttocks can be seen sticking out. As she stands up slowly, she notices it also discheveled like hers.
Faylene walks around the foot, making her way toward the middle of the bed. The giant's elongated cock is stetched out, limp, but still mammoth in size. She holds her sides and tries to remember what happened. She gingerly walks past it, her feet catching on the sheets below. Faylene looks down at the semi dried deposits of spent cum. It was all around her like some drying riverbed. The smell was stong and reminded her of some of the smells that came of her. She stopped holding her head in the knowledge of what was done to her. Suddenly the giant stirred, the whole bed shook and bounced. Faylene ran quickly back to the foot of the bed. She climbed behind something rubbery and hid from sight.
The giant awoke, belching, and groaning, as he scrathed her underside, before rolling over in a large fart. He glanced over at the window and then back at the bed. he seemed to be trying to remember something as he felt around himself. He then lifted his foot straight out, and found it.
The giant wiggled his toes and watched as the tiny woman caked off. She tumbled down and fell limp in a heap. The giant reached out and snatched her up in his thick fingers. He took her to his chest and started to rub and manipulate the body about in his fingers. Faylene watched as she now recognized Tamara more fully. The tiny woman's body looked like some paper toy as it was folded and twisted around in his giant fingers. The giant fiddled around until he figured the tiny body was broken beyond. He cupped it in his palm, and whispered to no one in particular. "You had your use then. He then reached toward Faylene and plucked her hiding spot away. Now in his fingers Faylene saw it was a used condom. She panicked and stayed low as she didn't dare move. The giant fingered the rolled up body of Tamara into the condom opening, before rolling it all in his fist and crunching into a smaller ball before tossing it to the floor. He stepped off the bed and leaned on a bureau before stomping the object flat now at his feet. The giant wiped his foot clean, of the paper thing condom.
Faylene knew she had to do something, she took off to the edge of the bed. The giant looked down knowing quite well there was another last night. He made contact with his eyes. Seeing the tiny woman racing toward the edge of the bed. He leaped onto the bed, and lunged his hands forward, catching Faylene in midflight.
The gaint stood up again, and held Faylene upside down with his fingers. He had a simean face on him now as he whistled and poked fun as he swung the tiny women back and forth like a toy. He then swung her up and into his palm.
Standing there ominously, he held his hand at his great belly. "She's gone, now your up! My friends are going to love you!" He said as he chuckled toward the toilet, the tiny woman screams squeaking from within his massive hand.

The party was into the twighlight, as the mixed three men were partying. Drinks were being slammed, a cluster of debris littered the floor. All the party goers were identicle with the host, massive hefty, long ponytailed hair in a not. All naked, bodies gleaming and shining from the soft light. One giant was holding a pettite spanish girl over his lap, as he penetrated her with a tinier woman. On the same couch another giant couple was intertwined, thier bodies littered with discarded bodies. Across a single giant was petting his massive erection, amidst a beavy of tiny women, each one in a different state of distress, the ones nearer to the base, long since squashed. Next to him another giant sits brooding while watching Faylene and four other women slinking around and beneath his bare feet, another three since squashed in his discarded sandal.
The ceremonious orgy of sorts went on for hours still, taking many tolls on the party favors. Faylene finding herself again surviving. The original giant holds her while drunkenly disclaring her a lucky charm, before setting her down between two other giants as they join together in a cock fight of sorts, pummeling Faylene every way imaginable. At times each giant would snatch her for thier private pleasure, only to be snatched by the other, and the dance would repeat.
Morning came, the music was still piping silently in the distance, a massive array of drunken bodies lay in heaps on couches and chairs alike.
Fade in to a sweaty pair of legs. Scanning down to the feet, figures looking like stains appear. Upon closer inspection, clattered around are matterings of puny clothing, as well as broken bodies. More and more bodies can be found rising up each foot. Scanning upwards the same sweaty legs. The giant sits sleeping, while his cock sits on his lap. Clearly seen is Faylene, stirring amidst a hanging wad of spent cum.
Closer yet, she is muttering crazily to herself. "I survived! I survived again!"