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The Living Past (Part 2)
Monday, 23-Nov-98 01:37:44 writes:

    Here's Part 2 of "The Living Past", lovingly
    written for what appears to be an audience of
    three! Well, four if I count myself.

    This, you may have noticed isn't particularly
    original science fiction. Hell, it's just an
    excuse for a really big robot guy to do some
    really raw things to some little human cuties.

    No matter. Here's the obnoxious disclaimer:

    Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning!

    This is an extremely sick and twisted tale. No
    humans under the age of 18 should read this. If
    you are such a creature, please go away now. If
    you are a parent of such a creature, please
    prevent your little yuppie larva from reading

    This story is not intended to foster a belief
    in astrology, or to encourage the injury or abuse
    of real living breathing women, all of whom
    should be cherished as cared for like the fine
    gifts from above that they are. Thank you.

    (Part 2)

    Endoman had to offline for the remainder of the day. It wouldn't do to exhibit too much of the
    new influence to his peers. At least not until he'd gotten a handle on it all. The three human
    women were still in the Matter Converter chamber. He moved closer and observed them with
    his newly human appearing eyes. In spite of their organic seeming appearance, they were
    still capable of a few tricks that humans eyes were not. He tuned his vision down to encompass
    the infra-red spectrum and for a few moments enjoyed watching the hot plumes of breath coming
    from the three women. They were terrified and their breathing was very fast and deep. He
    suddenly longed to feel one of them in his hand, panting in mortal terror while he decided her

    He remembered the feel of the feel of the first woman (Amy) as he tore her limbs from their sockets.
    The sensation of her tender living meat being tortured inspired a new reaction in his newly
    reconfigured body. A soft protrusion was growing between his legs where only a moment before
    there was nothing but a flat surface between his thighs. First a blob formed, then it gained more
    definition, and less then a minute later, there stood a towering phallus, a full five feet in height!
    It continued to grow until it felt to Endoman as if it would burst if it grew further. He was sitting
    back from the table, and the monsterous erection was fully in view to the women in the chamber.

    He watched them surreptitiously. One of them had very dark hair, and dark skin. A second was
    nearly as blonde as Amy, and the third, had medium brown hair. It was the third one that interested
    Endoman. As she watched the erection, her breathing evened out, the hot infra-red trails from her
    were growing more cool and controlled, while her companions were still in a state of panic.
    She was even beginning, if he was interpreting the gesture correctly, to smile. He found this
    intriguing, and seemed to indicate to him that this one human might possess some faculty beyond
    mere reflex and blind emotion.

    Sensing that the third girl might be a better source of information, he opened the door and removed
    her. She didn't struggle as she was transported to the table. He set her down, gently, and she
    stood facing him with her legs spread apart and her tiny hands on her hips.

    "Do you have a designation?", he asked of her.

    "Do I have a name? Is that what you want to know? What kind of talk is that? Sure, my name
    is Chris. So what's the deal? First you rip that first girl to shreds and burn her up with that ray
    thing of yours, and then you fucking EAT the other, and now you want to do some sort of 20
    questions trip with me?"

    "You do not respond as the others do. You do not exhibit fear. Why is your behavior different
    from the others?"

    "Oh, I'm afraid of you alright. I'd have to be a complete ditz not to be. I just don't see any reason
    for fear to be running the show for me." She paused. A sly smile appeared on her face.
    "If you're nice to me, I'll show you what to do with that.", Chris pointed to Endoman's new and
    fully erect penis.

    "If I have interpreted your idiomatic form of communication correctly, you are proposing an
    exchange of sorts. This is acceptable."

    The other two girls were still cowering in the corners of the chamber. They hadn't recovered
    from what happened to the last two women. They had completely missed the conversation
    between Chris and Endoman. He found them to be less interesting then this other specimen.
    He decided to get rid of the other two women so that he could study the third at his leisure without
    interruptions. He could have simply had the MC dispose of them, but then again, it was his
    responsibility to research these creatures to the best of his ability, and he hated to let good
    specimens go to waste, even if they were so easily replaced, and there was that feeling he got while
    "acquiring data" about the creatures that was becoming increasingly satisfying in a curious way.

    He picked up a data storage cube container from the table and placed Chris inside for safe keeping.
    She began to protest, "Hey! This isn't what we agreed on you...!" She dropped to her knees
    and then landed on her rump with a little thud. Her firm 34C breasts jiggled from side to side as
    she settled in and as yelled up to Endoman. He watched them sway, and he imitated her sly little
    smile as he shut the lid and latched her inside. He put the box safely down on the table and turned
    back towards the chamber.

