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Little People {28-29}
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    story: Little People Author Dirty Dreamer


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    Story: Little People [28]
    Scene: Donna Goes to Sleep
    Author: Dirty Dreamer

    I woke when Carol pulled Jennifer off my chest and saw Little
    Cunt vigorously fucking Carol's nipple. What an erotic sight!
    After a few minutes of whispering dirty threats to Jennifer I
    felt Donna jerk a bit as her cunt and anus were reamed by
    Carol's finger. Donna was still sucking my cock and I could
    feel her tits on my balls. I was horny as hell, but didn't want
    to come in Donna's mouth this time. I reached down and slid
    her part way up my stomach so her cunt was just above my hard
    cock. She was exhausted, but that was ok. I intended to do most
    of the work. She was face down, I could felt her tits pressing
    against my belly. I spread her legs wide and started massaging
    her pussy and asshole with my erect penis. She was wet, and I
    was dribbling pre-cum. I went slowly and lifted the covers.


    "Please fuck your little slave Master."

    I could see her tired face looking up at me. I patted her head
    and started to insert my hard cock head into her moist pussy.
    It was a tight fit, but Jerry had already loosened her up for
    me. Donna gasped when I forced the cock head inside. It felt
    great, so tight, her pussy was spasming around the cock head providing
    great stimulation. Poor Donna was wimpering. This was like a
    fist fuck to her. I grabbed her shoulders and pushed slowly,
    but strongly. Up and down. It was so tight. I got a couple of
    inches inside and pulled her up again. Up.. down.. up.. down.
    When a good 2 1/2 inches of cock were inside I felt between her
    legs and could actually trace the outline of my cock through
    her pubic region.

    Then I started fucking my hips up and down pulling past the cock
    head and jamming it back in. It was getting a little looser.
    Donna's tears were dripping on my stomach while I drunk in her
    wimpers and groans. That only made me hornier. After a few
    minutes of this I finally pressed my cock deep into her snatch
    and ejaculated in the little pussy. I could feel the semen
    leaking past the tightly held cock. After a few more thrusts I
    was finished and was ready for sleep. I kept my cock deeply
    imbedded in the pussy and held her head with one hand, rubbing
    tears into her face with my thumb.


    "Y-y-yes M-m-master."


    "Thank-you Master."

    We would sleep like this tonight. My cock was softening a
    little, but was still held firmly in the grip of her pussy. I
    reached down, feeling my balls and massaging her ass and anus
    with the leaking juices. Donna fell asleep and barely stirred
    when I played with her tiny asshole. I was ready to drop off
    myself and a few minutes later was sound asleep. ...

    Story:Little People [29]
    Scene: Dawn Orgy
    Author: Dirty Dreamer

    As I awoke I felt a pressure on my cock. Lifting up the covers I
    saw Donna was awake. She was as still as possible, trying not to
    wake me. My the head of my morning erection was up her tight
    little pussy. Donna was obviously aware of the invader in her
    tiny pussy I lifted the covers.


    "Yes Master"

    Donna was flat on my belly, legs splayed around my pubic hair.
    She started pumping. My cock had a good 2 inches of penetration
    and I felt her getting more lubricated with every stroke. I threw
    the covers off myself , all the little people and Carol. What a
    sight! Carol was still asleep. Little Cunt, and Little Anus
    Licker were soundly asleep draped over Carol's tits. Peter, I
    couldn't see. Reaching over, I picked up my Anus Licker and
    shook her awake. Her eyes had dark rings under them. She had
    probably been fucking that nipple all night.


    "No Master"

    I flicked her tits quickly with my index finger and looked her
    in the eyes. She yelled in pain.

    "Y-y-yes M-m-master"


    "Yes Master"

    I set her down on Donna's ass pushing her head down to her
    pussy. Donna was struggling to stroke my penis with her cunt,
    but it was only penetrating a half inch. She knew I had to be
    satisfied or get severely punished. I amost felt sorry for her and
    reached down lifting her right up in "woman-on top" position. I
    spread my legs as Jennifer fell next to my balls. Jennifer got to
    work. I buried my penis to a depth of 2 inches, enough to let
    Donna squat on my pubic area and keep her own balance. I slowly
    let go while she pumped up and down. Standing up, the cock head
    was out of Donna's cunt with only her hands holding it at the
    right angle for another penetration. Donna was pumping me and
    Jennifer was licking up the remains of last night's fun from the
    base of my cock and my balls. I reached over to massage Carol's
    pussy and found Peter sound asleep leaning into the crack. I
    lifted him and laid Peter on my chest. Peter had a morning hard
    on too. As I reached over and picked up Little Cunt, Carol opened
    her eyes.

    "Wow Todd, that's great!"

    Carol was watching Donna's 2 foot body pumping up and down on my
    cock. Peter and Little cunt were still asleep. I held Little
    Cunt with her legs up, pussy gaping open. Thumb and forefinger
    kept Peter's erect penis pointing straight up. Then I impaled
    Peters cock into the pussy. Peter and Little cunt woke at the
    same time.


    "Yes Master."

    Peter was pleased. Little cunt was on top. She started pumping
    Peter's 1 inch cock in and out while Peter reached up and
    mauled her tits. I lay back enjoying the sensation. Carol
    giggled at the action and reached, stroking Donna's bobbling tits.
    She watched as I came and my semen poured out of Donna's pussy.
    Peter came as Donna pumped a little while longer. I was ready to
    wake up. I gave Peter and Little cunt back to Carol and sat up. I
    shoved little Anus Licker's head under my asshole and she licked
    vigorously. Donna, still impaled on my cock was trying to keep her
    balance while hugging my stomach. Jerry was slowly masturbating
    with Little Cock Hugger. She was hugging his cock while he
    jacked her up and down with both hands.

    "Jerry, finish up and come downstairs."

    "Ok Todd."

    He accelerated the jack-off motion and I could see her head
    hitting his penis forcefully. I chuckled.

    "Watch out Jerry, you're going to bash her head in with that cock
    of yours."

    "Ha Ha Ha"

    Jerry continued his morning exercises as I got out of bed, picked
    up Donna and went to the bathroom. Carol sat on the side of the
    bed, still nude.

    "Take the little people downstairs and make me some coffee,
    Carol. You won't need any clothes."

    "Yes Master."

    I sat Donna in the sink and turned on the cold water. After
    brushing my teeth I gobbed the spent toothpaste into her
    outstretched hands and had her brush as well, with her
    fingers. After washing my face I had her lay on her back and
    hold her legs spread so her hairy little pussy and asshole
    was exposed. After spreading shaving cream over the pubic
    region and asshole I shaved my latest fuckhole. When I
    finished she was bald. I fingered her cunt and easily got two
    fingers in to the second knuckle. I had loosened the
    old hole quite a bit last night. Spreading the lips apart with
    one hand, I fingered the swollen clit. Donna started wriggling

    "So you are my new little fuck toy."

    "Yes Master"

    I took a piss, letting Donna suck the last few drops from the
    cock and held Donna while she pissed. It was interesting
    watching her crack as the piss streamed out of her body. It was
    time to start the day. I got dressed.

    Story: Little People [30]
    Scene: Waking the Family
    Author: Dirty Dreamer

    I grabbed Donna's legs with one hand, holding her upside down
    and went downstairs.