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    here goes.. hope you still like this...:)


    Story: Little People [20]
    Scene: Back Downstairs
    Author: Dirty Dreamer

    One end of the food table was arranged differently. All the women
    except for two were arranged on plates as food snacks. Cute. Three
    men were placed so their cocks were inside little female mouths
    all sucking away. Carol actually finished taping all the little
    bitches and even did the men properly. Carol had her pants down
    and was diddling herself with Peter's face. She was using the
    other hand to stimulate her nipples. She opened her eyes and was
    surprised I was nude. I went over to the washer with the bowl. The
    little people were still there.

    "Carol, get over here."

    She put her dildo man back on the couch and ran over to me. I
    handed her the bowl.

    "Clean this mess up and bring it to the couch when you're done."

    I got the 4 little pussies out of the washer and dropped them by
    the others. I went out to the car and brought my empty bags to
    the basement. On the way I looked at Jerry. He was in heaven.
    Donna was sitting on him, gyrating her hips and over half his
    cock was in her pussy. I needed to cum. When I got downstairs,
    Carol had washed and dried Beth. The girls were all on the
    couch in carol's lap. Carol had been stroking and licking them.
    I sat beside Carol.

    "Take your clothes off Carol."

    She put the kids on my naked lap, right beside my erect penis.
    Stripped down and looked at me.

    "Show me your best blow job."

    She did. There's a lot to be said for a full sized mouth. I
    snacked on the little girls while my cock was being sucked.
    Fresh virgin, hairless pussy is a great snack. I came and Carol

    "Lick my balls and anus"

    "Sure Todd."

    Carol was a horny slut. I put the two youngest on opposite sides
    of my cock.


    They had seen enough action to know what to do. Rubbing, licking
    and sucking. I turned Beth upside down and licked her wet snatch
    to a few orgasms. I got hard again from the two little girls
    working on my cock.

    "fuck me Carol."

    She obediently got up and squatted over my penis while the girls
    screamed. They scrunched under her twat while Carol slowly
    impaled herself. I pulled both girls out from under Carol's
    legs onto my chest as Carol slowly fucked me to another orgasm. I
    licked the girls as Carol made me cum. Then I sent the girls
    back in to clean me off. She got off, sat down beside me and
    picked up Peter again. He was limp, probably because Carol had
    sucked him dry. I took Peter from Carol and held him up.


    Kneeling before Carol's dripping twat, Peter made a meal out of
    the dripping mess, further exciting Carol. I had been scratching
    my unshaven cheek with Beth's fine boobies making her writhe and
    squirm. It was time to have some fun with the little girls
    kneeling on my chest. I put Beth beside my slimy cock in a gob of


    She started on my shaft while I lifted up the youngest girl. Her
    pussy was hairless. Holding her upside down I licked her ass and
    pussy lips. When she snapped her legs together I gave her a
    couple of swats on the ass and of course the little slut legs
    opened wide. I licked for a while longer and decided it was time
    to go home. I taped up the cunts and told Carol to load the
    writhing little people into my gym bag. I took the big box full
    of clothes and purses upstairs to the car.

    Jerry was still at it. Poor Donna was exhausted. He was laying
    back playing a video game while getting his cock massaged by her
    wobbling tits. Every so often he would swat her ass making her
    slide down and suck the head of his cock.

    "Okay Jerry time to go"