    He opened the door of the chamber and took a terrified woman in each hand, jogging it closed
    with his elbow as he returned to the table. They were easy to catch, since they were both laying
    face down on the bottom of the chamber. They were both making curious sounds and fluid
    seemed to be seeping from their visual receptors. They fought his steel-like grip with their tiny
    fists and feeble protests. He tightened his grip slightly and felt their fragile ribs give slightly. He
    didn't squeeze hard enough to break their brittle bones, just enough to get an entertaining reaction.
    They screamed even louder and writhed in his grasp as he played with their heaving little breasts
    with his thumbs.

    As he brought them both to the table, he remembered the sensation of the second girl in his mouth.
    He remembered her, her, yes, taste is what it was called. Organic creatures consumed mass for
    energy, much the same way that Endoman's kind did, though the organics used a chemical
    digestive process that was far less efficient then the direct conversion to energy that Endoman's
    kind used. Even now, Endoman was being powered by energy derived from Charlotte's
    thoroughly chewed remains. He looked at the girl with the Blonde hair. He had already studied
    one such has her, so he turned his attention to the dark brown woman. He placed the blonde on
    the table. She couldn't get away. There was no way down from the table and for her it would be
    a fatal drop if she were foolish enough to chance it.

    He focused his attention on the dark brown woman. She was shrieking at the top of her lungs as
    he felt the texture of her back, then rolled her over in his hand and felt her juicy breasts. They
    were capped with dark, huge nipples. They were not quite as firm as the breasts of the other
    two women he had "examined" in detail. He was fascinated by their almost liquid consistency.
    Her shape was all over more round then the other girls, though by no means fat. She simply had
    more meat on her. He found this fact exciting as he pinched her rippling buttocks and spread
    her legs open with his fingers. Yes, plenty of meat there... Her legs kicked the air. He could
    see her muscles rippling beneath.

    He grabbed her left leg while he held her torso in his left hand. He held her right below the breasts.
    Her arms and fists were pounding his thumb and index finger. Her tits which were hanging
    straight down, shook with every blow. He watched them sway violently as he pulled her left leg
    straight. She tried to kick with it, but he had it immobilized in the vice-grip of his titanium boned

    He ran his tongue across her outer thigh. Her skin was salty and smooth. He could feel her blood
    coursing throught her veins and arteries beneath her tender skin. He gently bit her thigh to guage
    the texture of the muscles beneath, not breaking the skin, just exploring. She screamed, "Oh Gawd,
    no, not now! Not now!" He bit a little harder, this time taking in more of her dark meat. He was
    about to back off when he decided that he could no longer contain himself. He bit down and
    through her tender skin and muscle. He felt his teeth cut through it all, severing her arteries. Blood
    gushed out of the wound, so he closed his lips and sucked her juice as it came. He bit all the way
    through. He had a sizable chunk of warm girlmeat in his mouth as he pulled away. He closed his
    eyes and chewed. The flesh of her leg was very lean and mostly muscle. He swallowed the juicy
    morsel and opened his eyes. Her blood was dripping on the table. The white femur of her leg
    was visible. He wrapped his fingers around the base of her leg and pulled. He twisted the leg at
    the joint while he pulled and was rewarded with the sound of tearing sinew and muscle as the
    girl's leg came free. He grasped her right leg and pulled it free also, then layed it down alongside
    the rest of his meal which he layed facedown on the table. He wanted to contemplate the sight of
    her delicious looking bottom as he devoured her drumsticks. He crammed the upper half of her
    left leg into his mouth and sucked the remaining meat from the bone. Then he pulled the femur
    free of the knee and daintily are her brown, rounded calf from her lower leg. He dropped
    the stripped bones and picked up her other leg, still warm from life and mortal terror. As he felt
    the delicious meat in his hands, he bent her leg at the knee, appreciating the mechanical intricacy
    of the human leg. Once he was finished with that, he began biting and sucking the juicy woman-
    flesh from the bones noisily and wetly. When he had stripped all edible meat from her leg, he
    dropped the bones on top of the others next to the woman.

    She was trying to crawl away, dragging herself by her arms. He grabbed her under the arms and
    lifted her tits to his waiting mouth. He sucked them like he sucked Charlotte's lactating breasts,
    but this time no milk. He sucked harder until her tits were stretched a good ten inches into his
    mouth. He brought his teeth together like a guillotine, neatly severing her dark, juice filled boobs.
    They were the tenderest meat he had yet tasted and very sweet. He chewed and swallowed them
    and paused to enjoy the sensation while she moaned and whimpered. She was too weak by then
    to scream.

    He looked upon her face. She had an almost serene expression as she passed out, free from the
    torment at last. Her head was thrown back and her eyes closed. He wondered what it would be
    like to...

    He brought her up to his lips and put the upper half of her body in his mouth, face up. He tilted
    his head back and let her slide straight down his throat with a wet "GULP!", then she was gone
    for good.

    The remaining girl was hiding (or so she thought) behind the box containing Chris. He paused
    to consider her fate. He had plenty of time.

    (End of Part Two)

    Nolan Void