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New Story - The Living Past (Part One)
Sunday, 22-Nov-98 03:42:21 writes:

    Here's a little story. I posted it here a few
    days ago, and it vanished mysteriously. It's
    pretty intensely twisted. If there's enough
    interest, I'll finish it, so post replies if you
    like what you see. Here's the standardoid
    Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning!

    This is an extremely sick and twisted tale. No
    humans under the age of 18 should read this. If
    you are such a creature, please go away now. If
    you are a parent of such a creature, please
    prevent your little yuppie larva from reading

    This story is not intended to foster a belief
    in astrology, or to encourage the injury or abuse
    of real living breathing women, all of whom
    should be cherished as cared for like the fine
    gifts from above that they are. Thank you.

    2599 A.D. (as humans measured time)

    His name was Endoman. He has been many things over the centuries, but his
    current function is that of historian. The great mind that spans the solar system
    has contacted an intelligence from outside for the first time. Signals from a
    distant system have been identified and decoded. Another intelligence. Where
    previously there had been comfortable acceptance of existence, there is now
    curiosity running through the mind as each individual entity reflects on the
    ramifications of an outside intelligence.

    Where did we come from? It's been centuries since any of the silicon based
    citizens of the Sol system have inquired about their origins. Now they want
    to know. The task of finding and distributing an answer falls to Endoman by

    Research is not difficult. Access the historical databases, corrolate the relevant
    data, and discover:


    Endoman: "What are humans?"
    Histobase: "Definition specific or general?"
    Endoman: "General."
    Histobase: "Organic life forms, indiginous to Earth before cyber-life; intelligent. Two sexes."
    Endoman: "How intelligent?"
    Histobase: "Approximate intelligence variable. Comparable to low type 4."
    Endoman: "Are any examples extent today?"
    Histobase: "No."
    Endoman: "Where did they go?"
    Histobase: "They were converted to energy shortly after the spawning of the
    cyber-life net. All examples extent at that time were recorded for
    later retrieval via matter compiler. Preservation of physical human
    manifestations were considered inefficient at the time."
    Endoman: "Link to relevant historical matter database. Select five example
    subjects, all female for the first research batch. Print them out in the
    Matter Compiler here in my dwelling.
    Histobase: "Links established. Requested actions in progress..."

    The vibrations in the air molecules surrounding Endoman were unusual. Five sets
    of variably pitched psuedo-sinewave signals with irregular modulations. Endoman
    extruded vibrational sensors capable of feeding the vibrations into his sensory
    matrix directly. He approached the MC chamber and saw:

    Five rather small (about five feet tall each), pink creatures cowering and covering
    seemingly random parts of their bodies with their appendages. Why they should
    need to protect the soft, heaving, globelike protrusions and the junctions
    between their ambulatory limbs was a mystery to him, and that sound! What was
    that all about? He downloaded a linguistic program from Histobase to see if he
    could make some sense of it all.

    "AAAAAAAAAAAAaaEEEEEEEEEEeeeeEEEEEEee!!!!", screamed the tiny pink
    things in different variations. Endoman turned down the gain on his new auditory

    He opened the door to the chamber and attempted to lift one of the creatures. He
    used one his more delicate manipulator extensions, a mere fifteen feet in diameter,
    capable of contouring and shaping small amounts of earth in tiny ten or twenty ton
    scoops. Endoman was a historian, or course, and didn't possess heavy moving
    aparatus. He closed the titanium "hand" around the delicate creature using it's
    lightest pressure setting.

    The last thing Amy remembered, she was at home. She was listening to the news
    while doing the dishes. There was an announcement from the Cyber-Ambassador.
    "The fate of the humans of Earth has been decided. Your progeny, the intelligent
    and rational synthetic beings of the world, and soon, the planets have decided that
    you are irrational, redundant, wasteful and inefficient. Our research indicates that
    due to your stubborn nature, you will not even serve us effectively as pets. We will
    record your physical patterns for long-term data storage in case we find a use for
    you sometime in the future. Good-bye." The announcement was followed by a
    sudden flash of light and then long cold blackness. Another flash of light and 489
    years later:

    "AAAAAAAAAAAAaaEEEEEEEEEEeeeeEEEEEEee!!!!", screamed Amy as her
    naked 5'3" body materialized in the MC chamber. The ancient recording program
    saw no reason to waste storage space on human clothing. Her big fleshy tits, seemingly
    instantaneously free of their bra, jiggled into their natural position. The tips of her nipples
    quickly hardened in fear. Her long blonde hair fell free of the hair pins that were
    seconds before (well, 489 years) holding it in a tight bun. It cascaded down to cover
    the well defined tan lines across her back.

    Endoman was pondering the meaning of the Ambassador's last message to the humans,
    relayed to him through Histobase, from so long ago as he watched the humans in the MC.

    Amy edged away from the huge metal claw closing in upon her. She backed up
    against the cold metal wall of the chamber. The claw quickly closed the distance
    and wrapped itself around her. It's huge metal fingers completely covered her body
    from her lower hips to her upper ribcage. Her arms were left free and she pounded the
    metal finger crushing her breasts. The pressure quickly increased.

    Endoman felt the fragile skeletal structure of the creature give way. A popping and cracking
    sound reached his receptors as her tiny bones were crushed. A red fluid erupted from
    the openings that were identified as being a "mouth" and "nose" by the anatomical
    database. He brought her closer to his visual receptors for a closer view and used another
    manipulator, identical to the first to examine the portion of her body where the brain was
    said to be located. His middle finger and thumb closed on the tiny head. It's calcium
    based bone enclosure cracked almost immediately and grey/pink jellylike matter squirted
    out and landed on the table below. The tiny human emitted a high pitched squeal as her
    skull was crushed and her brain pulped and forced from her cranium under pressure.
    His visual receptors recorded while he extruded a blade appendage to cross-section the
    brain material.

    "Hmmm. Fragile. No matter. There are more samples where that one came from."

    Being a curious creature, and being that the life functions of the sample in hand had been
    terminated anyway, he proceeded to stress test the remaining portions of her broken body.
    He held her hips firmly in one hand and gently grasped her right leg below the knee with
    the other. He began to pull. The leg disjointed from the hip with a pop while her soft skin
    stretched and stretched. He could feel the delicate muscles and ligaments pulling free while
    the flesh began to tear. He felt her pelvis fracture under the pressure of his right manipulator.
    Blood and serpentine organ material identified as "intestines" by the anatomical db spurted
    out of the tiny opening at the center of her posterior curve. He released the chunks of meat
    that had been Amy onto the table in a pile after performing similar tests on her remaining
    limbs. Using his laser cutter (standard equipment), he seperated the head and lower abdomen
    section of Amy's body from the torso. Using a newly extruded manipulator designed for
    greater accuracy in handling small, delicate objects, he lifted Amy's torso for close examination.
    The soft skin was still warm from life. The surgical grade steel blade that had recently sectioned
    her brain sliced cleanly through the flesh of her left breast. It slid from her chest and landed
    with a soft wet "plop" on the surface of the table. He did the same for the other before
    crushing her remaining ribs, causing her heart and lungs to jet out of her ribcage on top of
    the pile of broken arms and legs below.

    Almost 500 years ago, human males in Amy's presence had admired and fantasized about the
    pair of luscious 36D breasts now laying side by side on Endoman's table in a pool of her own
    blood. He sliced the right breast in half vertically bisecting her still erect nipple to examine
    the fragile network of lactate nodes leading up to the tip of the nipple. He scanned the dense
    array of nerve endings there, calculating the tactile sensitivity of the young woman's breast.

    When he was through, he used a high energy beam to vaporize Amy's steaming remains. He
    brushed the ash aside, clearing the way for another test subject.

    Endoman could easily have gathered all of this information from the extensive store of data
    on file concerning human structural characteristics, but he somehow found this method of
    data acquisition more satisfying.

    The creatures still in the MC chamber were making more squealing noises for some reason
    as they watched the proceedings. There was something about the sounds they were making
    that stirred a feeling deep in Endoman's neural matrix. He hadn't yet accessed the definition of
    the word "fear", but there was something about the reaction of the tiny creatures that made
    him feel... Powerful.

    He made some additional adjustments to his new manipulator. He covered it with soft "skin"
    and replicated the function of the tactile sensors he found in Amy's breasts.

    He opened the door of the MC and, with his new "hand", reached for a young woman, slightly
    taller then Amy, with short red hair. Her body was covered with a fine showering of soft
    brown freckles. He wondered what they would feel like. Charlotte couldn't help but notice
    the enormous hand coming for her. She had seen what had happened to Amy, but she had
    nowhere to hide. She ran to the back wall of the chamber and pounded her fists into the
    unyielding metal surface. Endoman watched as she became increasingly agitated. Her skin
    grew hot and flushed. When he wrapped his hand around her, he was shocked by the warmth
    of her body. She kicked and screamed out of sheer terror as he carried her from the chamber
    and closed the door. The other girls ran to the window and pressed their tiny faces against
    the glass.

    There was something about the shape of the girl that pleased him. Deep back in his memory
    he could almost recall... The shape, the feel. Were there other senses as well? How could
    he remember?... As he reflected on this, he modified his hand to more closely resemble that
    of the girl. He made another to match and "discontinued" his original manipulators. They
    blended back into his body, which was quickly rearranging itself into a long ago forgotten
    configuration. The hands extruded out further, to the ends of jointed arms. The lower portion
    of his body changed shape. Legs appeared. Crude at first, but gradually more humanlike.
    Eventually, the skin that covered his left hand began to "grow" up his arm, then his entire

    Charlotte watched the transformation, and momentarily forgot her predicament. Her terror
    was suspended as she watched the towering metallic "face" melt and shift into the face of an
    attractive young man. Attractive, yet still over forty feet tall. And still an attractive young
    man who had just cruelly shredded and crushed another woman into a fine pulp and then
    incinerated her. Charlotte's terror returned with a vengeance. She screamed, attracting the
    attention of the robot giant.

    He regarded her. Her legs were kicking, her fists pounding, her chest heaving... He was
    captivated by her chest heaving. He moved her closer for a better look. He opened his
    hand and held her in his palm, allowing her to sit. He used the tip of his index finger to
    feel the tiny nipples. They were unimaginably soft and warm. It seemed to him that they
    were growing hard and stiff as he stroked them. The woman had stopped crying and was
    now making moaning sounds. He continued to rub her breasts with his finger. She reached
    her arms out and guided the finger in a circular motion over her breasts.

    Endoman's particle detectors were picking up interesting substances in the air in the vicinity of
    the woman. He was reminded of an olfactory program that he hadn't played with in many
    decades and loaded it and routed the input through his new "nose" facial appendage.
    Immediately, his new sense of smell was assaulted with a musky odor. The olfactory program
    was a component of a larger package that also included "taste". This program section he
    assigned to the "tongue" in his mouth.

    On a whim, he placed the tip of his tongue against Charlotte's chest. He had noticed a fine
    liquid coming from her nipples and he was curious about it's taste. He licked the layer of
    milk coating her breasts and closed his gigantic lips over them. He felt her breasts swell in
    his mouth and was rewarded with tiny, but delicious twin streams of milk. He continued to
    suck and milk Charlotte.

    "Stop! Not so hard! That Huuurrrrrtsss! Ha! Ha!", she cried, enjoying the pleasure and
    the pain, for the moment. He sucked harder, until both of her breasts and much of the
    surrounding skin were in his mouth pressed between his tongue and the roof of his mouth.
    The tasty-sweet white liquid spurted into his mouth in tiny jets until both of Charlotte's abused
    breasts were spent and drained. He released her chest from his lips.

    She lay panting in the palm of his hand. Her tiny hands were gently massaging and
    covering her painfully swollen and reddened breasts. Her right hand strayed down to a
    place between her legs. The same place the girls had been covering when they first were
    compiled in the MC. His eyes zoomed in on the area and saw that the tiny opening between
    her legs surrounded by soft red hair was extremely wet. He gently brushed her hand away
    with a finger and brought her closer to taste the wet area.

    The salty taste activated memories that had been dormant for centuries. His new body was
    wracked with unidentifiable sensations. He licked the place between her legs harder. She
    was alternately groaning and screaming now. The sensations continued even more strongly,
    and he forced the lower half of her body into his mouth. At one point, he actually got the
    tip of his tremendous tongue to enter her tiny body through the opening. She screamed in
    pain and ecstacy and he was rewarded with an uncontrollable rush of warmth which took
    control of his body, including his jaws, which closed very suddenly and very hard!

    He could feel Charlotte go "CRUNCH!" in his mouth. She felt and tasted wonderful. He had
    to have more! He started to chew the lower half of her body, meat, bones and all, then forced
    the rest of her in with the tip of his finger, stuffing the head and arms in. By now she was
    completely in shock and was unable to respond with anything beyond the most feeble of
    cries before the teeth crushed her and masticated her flesh. The upper half of her body was
    laying flat down against his tongue, so he paused and ran it over the delicious breasts before
    continuing. He finished chewing the upper half of her. He swallowed her down and licked
    the inside of his mouth clean of her. He wanted to enjoy every scrap and drop of her tender
    meat and juice. All too soon, she was gone. No matter. There were more, and he could
    recompile the entire female population of the planet if he wanted to. Multiple times if he felt
    like it, in fact.

    He looked to the window of the matter compiler. The three remaining girls began to back
    slowly away from the door.

    It seems the Ambassador was wrong. These creatures DO have their uses.

    (End of Part One)

    Nolan Void